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New releases, trailers & preview videos Which new films, which new releases on DVD or download are available at Eronite? Here you find out first and we give you a short summary and with the preview videos a short foretaste of the films from the areas of Hardcore & Porno, Amateur & Reality as well as Fetish & BDSM. You want to see what to expect? Don't feel like buying a pig in a poke? We understand that all too well! Here you have the possibility to "sniff" into our films and watch the trailers. Porn & Hardcore preview videos - BDSM & Fetish preview videos DVD Film New releases on Eronite The erotic magazine regularly presents new DVD film releases. Fans of hard porn will find out interesting facts about new releases on DVD and download. Summaries and preview videos complement the coverage. There is also the possibility to watch the trailers for the films. After all, most users want to know what to expect. German Fuckfest and other Eronite specialities Worth seeing are the films about the tough porn castings Eronite organises. It is fascinating how an insatiable Asian woman is available for 75 guys. They stuff all her fuck holes and cover them with seed showers. Watching such DVD film new releases is fun and encourages many to apply for the next porn casting. Films about two talented female wind players from Berlin can also be considered as inspiring new DVD film releases. The two so-called sucking dolls blow their way through a sex cinema in Hanover. What a horny performance the two uninhibited girls offer drives men totally crazy. Users can also apply for such an event. New BDSM films for connoisseurs DVD Film New releases on SM and BDSM enjoy great popularity. A sworn fan community is into bizarre sex - at least as a spectator. A film about the test of a foot slave is just what the users want. The foot slave has to endure all the torture and humiliation his mistress Lady Neva has in store for him. Another speciality from the Eronite shop is one of the popular new DVD Film releases: This film is about demons and seven "witches". Those who like nasty SM action will be happy with the seven episodes of this film. Applications for the next Eronite fetish casting are explicitly welcome! Sexy Teens in DVD Film New Releases Fresh meat is very popular with porn consumers. In this respect, the latest Teengirl films attract a lot of attention. The adventures of baby Xania Wet could be a big hit. The little slut with the plump curves can be fucked in all holes. She even wraps her daddy's friends around her finger. Xania Wet takes up cocks in her mouth, in her pussy and in her rosette. After such pictures, numerous users lick all ten fingers. For many, Xania Wet is the woman of their dreams and has already been voted best newcomer. In the new DVD film releases the hot girl presents herself as a cheerful sex bunny. Xania fucks all over the country and lays everything she can get her hands on. Even her own nephew. She gets active during gangbangs and likes lesbian sex. All this and much more can be seen on one of the Eronite DVD releases. No wonder that users can't get enough of such offers.

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At the same time come with the new penis ring NŌS

When things get a little wilder or wetter, the couple wants to pursue their pleasure closely entwined, but the erection could be even stronger and the woman even more excited, the new NŌS penis ring comes into (love) play.

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Fucked a stewardess in the plane to Bangkok

Free sex story: For almost three months now I am single and enjoy my new, free life very much... Now I was in Bangkok, Thailand. What happened to me here on the plane was that I fucked a stewardess, probably nobody believes me anyway.

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Live switch to Los Angeles: Texas Patti wins 10th Venus Award

Texas Patti wasn't at the Venus Fair at all, but still got the 10th Venus Award for her career. While she was working on a porn set, the big buzz went up in Berlin. Nevertheless, the native of Münster was one of the winners of the evening.

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