Netflix & Erotica: These movies and series on Netflix promise you a lot of sex!

By Benno von Sandhayn
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Netflix & Erotica: These movies and series on Netflix promise you a lot of sex!
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Netflix and erotica – what movies and series are available on the streaming service?

Netflix and erotica – does that go together? But yes, sex sells, as we all know. Thus, there are some erotic series on Netflix that are worth watching. Sex on Netflix is entirely possible. We now present some erotic movies and series with a lot of sex on Netflix.

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Who would have thought that such films would be on Netflix?

Erotic movies on Netflix are not a rarity. If you thought Netflix and erotica didn’t go together, you’re wrong. It doesn’t always have to be the porn sites. Erotic series on Netflix are also worth watching. At the same time, the sex on Netflix is quite varied. Available are erotic movies and series with lots of sex on Netflix. Unlike porn, however, the erotic films on Netflix are more profound and tell exciting, humorous or even tragic stories. So Netflix and erotica don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

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If you are now curious about erotic series on Netflix, you can sit back and enjoy the descriptions of the individual streams. After all, it’s fun to search the service for sex on Netflix and find it too.

Erotic series on Netflix – Bridgerton

Netflix & Erotica: These movies and series on Netflix promise you a lot of sex!Netflix and eroticism is inevitably associated with the series Bridgerton. Popular erotic series on Netflix like this one are a hit. The plot starts in 1813. It’s about eight siblings who come from the Bridgerton family. They live in London and belong to the upper class. The first season revolves around Daphne Bridgerton, the oldest of the siblings. She would like to have a husband who suits her. She finds him, too. But the marriage does not exist only on paper. Rather, sex comes into its own here at Netflix and takes center stage. Pure passion arises between the two. Daphne gains her first sexual experience and finds pleasure in it. It is a truth universally acknowledged that any love story between two Englishmen in period costume must be compared to a novel by Jane Austen. The Chronicle of the Bridgertons, a new Netflix series set in 19th-century London high society but relying on a diverse cast, pop aesthetics and plenty of sex scenes, is no exception and has been described as a modern take on the British writer’s classics.

As in Jane Austen’s novels, The Bridgerton Chronicle is set in the English Regency period (specifically 1813, the year Pride and Prejudice was published). As in Jane Austen’s novels, the series tells a love story marked by balls, social conventions, empire-sized dresses and misunderstandings.

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Incidentally, The Bridgerton Chronicles is an adaptation of a romantic book series of the same name written between 2000 and 2013 by American writer Julia Quinn (the first season follows the plot of the first volume, Daphne and the Duke). And if the plot seems remote, it’s because these novels are in a long tradition of love stories. The hero (Regé-Jean Page) is a handsome duke, an unmarried bachelor who has sworn never to marry. Of course, he has a somewhat dark (not too dark, but still) and mysterious past and more daddy issues than most men. This, of course, looks very sexy on most women.

And that’s exactly what Netflix and erotic series want: to please! Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor), the heroine, is pretty without being intimidating, and intelligent without ever being intellectually threatening: The heroine is defined by her elusiveness, a fuzzy entity that allows most viewers or readers to identify with her. These are exactly the secret ingredients for a sexy series that many can identify with! And also the dream couple is perhaps a little cheesy, but with sexual charge armed for a Netflix marathon!

Erotic series on Netflix are not so rare. But when Bridgerton is mentioned, no one immediately thinks of Netflix and erotica. Nevertheless, it plays a major role. The series is well done, which also applies to the sex scenes. They are honest and gripping. Anyone who watches the series becomes instantly engrossed in the action. Especially in the sixth episode of the first season, things get sexual. I wonder if the number and the sex on Netflix are random?

Dark Desire – also worth seeing

Streaming & Sex: These movies and series promise you many erotic moments!Erotic movies on Netflix and series are taking up more and more space. So is the Dark Desire series. In German, it means something like dark passion. The series originates from Mexico. Numerous episodes show the fate of different people, which is interconnected. The trailer already shows that Netflix and eroticism go well together. If you like watching erotic series on Netflix, you can’t miss this one.

