Male sterilization becomes more and more popular

By Valérie Francès-Pecker
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Male sterilization more and more popular
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Contraception is also a man’s business

Vasectomy, also called male sterilization, is another method of contraception along with the condom and the birth control pill. During this procedure, both vas deferens in the scrotum are cut and the ends are tied off, sclerosed by heat or closed with a titanium clip.

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Does a vasectomy scare men?

Male sterilization more and more popular

Last but not least, the impermeable spermatic cords are relocated to different tissue layers of the testis to prevent them from coalescing. In the next few days, only two small plasters remind of the sterilization performed. This procedure prevents sperm from entering the seminal fluid.

Vasectomy does not have a major impact on erection, pleasurable sensation or orgasm or ejaculation. Since sperm make up only about five percent of semen, the amount of ejaculate is no different from that of a non-sterilized man.

What a blessing for women whose husbands get sterilized, because this way contraception is in the hands of the partner. To avoid pregnancy, the lover does not need to take additional hormones. With a one-time investment of 450 to 500 euros, the question of contraception after the medical procedure is no longer an issue. Only a few weeks you have to be patient and additionally use contraception. Only when the urologist sees no more sperm under the microscope can the fun begin without the pill, condom or other contraceptives.

More than 75 percent of men favor sterilization

A survey found that couples are increasingly affirming male sterilization. Now that family planning has been completed, the question arises: How should contraception be used in the future? Life without sex is not an option. The pill or the condom would be an option, but it’s not the real thing in the long run.

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If you forget to take the pill or have a stomach virus, you are no longer safe. Even with careful application, the failure rate is 0.3 to 1 percent. If the man uses the condom in an exemplary manner, the Pearl index is 2. If he uses it carelessly, the index rises to 12.

Hormone-free contraception thanks to male sterilization

Through a small outpatient procedure under local or general anesthesia, vasectomy is performed. Couples with completed family planning are thus permanently freed from the fear of an unplanned baby. Male sterilization is the most reliable method of contraception for men. There, the rate of non-efficacy for typical use is only 0.15 percent.

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The survey asked 2000 men about male sterilization. The result is surprising, as more than 75 percent of respondents could imagine having a vasectomy (47.3 percent). 8.8 percent are already sterilized.

For the remaining 15 percent, the intervention is not an option at all. If necessary, they use a condom or leave contraception to the women. Even today, some males in love do not feel responsible for the issue of contraception. They do it wildly and without contraception, no matter with whom. Your irresponsible actions will be “rewarded” sooner or later. Either with an unwanted child or an STD such as syphilis, gonorrhea, genital herpes or genital warts.

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