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Crazy: Making yoghurt from the vaginal flora

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Joghurt aus der Scheidenflora herstellen | Ekel-Alarm garantiert!

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Why yoghurt from the vaginal flora does not necessarily taste good

It’s getting crazier and crazier! Who does that?

Yoghurt can be made from vaginal secretion. The reason for this is the probiotic bacteria in the vaginal flora. So in the future, will pussy licking not only be understood as a sexual pleasure, but also as a culinary pleasure? Not necessarily. The thing with the yoghurt from the vaginal flora is no fun, but does it taste good and can even be harmful to health?

yoghurt from the vaginal floraYoghurt from the vaginal flora is not a joke

Yoghurt from the vagina – that either sounds like a bad joke or rather tempting. Well, it’s neither a joke, nor an enticing pleasure. Basically yoghurt can be extracted from the vaginal flora. You have to know: A woman’s vagina contains hundreds of bacteria. It’s perfectly normal and it has to be. Some even want to lose weight with it. Among these bacteria there are several probiotic bacteria that can be used for yoghurt cultures – for example lactic acid bacteria and above all the bacterium Lactobacillus. The latter has been used for centuries for the production of cheese and many other dairy products. It is also the basis of every yoghurt.

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Probiotic yoghurts should be well known from advertising. They are said to have a particularly positive effect on the human intestine and above all to ensure healthy, regular digestion. So why not make probiotic yoghurt from the vaginal flora? This is certainly possible, as an American scientist recently proved in a self-experiment. All she had to do was remove vaginal secretion from her vagina several times and collect it. By the way, the removal took place with a wooden spoon. The extent to which she enjoyed it sexually is not known. In any case, the secretion served her as the basis for a yoghurt culture that eventually became edible yoghurt. Yogurt from the vaginal flora.

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Unfortunately, this very special milk product does not necessarily have to have tasted great. The taste of the first production is said to have been very fresh, but also very sour. A second batch apparently tasted like sour milk.

Joghurt aus der Scheidenflora herstellen | Ekel-Alarm garantiert!Advisable for health reasons?

Furthermore, eating yoghurt from the vaginal flora is not a particularly good idea for health reasons. The vaginal secretion contains not only the good bacteria, but also those that can harm the human body when eaten. Some of them can even be poisonous. In this context, an American regulatory authority also referred to the fact that vaginal secretion is not a foodstuff. There is even the danger that diseases would be transmitted via it. A yoghurt from the vaginal flora thus represents at least one potential danger – a danger that one should confidently avoid.

However, for many women the performance is apparently still attractive. They are interested in the value and power of their own vagina and thus also in their own self-image as a woman, one may well conclude. After all, experiments such as yoghurt can break open a certain inhibition in the vaginal flora, which is known to be particularly large in the USA.

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The experiment shows that it is a completely natural thing that works exactly as nature intended. And that’s worth a lot. Since the yoghurt from the vaginal flora is not necessarily the best seller in terms of taste, here is a particularly tasty tip: Muschilecken is always a real treat for everyone involved and absolutely fat-free.

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