It’s about the lawyer Alma Solares, who is invited to a party. There she meets the younger Dario Guerra, who is only 23 years old. Then it comes as it must come. The two spend one night together. However, it does not stop there, although Alma has a husband and is the mother of a daughter. The two begin a torrid affair. But it becomes dangerous. Young Dario is possessive and obsessed with the woman.

Erotic movies on Netflix – Newness and Shame

Netflix and erotica are not mutually exclusive. This is also evident in the film Newness. It’s about Martin and Gabi. Through a dating app, they meet and fall in love. They enter into a sexual relationship, but still want more. But they live an open relationship. Of course, problems arise in the process. The film is characterized by romance and sensuality, but also by passion and strong emotions. On the other hand, it makes you think. It addresses the issue that many people in this day and age believe they can always find something better. How does the film end?

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The movie Shame also stands for Netflix and eroticism. Already in the first minutes it is clear to the viewer that the plot is about a lot of sex. Unabashedly, the leading actor shows his best piece in close-up. The protagonist is a sex addict and can’t get enough of it. But that also has a dark side. His sex addiction is not only destroying his life. It draws others into it and makes them unhappy. There are many sex scenes in the film, but they mark numerous low points. The man gets caught in a whirlpool that pulls him down.

Watch even more sex movies on streaming service

Netflix & Erotica: These movies and series on Netflix promise you a lot of sex!
Linda Lovelace

The film Lovelace is also about Netflix and eroticism. Here is told the story of porn actress Linda Lovelace. She was a star in the industry in the USA in her day. Famous and known beyond the borders, Lovelace became famous for the film Deep Throat. The main role is played by the popular actress Amanda Seyfried. It shows that not all that glitters is gold behind the scenes. It’s worth watching the film.

Sex on Netflix also appears in the drama White Girl. It’s about eroticism and drugs, but also about love. The student Leah experiences a lot here. Surprising twists and turns occur. Netflix and eroticism presents the film Blue is a warm color. The film comes from France and tells the story of a fifteen-year-old girl who slowly grows up. She meets another girl whose hair is blue. A flirtation develops between the two and they fall in love. Of course, the eroticism is not long in coming. The two get very intimate with each other, which Netflix blatantly shows.

Sex on Netflix in more movies

Not only erotic series on Netflix are popular with viewers. Also films in which sex plays a big role. For example, the film Amar. The protagonists are Laura and Carlos. They discover their love for each other and develop hot feelings that leads to sexual acts. But reality catches up with them. L.A. Confidential is a drama starring Russell Crowe. This one plays a cop who has to investigate a mass murder. It quickly becomes apparent that a porn ring is involved.

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A well-known film that is about sex, among other things, is Dazzling with James Bond actor Daniel Craig. Here, sex is also an important topic at Netflix. There is even more sex in the movie Nymphomaniac, of which there are two parts. The famous actress Charlotte Gainsbourg plays a leading role. The subject of the film is the sexual development of a woman from her birth into her 50s. Absolutely worth seeing!

Sex movies with famous actors

Almost everyone knows Magic Mike. Especially since Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum are starring. The two present themselves as skilled strippers, although Tatum would rather be a furniture maker. Besides, love strikes at him. Viewers will also see that Netflix and eroticism are not mutually exclusive in Burlesque with Christina Aguilera and Cher. They show their erotic side in this film.

Streaming & Sex: These movies and series promise you many erotic moments!

Well-known actors can also be seen in the film Seduction of a Stranger. Namely Bruce Willis and Halle Berry. The latter plays investigator Ro, who wants to solve the murder of her friend. She does this undercover on various contact exchanges on the Internet. A suspect is quickly found. But Ro gets deeper and deeper into the scene and becomes entangled in it.

