Masturbator on the go: the Easy Rider for men in test

By Stephan Gubenbauer
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Masturbator on the go: the Easy Rider for men in test
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The masturbator for on the go – Easy Rider

The on-the-go masturbator is perfect for use wherever the user desires sexual relaxation. To do this, he just has to open the cap and moisten the Easy Rider masturbator with lubricant. Then the fun can begin. The Checkmate should be cleaned afterwards. More hygienic is the use with condoms.

The stroker and its technical characteristics

Masturbator on the go: the Easy Rider for men in testThe dimensions of the masturbator are given as 16.5 x 6.5 x 6.5 centimeters. The weight is 176 grams. The pocket pussy for on the go is waterproof and contains no phthalates. So-called Real Nature Skin is used for manufacturing.

The on-the-go masturbator is an easy-to-use product that feels very real. All that is required for use is a little lubricant before the fun can begin. The penis is inserted into the chamber to start sexual stimulation. Meanwhile, the Easy Rider masturbator provides exciting experiences. The material supports him in this. Since the opening on the Stroker is very narrow for on the go, the penis is completely enclosed. This creates exciting sensations over the entire area, from the shaft to the tip. To ensure that the enjoyment with the masturbator on the go is really unclouded, the user should definitely use lubricant. This makes the penis slide up and down even better.

What exactly is a masturbator?

Pocket pussy on the go is designed for male sexual stimulation. It is modeled after a vagina and looks very realistic. The inside of the channel feels pleasantly soft and completely accommodates the penis. Since the dimensions are very handy, the Easy Rider masturbator fits in many pockets and can therefore be carried along.

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The area in front consists of an opening in the form of labia. Here is the entrance for the penis, which is pushed in there. By manually moving the on-the-go masturbator up and down, the stimulations can be achieved. Thus, it provides intense orgasms.

Who is the masturbator for on the go suitable for?

Especially beginners get along very well with him. However, it is also suitable for experienced users. Since it is operated manually, almost any man can handle it. Those who use a pocket vagina for the first time will be delighted to see how easy it is to experience never-before-seen orgasms. Unfortunately, the channel is so narrow, which is why only men with smaller penises do well with the on-the-go masturbator.

Since the channel is very flexible and stretchy, men with larger penises can also use the product, but it is not fun. Here again the reminder to use lube when using, as it optimizes the experience. During use, it is also possible to add lubricant, if necessary.

How does the product work?

The masturbator for on the go can be used as in traditional masturbation with your hands. It is passed over the penis in up and down movements. The user determines the rhythm and tempo himself. To get in the mood, he can also watch porn while doing so.

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An alternative to using the masturbator is to have another person guide it. This can be the girlfriend, boyfriend or any other random person. If this takes control of the toy, it can be even more appealing as the user relinquishes control.

This can create a completely different kind of excitement. This is particularly exciting. However, the man must be completely committed to it. If he does, he will be rewarded with very intense orgasms.

Which lubricant is suitable for the masturbator?

This masturbator is made of so-called Real Nature Skin, which is silicone. Silicone-based lubricants must not be used here, as they can damage the sensitive material. In the worst case, this can make it impossible to use the masturbator.

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Therefore, it is better to use water-based lubricant with this toy. After use, it is easy to wash off, yet absorbs quickly beforehand. It is recommended to spread the lubricant generously and use it again when needed.

The cleaning of the masturbator

If you want to increase the longevity of the masturbator, be sure to clean it after each use. This is important for hygiene. For this purpose, the user can use warm water and mild soap. Afterwards, it should be dried with a clean cloth. The remaining moisture is allowed to air dry. Toycleaner is an alternative.


Unfortunately, the Easy Rider is only fun for men with smaller penises. From an average penis length and thickness, it is simply no longer a pleasure to insert his lollipop into the tight stroker. Too bad, more would have been possible here!

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