Masturbation in society: the pop culture of onanism

By Stephan Gubenbauer
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Masturbation in society: the pop culture of onanism
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From vice to recommended sex practice

The pop culture of onanism has a long and contradictory history. According to statistical surveys, masturbation, onanism or masturbation is widespread. According to their own data, more than 90 percent of all men and more than 86 percent of all women masturbate. Since statistics always include a certain number of unreported cases, it can be assumed that practically everyone masturbates more or less regularly. Masturbation is the most common form of sexual activity.

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Pop culture of onanism – how it used to be

From ancient times until well into the Middle Ages, people were at least neutral about masturbation. It was a thing that everyone practiced but didn’t talk about in public. The pop culture’s neutral attitude of onanism changed with the end of the Middle Ages and became increasingly negative. Like any other form of sex that was not for procreation, the Catholic Church viewed masturbation as a sin that needed to be addressed.

Masturbation in society: the pop culture of onanism

In the Age of Enlightenment, contrary to expectations, things did not get better, but worse. The negative meaning of the pop culture of onanism intensified. In the 18th century, masturbation was considered a criminal offense in some countries. It was also at this time that the first books appeared, describing long and wide the dangers of masturbation. They laid the foundation for rumors and misconceptions about masturbation that lasted into the 20th century. “Self-abuse,” as masturbation was called, allegedly led to “brain softening,” spinal cord atrophy, leprosy, or cancer. Masturbation in particular has been blamed for the development of acne.

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Moreover, the pop culture of sexual practice onanism prescribed the emergence of mental disorders. Even the famous psychiatrist Sigmund Freud believed that masturbation was selfish, would lead to indiscipline, and would encourage smoking or the abuse of alcohol or drugs later in life.

Is masturbation harmful?

No, modern medicine has not been able to prove any harmful effects of masturbation. However, the constant struggle against “self-abuse” caused considerable psychological damage to children and adolescents. It laid the foundation for guilt complexes, sexual behavior disorders, and perversions.

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Pop culture of onanism – what does it look like today?

Attitudes toward onanism have changed as radically as the term. The term onanism or masturbating is outdated. It refers to the biblical figure Onan, who, however, practiced coitus interruptus to avoid pregnancy. Today, in pop culture, onanism is referred to as masturbation or masturbation, and in sexology it is referred to as autoeroticism (but this does not mean hot sledding, but rather practices such as masturbation or, for example, autofellatio).

Modern pop culture of onanism sees masturbation as positive for health. Regular masturbation can prevent prostate problems and possibly even prevent the development of prostate cancer. In addition, regular masturbation improves the quality of semen. Therefore, those who have a desire to have children should masturbate regularly so that their sperm is always fresh.

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Ejaculation is also a process through which tensions are released. Therefore, doctors recommend men who suffer from insomnia to masturbate before falling asleep. The relaxed feeling after orgasm makes them gently and pleasantly drift off to sleep. It is similar for women. By masturbating frequently, they train their ability to have an orgasm. In addition, her labia and clitoris get better blood flow and are more sensitive to sexual stimulation.

Are there negative aspects to modern pop culture of onanism?

Even today, masturbation is considered negative when it occurs in public, for example. Other variants in which a man observes other people masturbating are also punishable. In such cases, however, it is not the masturbation itself that is punishable, but the fact that it takes place in public or without the knowledge and consent of the persons concerned.

Pop culture of onanism: when and how often to masturbate?

In the past, sex researchers assumed that masturbation does not begin until puberty is reached. Today they know that some men start masturbating much earlier. The first preliminary stages have already been observed in young children. At 15, in the middle of puberty, almost 100 percent of boys masturbate. Girls, on the other hand, are much later on average. They do not masturbate regularly until their upper teens.

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The majority of teenagers masturbate several times a week, some even several times a day. The incidence is decreasing in adults. It varies greatly based on age, relationship status, frequency of sex, and health status.

On average, adults masturbate only several times per month or as frequently as several times per week. On average, men masturbate much more often than women.

Pop culture of onanism: how to masturbate?

Men and women agree on one thing. About two-thirds prefer to masturbate in bed at night. However, some masturbate at night. As there is more and more porn on the Internet, the number of those who masturbate on the PC during the day is growing. Traditionally, hands and fingers were used for masturbation. Recently, the pop culture of onanism has shown that more and more technical aids are being used.

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Vibrators for women have been around for several decades. Recently, sex toys for men are becoming more and more popular. They are replicas of a pussy or a glans vibrator. The highest level of pop culture of onanism are Real Dolls, love dolls that at first glance are almost indistinguishable from a real woman. The artificial pussy has a vibrator built in, which gives the feeling of real sex.

Pop culture of onanism: Is masturbation unnatural?

Masturbation is a completely normal phenomenon in the animal kingdom. It has been detected in numerous animal species, including not only domestic animals, but also wild animals such as various species of monkeys, horses, whales, bats, bears, and even turtles. This refutes the previously widespread claim that masturbation is “unnatural fornication.” Pop culture of onanism has never been as free as it is today.

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