My confession: I am addicted to pocket money dates

By Jens Haberlein
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My confession: I am addicted to pocket money dates
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Gina is addicted to pocket money dates

Gina’s addiction to pocket-money dates started creepily. She was logged into online dating portals and came across the term TG dates. Curious, she searched for an explanation and was immediately intrigued. She wanted to try it out for herself, especially since she was having some financial problems at the time. But what are these dates now?

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What does this term actually mean?

My confession: I am addicted to pocket money datesWhat is actually meant by pocket money dates? This can be explained quite simply. Gina meets with strange men for pocket money. More specifically, it means she has sex with them. So she is not going on TG dates because she is looking for a relationship, but because she enjoys sex and wants to supplement her finances. But in the meantime, these dates have become an addiction for Gina. She can no longer do without these meetings.

Such pocket money dates haven’t actually been around that long. TG dating moved in with the Internet. Gina also quickly realized that this is practical. When she has the urge, she logs on to the portals and sees which man she likes and who is willing to pay for pocket money dates. What price they pay for TG dates, Gina determines individually.

Sometimes she takes less, sometimes more. For a higher price, she is also willing to do more. She does this when she particularly likes a man. Or when she just wants a little more money. Pocket money dates are made up by private ladies, like Gina is. However, it is also possible that the TG dates are offered by escort services.

Scharfe Taschengeld-Ladies

To ensure that the success rate is high, Gina also advertises in relevant forums to make her desire for pocket money dates known. There she also regularly receives cover letters from men who like her. She keeps meeting with men from her neighborhood to get some pocket money for sex. If the meeting place is further away from her home, she also has the travel expenses reimbursed. After all, this amount should not reduce the TG.

Gina does not miss pocket money dates

Since the early 2000s, there have been requests for TG dates. At the end of the first decade in the new millennium, requests for this area have increased. Gina has also been with us since the mid-10s. Since the first time, she would not want to miss these experiences. The encounters are always new and exciting. Shortly before the pocket money dates, the tension rises incessantly in her. Gina is not in a relationship, but even then she would not give up the TG dates. She knows that very well. They are too much fun for her.

My confession: I am addicted to pocket money dates

Like them, there are many singles and people living in an open relationship who are very fond of the pocket money dating option. Gina has always been very permissive when it comes to sexuality. She can’t remember anything else at all. The term TG dates is reserved exclusively for these meetings. It has not yet been found in other areas. This is probably because pocket money dates are associated with frivolous properties. But Gina doesn’t care. She continues to go on her TG dates to have fun and get a nice extra income.

For some others, the term pocket money dates may have a negative connotation, but Gina couldn’t care less. She’s all about having fun and having new experiences. Strictly speaking, ladies like Gina are actually prostitutes. Because they sell their body for pocket money. However, the name sounds rather harmless to many people who are not familiar with this topic. But far from it.

Heiße Taschengeld-Girls

The name pocket money does not always have to be taken literally. First of all, it suggests that pocket money dating is not particularly lucrative. However, this can be deceiving. There are definitely ladies who like to charge a higher amount for the dates, not every time, but more often than others do. That’s how Gina does it, too. From the money she earns, she fulfills one or two special wishes. Sometimes she also sets it aside for larger purchases.

What’s so bad about TG dating?

My confession: I am addicted to pocket money datesGina also doesn’t care that some of the men she dates think they are superior to her. They think it because they are the ones paying the money. Further, many believe that Gina is meeting with them out of necessity. But this is simply not true. She certainly has her profession and earns good money.

She arranges pocket money dates more out of a desire to be able to experience something out of the ordinary. And that, as often as she wants. She likes doing something that is not the norm. She wants to continue it as long as she can. Who are actually the men Gina is dating? She meets with men from all walks of life. From the businessman to the simple worker, everything is present.

Men go on TG dates for a wide variety of reasons. They want to escape from everyday life and live differently for a time than they usually do. Only the rarest constellations enter into a love relationship. In any case, it has not yet happened to Gina that she has fallen in love with one of the men. There are many women like Gina. Female students have also discovered that they can earn money on the side.

Hier TG-Ladies treffen

On the Internet there are many forums and portals where it is possible to advertise for TG dates. The number of women who sell their bodies for pocket money is also increasing. However high this may be. Women who are particularly popular in this respect can even finance their livelihood. But this aspect is not important for Gina. She is superficially concerned with the pleasure she gets from dating. On top of that, this way of earning money is much more pleasant than cleaning or tutoring.

Gina meets with the suitors several times a week

Since Gina started dating for pocket money, she has been meeting men several times a week. She can afford it, because she is not only pretty, but has an exciting body. That is why their advertisements receive many responses. Gina quickly realizes whether someone is serious about her or just having fun with her. Accordingly, it sorts out. Serious addresses will receive additional photos from her.

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Gina meets men in a wide variety of places. She visits them at home or arranges to meet them at a hotel. Everything is done completely anonymously. She does not think it is possible that she could be stalked. Gina stands by the fact that she wants to have fun with pocket money dates. She’s still young and doesn’t want to think later that she missed out.

Nevertheless, she is very careful in the selection of men. After all, they should be sympathetic to her.

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