Megatits as a weapon: I get everything I want

By Valérie Francès-Pecker
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Megatits as a weapon: I get everything I want
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My giant tits will make any man willowy

I am a slut It doesn’t matter, because I enjoy it and I stand by it. Since puberty I use my mega tits as a weapon to get what I want. And I always get what I want. Always. Believe me.

My mega tits as a weapon in the battle of the sexes

Megatitten als Waffe: Ich bekomme alles was ich willMen are cock-driven. All. Without exception. Once they are horny, they become drooling slaves to their hormones in a flash. Most men even enjoy being libidinous jerks.

Not that we are misunderstanding each other here. Men can be quite intelligent beings. As long as they do not get horny. As a woman, you have the power to turn any heterosexual man into a libidinous slave to your hormones. My mega tits as a weapon have never disappointed me in this. Usually it’s enough to give the men a glance and they’re already eating out of my hand. For a few, it is necessary to make physical contact. Again, my mega tits are the perfect weapon. As if by chance, I get close to a guy so that my nipples graze over his chest or on other parts of his body. I am inventive there. At the latest now the guys are so horny that they do everything I want.

My titts are my weapon

So it stands over my chest thick and fat tattooed. And it’s true. Although I officially do not need a gun license, but the calculation is in principle quite simple: small tits mean small charms, so also a rather harmless weapon. Megatits as a weapon have a bombastic effect. The more formidable, the better. My tits are mega and have a corresponding effect as a weapon.

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Examples of how I use my mega tits as a weapon

Of course, I have to talk a bit out of the sewing box now. There should be hundreds of stories where my chest size has helped me. For this reason, I will limit myself here to those that are really worth mentioning.

Direkt zur Tittenbitch

For example, there’s the story about the final exam. I had written a few things on my tits that I just couldn’t remember. I had enough space. For the test, I put on a top with an extra wide neckline so I could keep peeking. At some point, the teacher got the point. But before he could admonish me, I accused him in front of the whole class of constantly staring at my tits. He was totally flabbergasted, because he had really looked at my breasts. Okay, the fact that it had a few words on it was beside the point. In any case, I was able to decide the situation in my favor. As always, with such mega tits as a weapon.
I have to tell the festival story here as well.

Megatitten als Waffe: Ich bekomme alles was ich will

I was at Wacken with some girls and we wanted to see Iron Maiden. When we got there, however, we found that there were already about ten thousand people there before us. Everything was crowded close together. No chance to get through. But after all, I have tits. So I pretended to jump into the crowd to do a stage dive. Immediately, a bunch of guys gathered in front of me. With outstretched hands, they hoped to be allowed to touch my tits by pure chance when they caught them. I made a pike jump and was soon hanging in the air, carried by umpteen hands. Immediately, the surrounding guys reported that they also wanted to grope me. Men stick together, so I was passed on. It was like the whole Wacken Open Air was fiddling with me.

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Thousands of hands groped my tits, reached between my legs and stroked my ass. To be honest, I got quite wet at the affair. With outstretched arms I gave the direction in which the boys should pass me on. Not twenty minutes later, I had made it. I stood in the front row for Iron Maiden and pressed myself against the barrier. If I remember correctly, the guitarist had even lost his temper briefly at the sight of me. But I’m not quite sure about that.

Men pay to see my mega tits

My mega tits are not only a weapon. They are also very useful in other ways in life. For example, when it comes to financial matters. With such big breasts you are the dream of many men. You can use that to your advantage. Not only that the guys line up in rows to see me in front of the cam, it goes even more blatant.

Direkt zur Tittenbitch

Does the term Moneydom mean anything to you? Many libidinous cock-riders suddenly discover their submissive streak when they see a girl with mega tits as a weapon. Most are willing to pay for photos and videos. Many also pay to be able to chat with me or talk on the phone. Then there are those who loosen their coal for worn linen. And still others would like to transfer their money to me. Just like that. Because I am the way I am. Because I have mega tits as a weapon. In return, they may call me queen or goddess. That was it. Otherwise, there is nothing in return.

Megatitten als Waffe: Ich bekomme alles was ich will

Man, these guys are really my favorite of all. There could easily be more of them. After all, a girl like me has many open desires. Some of these cannot be financed with Bafög or parental support. This is exactly where my mega tits come into play as a weapon. The more solvent slaves I can gather around me, the better off I am. Logical. That I am well should be the ultimate goal of all my fans. Who of them needs money on his account, if he could buy my videos for it?

Life lessons of a tits bitch

Girls: If you have tits, you have the advantage. The bigger the better. Take advantage of this whenever you can. The world does not give you anything and you do not need to give to the world. Take what you need and use Megatits as a weapon.

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Even if they are not that big. Guys will still drool in rows if you use your breasts properly. I can only recommend the trick with the tattoo in the neckline. It is an absolute eye-catcher, from which the men can not get their stalk eyes away.

That's why every girl should get it on with another woman.

It’s best to always wear something skintight with it. When the nipples show through the clothes, most guys are already will-less. You can then play with them without any problems. Let them do tasks for you or just make an ass of themselves. Depending on what eich just the sense stands. The guys will do it and love you for it.

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