New solution for the protection of minors on the Internet

By Benno von Sandhayn
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New solution for the protection of minors on the Internet
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Secure protection of minors on the Internet according to EU law

The Liechtenstein start-up TantumPay is on its way to revolutionizing the protection of minors on the Internet. In coordination with the responsible authorities, a solution will be published which serves to comply with the EU Directive on Audiovisual Media Services (AVMD). This has been active since October 2020 in the amending directive 2018/1808/EU and thus forms the new legal basis for the protection of minors in the media in the European Union.

With the communication of 02.11.2020, the solution of Tantum AG was evaluated positively by the German Commission for the Protection of Minors in the Media (KJM) and is thus in accordance with the Interstate Treaty on the Protection of Minors in the Media (JMstV). Thus the first milestone has been reached to introduce TantumPay to the European market. TantumPay offers a solution with which consumers can anonymously confirm their age and at the same time comply with the protection of minors on the Internet.

New solution for the protection of minors on the InternetWhat is the protection of minors on the Internet about?

Youth protection is an everyday topic: In every bar, cinema or supermarket, for example, an ID card is required as proof of age in order to deny or allow alcohol, tobacco or the film from the age of 18.

However, the world is now largely digitalised, in which the protection of minors is often insufficiently, if at all, taken into account. Whether it is access to computer games, in which contents glorifying violence are conveyed, or online erotic offers. For example, the average age of first-time consumers of hardcore pornography is only 12.7 years. Such online offers can usually be accessed without any restrictions.

Also in the case of computer games and streaming portals, age verification is mostly unsatisfactory. Internet stars and influencers can be observed on streaming portals, how they play violent content or use money in online casinos.

The times when the Internet was a legal vacuum in the area of the protection of minors are now definitely over in Europe. The entry into force of the amendments to the EU AVMD Directive creates uniform rules and closes existing legal loopholes. At the same time, TantumPay is launching an innovative technical solution on the market, which ensures the protection of minors in a convenient, secure, inexpensive and highly scalable way.

Jugendschutz fängt bei den Eltern an!

Until now, age verification was possible by means of video identification or PostIdent. However, these processes are rather lengthy and cumbersome for the users and require the disclosure of personal data. In addition, even this age verification does not make it difficult to pass on to third parties, as an account once age verified can be easily passed on to the underage friend or shared in internet forums.

This is exactly the problem that TantumPay counters with the TantumPay App. A groundbreaking solution that allows consumers to anonymously confirm their age, applicable to ensure and guarantee the protection of minors on the Internet.

New solution for the protection of minors on the InternetThe solution with artificial intelligence

By using AI (artificial intelligence) the identification at TantumPay is carried out without personal contact/video call by means of selfie video. The authenticity of the ID document is checked, the data contained in it is recorded and the biometric data from the selfie video is compared with the image on the ID document. For this, TantumPay cooperates with the Zurich Scaleup PXL Vision, the Swiss market leader for secure, fully automated identity verification based on Artificial Intelligence.

This makes identification not only user-friendly, but also much safer and faster than traditional identity verification. At the same time, the transfer to third parties is made more difficult by the coupling to the corresponding mobile phone. Thanks to this innovative technical solution, a KJM and thus EU-compliant identity verification can be carried out in just a few seconds.

After the successful, one-time identity check, the user has deposited his own anonymous identity card in the TantumPay App. The user can confirm the age simply by scanning a QR code. No user data will be passed on to third parties. “We offer our customers the possibility to access online platforms while protecting their identity. Our customers thus remain completely anonymous”, explains Dominik Hurum, CEO of TantumPay.

In a further step it will also be possible for TantumPay App users to make payments anonymously and securely.


By combining innovative technology and data protection in a dialogue with the legislator and industry, a new solution has been created which implements the desirable development of the protection of minors in an exemplary manner. At the same time, a favourable million-fold scaling is possible, where the data security and anonymity of the users is the first priority.

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