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obscene: The erotic and scene fair with claim

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obscene: Die Erotik- und Szene-Messe mit Anspruch

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Obscene Stuttgart – Trade Fair of Passion

Swabians are generally considered more conservative people who hold back their feelings and concentrate on working and saving. The erotic fair obscene in Stuttgart shows that people in the Ländle can also be wild and passionate.

obscene: The erotic and scene fair with claimWhat kind of erotic fair is this?

The obscene is much more than an ordinary erotic fair. It is aimed at everyone who is interested in BDSM, fetish, gothic, steampunk, burlesque and eroticism. The event will take place from Friday (6 March) to Sunday, 8 March 2020 in Stuttgart at the Stuttgart-Sindelfingen Exhibition Centre. The obscene Stuttgart is the biggest event of its kind in the southwest and, according to experience, is also popular with visitors from all over Europe.

Those who arrive too late will be punished by life!

This famous saying of Gorbatschow also applies to the obscene 2020. Those who would like to visit the fair should secure their tickets in advance as soon as possible. The tickets will probably be sold out soon. The day ticket costs 20 euros each for Friday and Saturday and 15 euros for Sunday. On this day the fair will end at 15 o’clock. The exhibition grounds can be easily reached by public transport as well as by car. Sufficient parking spaces are available. No special dress code is required for visiting the obscene. However, visitors are welcome to come in fetish or scene clothes. There are changing rooms.

What does the obscene 2020 offer?

By definition, a trade fair is actually a sales event where new products are presented to visitors. Of course, this is also the case at the obscene erotic fair. The presentation of hot lingerie, fetish clothing made of latex, lacquer and leather, steampunk or burlesque fashion or BDSM furniture is just one aspect of the fair.
In addition, the obscene is one of the biggest meeting places for like-minded people from all over Europe. This is where people get together, make new contacts, exchange experiences and find out about new products and trends.

obscene Messe Stuttgart Erotikmesse Fetischmesse

The obscene is of course also the opportunity to meet one or the other star from the scene. The German (amateur) porn industry is one of the largest in the world and enjoys an excellent reputation. For example, the quality of videos from the fetish and BDSM sectors is often better than that of productions from the USA. The fans will also be delighted that they will not only be able to admire their stars in the video or at the trade fair stand, but will also be able to experience them up close in the truest sense of the word. Sometimes it has come at similar events as the obscene already to hot sex dates behind the scenes.

This is no wonder, because beautiful women in patent leather and leather or in sexy lingerie meet the visitors of the obscene practically everywhere on the exhibition grounds.

Shopping experience erotic fair

Like any other trade fair, new products are promoted at the obscene Stuttgart. You can see all this on the Internet, but it’s something completely different to see things with your own eyes and take them into your own hands. This allows you, for example, to check the quality of the workmanship or perhaps even try out one or two pieces. You can only see how many fashion items really look like and whether they come across well if they are shown by a model.

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At the trade fair, the exhibitors usually primarily accept orders. On the last day, however, many exhibits are also offered for sale directly on site. This is a good opportunity to buy first-class new products at a bargain price.

obscene: Die Erotik- und Szene-Messe mit Anspruchobscene world of experience – live your fantasy

For all those who are enthusiastic about fetish, BDSM, and similar things outside the everyday, the obscene is also the ideal venue. Visitors are offered fascinating stage programmes on various topics. On Friday and Saturday big parties take place at the obscene. Is there a better opportunity to go there with your partner and have a good time? Dressed in an appropriate style, of course! Who knows, maybe a new relationship will be forged at the obscene or after a long search you will finally meet a partner who shares your passion?

A good thing for newcomers to the scene are the workshops, which are also part of the programme of events at obscene 2020. They are held by people who have great experience in their field. They pass these experiences on to newcomers. Anyone who is more than just cursory interested in BDSM, for example, knows that you have to learn to shackle and beat first. After all, the sub should experience pleasure while living out their common passion, but should not suffer any permanent health damage.

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Other problems that fans of fetish sex are confronted with again and again in practice are, for example, the care of (often quite expensive) latex clothes. These and a whole series of problems will be discussed in the workshops of obscene2020.

Die Erotik- und Szene-Messe mit AnspruchSummary

The events take place within a manageable framework. Participants can discuss with each other and ask their questions. At the same time, this is another good opportunity to make personal contacts.

The obscene 2020 from 6 to 8 March in Stuttgart is one of the biggest erotic fairs for all those who have a passion for fetish, gothic, BDSM and other interests outside the mainstream. The obscene is not only a sales event, but also an ideal opportunity to meet others from the scene. Often people meet there who previously only knew each other from forums on the Internet.

In addition, visitors can expect colourful and exciting stage shows and parties. From earlier events of this kind, the organizers know that the rush at the obscene will be very large. It is therefore advisable to book tickets in advance and register for workshops.

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