100,000 men pay for sex on Majorca

By Carlos Galvez Otoño
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100,000 men pay for sex on Majorca
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Holiday island Mallorca and paid sex

Holiday and prostitution often go hand in hand. On the popular holiday island Mallorca many men – bound or unbound – are on the way and look for sex on Majorca with purchasable ladies. According to unconfirmed data of a working group it is to be a question of 100,000 men, who afford themselves per year between Ballermann and Serra de Tramuntana also sex on Majorca.

100,000 men pay for sex on MajorcaSex on Majorca is a million dollar business

Sex generates millions of euros in sales year after year. The Balearic Islands are no exception. Every year, clients spend 50 million euros on sex on Majorca, which ends up in the pockets of women – or their pimps – from the holidaymakers’ stock exchange.

The sex on Majorca does not take place in dark alleys or in shabby vehicles. More and more clients meet with the women in their private apartments or in hotels. Especially in the municipality of Calvià there are many flats of prostitutes who are ready for sex on Mallorca.

Government wants to prevent exploitation of prostitutes

Freeriders rarely think about the living conditions of women during sex on Majorca. They want their pleasure and a beautiful holiday memory. The number of whores in the Balearic Islands rises from 600 to almost 2,500 during the holiday season. Most of them are not Spanish women, but migrant women.

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The government of the Balearic Islands has now drawn up a regional plan for the next four years. With the funds of 2.8 million euros, they want to make it easier for women to leave prostitution.

What each individual can do

Basically, it should not only be the task of the government to help women. Prostitution is widespread and there should be no moral finger-pointing. Who likes to go to buyable ladies for sex on Mallorca, better consider exactly how he goes about it. Holidaymakers who want to spend a lot of money on a nice holiday and pay for sex should not turn over every cent twice.

Freer and Escort: Paysex with happy ending

Suitors who pay a good price for their pleasure can expect the lady to receive a good wage for her services. Of course, this is not a guarantee, but if pleasure and common sense are involved at the same time, pleasure and social responsibility are equally justified.

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