New study: Sexual arousal measurable in breath

By Stephan Gubenbauer
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New study: Sexual arousal measurable in breath
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Scientifically proven

How can you tell that a man wants to have sex? He breathes. This rather old saying is now getting new impetus. Because a study by the University in Port has shown that you can measure a person’s sexual arousal by the air they exhale. In the so-called Sexlab of the university is proven what many have already suspected anyway. Who is horny snorts now once differently.

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Sexual arousal: The idea behind the research

Atmospheric scientist Jonathan Williams believes that people permanently release chemical signals into the air through their breath. These change depending on the emotional state. In the case of sexual arousal, the air a person breathes is therefore composed differently than, for example, when cooking. The researchers now want to find out to what extent other people perceive these signals and react to them.

Whether this is then done consciously or unconsciously remains to be clarified. With this information, scientists hope to better treat sexual disorders in the future.

Neue Studie: Sexuelle Erregung in Atemluft messbar

The study, even published in Scientific Reports, went as follows. A total of twelve men and the same number of women were asked to watch various ten-minute clips: A soccer game, a horror film, a documentary and an erotic film. The breath of the test subjects was examined.

In the best technical jargon, it could be seen that less isoprene and carbon dioxide was emitted. On the other hand, the proportion of neurotransmitters increased. During the same period, an increased temperature was measured on the genitals of some of the subjects.

Study of sexual arousal more evident in men than in women

Who is surprised? Sexual arousal was significantly more measurable in men than in women. Which is also simply related to the fact that some women reacted as good as not at all to the erotic clip shown. This is in contrast to the men, who were found to have a significant increase in volatile substances in their breath.

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Perhaps the scientists should pay more attention to the length of the films shown in future tests. Ten is not enough for every woman to get into the mood. Special attention should also be paid to the selection of male actors. After all, the ladies also want to be visually aroused.

Before the test is after the test

The fact that twenty-four test subjects are too few to provide really useful results has also been recognized by the scientists. Therefore, future tests are to be expected. So if you are in the mood for horror, soccer and erotic clips, please feel free to contact the implementing university. Watching erotic videos in the service of science is certainly not the worst way to do your civic duty.

A touch of sex

Men have always boasted about oozing their sexual excitement from every pore. But now it has been proven that they also spread their horniness through the air they breathe in the environment. The fact that they then suck them right back in themselves is a nice side effect, so to speak.

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In any case, this fact should please not only the macho men. The idea of spreading a sexy vibe to the world anytime, anywhere is very enjoyable. Every man who has always seen himself as a sex machine gets his confirmation here.

Until now, it had been assumed that the sexual arousal in dirty talk comes from the spoken words. But the closer the lady is to the man’s ear, the more he gets of her breath. Which gives the concept of an erotic touch a whole new meaning.

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Perhaps the results of the study will also lead to a breath of fresh air for breath games in the SM area. While this has so far mainly been a matter of consolidating the balance of power, this type of game could have a controlling character in the future. He who has dominion over breathing has control over the sexual excitement of the whole room.

For people in the advertising industry who come up with slogans for perfumes and aftershaves, the new knowledge is also a highlight. Because now they can announce that they have always been right. A man’s breath exudes sex appeal and this can be enhanced with the help of their products. It remains to be seen whether a seal of approval from the university will soon appear on the products with a reference to this study.

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