German and US movies on Netflix

Fucking Berlin is an interesting film about eroticism. It shows the German capital Berlin from its colorful and wild side. Many residents feel intoxicated by it. Sonja is a mathematics student and moves to Berlin. At the beginning, everything proceeds in an orderly fashion. She meets new people and also falls in love. Sweet student life is a treat for them. However, she soon has hardly any money left. Therefore, she decides to earn extra money as a prostitute. From that point on, she leads a double life. It won’t be long before the first problems start to crop up.

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Salt on our skin. Even that sounds a little erotic. Here Vincent D’Onofrio plays the leading role. The movie is a little older, but it’s still worth it. The plot begins towards the end of the 50s. Gavin, a fisherman from Scotland, meets George, a Frenchwoman, who is traveling to Scotland on vacation. The two take a liking to each other and experience a night together on the beach. However, it is clear that the young lady will have to return to France after her vacation. For years, Gavin hears nothing from her. But then she returns. However, Gavin is engaged to another woman. But that doesn’t stop them from starting an affair. Again and again the two run into each other in their lives. The film is characterized by a lot of passion and romance. The film is based on a novel.

Even more Netflix and erotica

More the Merrier is a film in which five stories are told. They take place at night and how could it be otherwise? It’s about sex. However, everything turns out differently than planned. However, everyone finds what they are looking for. There are several hot scenes in the film, but it doesn’t really take itself seriously. The film is inspiring and humorous at the same time. In addition, the actors are very likeable and show that it is possible to tear down your own limits and rise above yourself. The film is recommended and is fun and in a good mood.

Duck Butter revolves around the two women Nima and Sergio. They meet late at night in a bar and engage in a one-night stand. This results in an exciting experiment. Ladies tell each other about how they were not really happy in past relationships. Therefore, they make the decision to spend the coming complete day together. In addition, they would like to have sex with each other every 60 minutes. That sounds very interesting. Especially from the point of view of how the story might end. In any case, viewers can be very excited about what Netflix and Erotik have to offer here.

Valeria, Rocco and Gypsy on Netflix

The series titled Valeria is very entertaining. The name says it all here. Valeria is the main actress and works as a writer. However, it has a blockage. Their marriage is also fraught with problems. Therefore, Valeria decides to simply write erotic stories. Again, Netflix and erotica go together, but there are other erotic series on Netflix that feature more skin and detailed sex. Nevertheless, there are hot scenes. But the focus is rather on the desire for sex. And, as we all know, that originates in the head.

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Rocco is the name of the film that revolves around the porn actor Rocco Siffredi. Actually, this is more of a documentary around porn movies. Siffredi was a famous porn star who gained fame under the name Italian Stallion. He convinced not only by his appearance and his special aura. No, especially his genitals were impressively large. So it came as it had to come. He became the star of porn. The documentary is very exciting and shows interesting insights into the world of the porn industry.

Gypsy makes it clear that Netflix and erotica do somehow belong together. It’s about the leading lady Jean Holloway, played by Naomi Watts. There are hot scenes to marvel at here. Jean works as a therapist and lives a normal life. But it soon becomes apparent that she is more interested in the patients than she should be. This fuels their sexual desire in an unprecedented way. A very entertaining film on Netflix.

Finally, some exciting erotic movies on Netflix

Addicted is about the woman Zoe. She is married to a man who adores her and has two children with him. Her career is also progressing successfully. Still, she seems to be missing something in her life. She discovers for herself that she desperately wants to have sex with other men. Will the story end well? This is what Netflix users experience while watching.

The story of Elisa and Marcela takes place at the end of the 19th century. The two women get to know each other when they are still at school and become friends. Over time, it becomes love. However, it quickly becomes clear that the two cannot live their love publicly. At that time, feelings among women were outlawed. The company did not allow them. This puts a lot of pressure on them. But then they have an idea. Elisha is to go into hiding for a period of time in order to come back as a man. Disguised, of course. So they want to get married, which they actually do in church in 1901.

