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Monkey horny tits and a tight body

Anca Jst Nudes are becoming more and more popular. The young blonde from Munich stands out with her big boobs and her Victorias Secret figure. We asked the beautiful Anca how her first time as a cam girl was. The tattooed blonde with her full lips was happy to share her experience.

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Anca Jst Nudes – the dream of all men

Anca Jst Nudes The Shy BlondeAnca Jst Nudes, that’s my business. I am here to share my experience so far in this cam girl world. Last year, since October to be exact, my sister and I got tired of making a pittance at our “decent” jobs and decided to look for other ways to make money.

I am a graphic designer, and in the company where I work, I had a lot of free time. So I started searching and searching until I found the cam girl world. Anca Jst Nudes didn’t sound so bad.

Anca Jst Nudes – the beginnings were hard

I immediately told my sister about it, and being more “uninhibited” than me, she loved it…. ok, after many theories and plans about what we should and shouldn’t do, we decided to stop chatting and plunge into the sea of adult content.

Straight to Anca's porn

First she quit her job as an English teacher and I continued mine because we still had nothing secure, at least one of us had to keep working to survive. Nevertheless, I had not given up the dream of Anca Jst Nudes. Because the term “Anca Jst Nudes” became a new dream of mine. I knew: Anca Jst porn would be my future!

Family help

Anca Jst Nudes The Shy BlondeWith the help of my father (who, by the way, doesn’t know what his daughters do for work), we got a room with a good internet connection to do our shows. In the process, we lied to him that my sister was “teaching online English” and I was “working as an online designer.” I just couldn’t tell him I was going to do AncaJst Nudes. Even though “Anca Jst Nudes” was my absolute favorite term.

On a side note, I actually tried looking for jobs on our lies based on our careers, online English courses, and online design jobs. But that was long-term income, and in our situation we needed short-term money, one of the good things about the cam girl world. I tried to sign up with chaturbate, I couldn’t do it because they always rejected my passport saying “blurry picture”.

The very first day

Anca Jst is naked? Oh my God: Yes! Anca Jst is naked! That was what I thought on the first day. We started working in December, my first day was weird. The guys came in and all I did was dance and do stupid things. They shouted, “Anca, get naked!”

Straight to Anca's porn

I think I made about 300 tokens that day. The following days went the same way. I couldn’t get out of the rhythm of 300 to 250 coins a day. That should depress me a little.

A shy blonde

Anca Jst Nudes The Shy BlondeI am a blonde. I weigh 55 kilos and I am 1,66, I have a D cup, and my ass is small, but with good angles it looks big. My age is 26, but I can easily pass for 19 (my clients never believe me when I tell them my age). I have long hair that goes down to my waist, and I wear my hair down most of the time. I wear glasses, some like them, some don’t. In general, I consider myself pretty, and the few men I have as clients always raise my self-esteem by saying I’m pretty.

If I had more resources, I would love to cosplay because I love the theme of Japanese animation and video games. I’m half nerd and like to talk about things like this. My absolute dream man is a gambler.

Straight to Anca's porn

I am still a virgin, although I like to undress. I just haven’t found the right man yet. Maybe I’ll get to know him during a cam chat? That would be an absolute dream. There are not so many coming yet, maybe that will change soon.

Anca Jst Nudes The Shy BlondeWell, then, like all beginner models, I began to walk through the rooms of my competitors, who are blonde girls. OH GOD, they are dirty and vulgar! Some of them don’t even wear makeup, they wear horrible wigs, they’re all naked, they’re really horny, to tell you the truth. They used the Lovense and the Ohmibod or whatever they are called, the girls with their open vaginas and their toys waiting for them to do everything for them….

And the worst thing is that their rooms were empty. I have none of these toys, and in my early days even less…. and another very important point, even if it is hard to believe. I AM A VIRGIN, yes, that’s right, I am a virgin…. I’m 26 and I haven’t had any sexual experiences yet, and that’s mainly because I haven’t had any.

The first month – a review

So back to the topic, the first month was terrible. I only made $100. But with this money I bought a toy, namely a vibrator. It was perfect for Anca Jst Nudes! Well, as long as I don’t get someone to do me the favor of deflowering me! I pretend to penetrate myself with it.

Straight to Anca's porn

And the guys who come to my room like it. Now that I bought the toy, the earnings increased and I went from 300 tks a day to 1000! One day I even made 3,000! Really… Sex toy is the life of this business. And anyone who says otherwise is a liar.

It is not always easy

I understand that you have to be creative and everything else. But right now I don’t have the resources to be creative, and these guys are just looking for sex. I tried to be creative because I didn ‘t have any toys in the beginning, and it didn’t work. On my sister’s side is another story. She was the most scared at first, but in the first month she made $500 while I made $100.

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And right now she’s the one who’s doing better because she fits more into the target, which is what the customers like, she’s curvier and has more ass. Also, since she speaks perfect English, she can better communicate with anyone who comes to her Room. I am very happy for them.

A better future

Our room is still as ugly as ever, only with the sofa. But we plan to renovate it. We have only been in this world for a few months and I think that no beginning is easy. But still, we are already seeing the fruits. My dream was always to buy a sum of $100 online, and I got it. I can go to a supermarket without having a calculator in my hand to know if we have enough money.

Anca Jst nackt: Traumfrau aus München bei 4based

Thanks to AncaJst Nudes, I can see my mom happy because we finally have money and can afford decent clothes. These details make all the difference. And although money doesn’t make you happy, it helps a lot. I’m not complaining at all. I have found my rhythm and with time we will continue to improve. The positive thing is that I have my sister with me and we support each other.

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