Erotic series on Netflix

What do most people want to see? Erotic movies and series with lots of sex! Netflix and erotica: This trend is becoming increasingly popular. Because sex on Netflix and erotic movies on Netflix are as frequent as blooming flowers in summer. Erotic series on Netflix are very much in demand. But why is sex so entertaining on Netflix? Soft porn movies on Netflix are also available, but erotic movies are not as popular as erotic series on Netflix. Even though the term “Netflix and erotica” means sex movies on Netflix as well as erotic series on Netflix, soft porn on Netflix is not as common as erotic series on Netflix.

Elite: erotic series on Netflix

If the story of “Elite” is characterized by anything, it is precisely by being one of the sexiest series on the platform. Elite is the epitome of erotic series on Netflix! Following a lot of eroticism, the series with a lot of sex on Netflix shows us a group of young people who give free rein to their most primal desires, leaving us with really shocking scenes as well as a plot with which we will find out more about these elite students.

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Erotic movies and series with a lot of sex on Netflix are in demand, and especially because this very series is such a success! Netflix and erotica? Sex on Netflix? Here you are well served! Elite has been a hit since its release on Netflix in 2018. A few months ago, the teen series premiered with the fourth season and finished filming the fifth episode, which will be released in the near future. In this new episode, fans will meet old characters and new faces who will shake up the school.

Netflix and eroticism: Elite offers a lot of sex on Netflix

Netflix and eroticism: Like the previous seasons, Élite stands out for its suspenseful sex on Netflix. Sex on Netflix – this is something that always attracts the attention of fans, who are constantly wondering how these erotic series are shot on Netflix. At a press conference, Arón Piper, the actor who plays Ander in Elite, shared some details about how erotic series are shot on Netflix. In this new season of the series, Ander and his partner Omar will have several scenes in which they will be accompanied by Patrick, a new character played by Manu Ríos.

Eroticism at full speed

That sex has always been a part of Élite is more than clear. But with the premiere of the fourth season, the temperature has risen even further. To understand this creative decision, interested parties spoke with Carlos Montero, co-creator of the fiction, who explains why they decided to include so much sex in the season. In the trailer, sex has a lot of weight, but in the series, sex has weight on Netflix, but not as much as in the trailer, Montero replied when asked about the increasing sexual exposure of the main characters. As he shares, they wanted to continue to show sex on Netflix and erotic series on Netflix naturally, so the increased emphasis on Netflix and erotica and erotic movies on Netflix in the new episodes came naturally without any strategy behind it.

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But maybe that changed with Jaime Vaca joining the scriptwriting team. Although Vaca was already a member of Élite’s screenwriting team, in this new phase he became the coordinator and one of the executive producers. As Montero explains, the Élite team began developing the scripts with a more sexual vision than in their predecessors, although they didn’t realize this until after the fact.

Netflix and erotica – diversity among couples

Since the beginning of Élite, diversity has been part of the couples, and that is reinforced in this fourth season. For Georgina Amorós, the interesting thing about the show is that it doesn’t just focus on heterosexual couples, but that there are all kinds of relationships. Both bisexual and homosexual. Because that is the reality.

The hottest pair of the season

Amorós notes that this season they didn’t cut any corners when it comes to the sex scenes between the main characters, which is why he clarifies that it is very excessive in this regard, making it the most sexual episode of all. Taking all this information into account, we asked the protagonists which couple they think will be the hottest for the viewer. Most of them answered that it was the trio Ander (Arón Piper), Omar (Omar Ayuso) and Patrick (Manu Ríos).

Ríos wanted to make it clear that it comes down to each individual’s taste, while Piper concluded by saying that the good thing is that there is something for everyone. In response, the cast of Élite revealed that at no point did they use body doubles or mannequins to portray their characters’ hottest moments.

Netflix and eroticism: Hands off!

Netflix and erotica means just that: “Hands off!”. The absolute Netflix-and-erotic series! Netflix has found a new niche for series that focus on relationship experiences. After Love is Blind, which was an absolute hit, Too Hot To Handle is currently Top 1 on Netflix and it’s just as extravagant. Love is Blind was an experiment in which contestants tried to find the person they would spend the rest of their lives with without having seen them before getting engaged.

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In the case of Too Hot To Handle, or “Finger weg!” in German, you take a few steps back, while “Serial Swipers,” who bet everything on their physical beauty and collect one-night stands, are brought together on an island to learn how to make connections without any intimate relationship. So while the contestants expected to spend a hot stay on a paradise island, they soon had to curb their zeal, because large sums of money are deducted from the $100,000 prize money for each forbidden act, including kissing another contestant or masturbating.

But that’s not the only point where the premise is wrong. The ten contestants will share the total prize money if they do not break the rules. So it’s about ten thousand dollars per person if no one does any unauthorized touching, which of course is always the case. At the end of the day, all those hotties on the Netflix show will earn several thousand dollars for each post on Instagram after the show airs. Most of them have probably done this before. That’s why in the first five minutes of the second episode, all these people are kissing. But the real reason, of course, is so we can watch them make out.

Where in Love is Blind the celibates meet without meeting, in Too Hot To Handle the contestants live together but do not have the right to marry, sleep together and have solitary pleasures. A light punishment for the 10 participants who can host a soirée and have commitment phobia. Therefore, your goal is to stay in the trap for a month to receive a maximum of 100,000 euros, since the amount of money decreases with each misstep. But how to resist temptation, surrounded by beautiful girls and beautiful cars? Curious people can discover it by watching the 8 episodes on Netflix.

Netflix and erotica: The real casting announcement

When the candidates go to the casting, they are not aware of the strict rules of the game: they think they will experience the most erotic and exotic summer in a paradisiacal place. How did production manage to lure them to participate in Too Hot To Handle?

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Team members had to be honest and open with them, even though they knew they couldn’t tell them everything. They essentially told them that it was a dating show, that it was going to be a hot and exotic place, and that there was a chance to make money.

A popular filming location with stars

Netflix and eroticism: the show with Harry, Francesca, Haley, Chloe, Nicole, Rhonda, Sharron, David, Bryce, Kelz, Matthew or Kori, who is not uncritical on Twitter, was filmed for 24 to 25 days in April 2019 in a Mexican villa on a private property called Casa Tau in Punta Mita: “We wanted to find the most beautiful place in the world. We went everywhere,” Laura Gibson, the producer, revealed to Oprah Mag. In Punta Mita, in addition to the 1500-square-meter villa, there are luxury hotels and hot houses. By the way, this place is also popular with stars like Selena Gomez, Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West or Bradley Cooper.

Cameras even in the bathroom

To avoid sexual and oral advances, the singles in Too Hot To Handle were monitored by Lana, the voice robot à la Alexa or Siri, and by cameras: there were even some as far as the bathroom. The goal was not to invade their privacy or show footage of them in the shower or anywhere else: “It was just for video surveillance,” Bryce told Hollywood Raw.

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So Netflix and erotica are two terms that go hand in hand. Accordingly, one would never deny today that Netflix and eroticism are two words that are mutually exclusive! On the contrary, the series proves to us that Netflix and erotica are a perfect match!

Erotic – Daphne and the Duke

The central duo initially hate each other before making a secret pact that forces them to pretend to be in love. Their relationship is rocked by obstacles that should be insurmountable. But ultimately can not withstand the power of their love, or at least their physical attraction.

Because The Bridgerton Chronicles is first and foremost a series about sex, and it is most successful in the scenes in the first episodes where it plays with the sexual tension between its two characters and Daphne’s awakening. The few seconds when the heroine stares at the Duke’s mouth while he licks his spoon are the best of the whole season. The series plays with the sexual tension between the main characters from the very beginning.

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