Lisa Schubert? Paulina Schubert? These are the incest twins in the interview!

By Julia Moreno
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Lisa Schubert? Paulina Schubert? These are the incest twins in the interview!
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Lisa and Paulina Schubert? The sisters are shooting porn!

New faces keep popping up in the erotic scene. This includes the stepsisters Lisa and PaulinaSchubert, who are sometimes spoken of as incest twins. What’s the deal with these two teens? What Lisa Schubert porn is there and what about Paulina Schubert porn?

Lisa Schubert porn: what can users expect?

Lisa is a very attractive teen. She has just turned 19 years old. From her outer appearance Lisa is an absolute man’s dream. With her long blonde hair, a height of 184 cm with a weight of 70 kg and the cup size 75B she embodies the type of the long-legged blonde sex bomb.

She was brought up very conservatively by her parents and was even sent to a convent boarding school together with her stepsister Paulina in order to bring them onto the “right path”. Her parents probably wanted Lisa to become a doctor or enter a similarly prestigious profession. Did it do any good? No, on the contrary. The restrictions and prohibitions increased in Lisa the desire for life. She wants to try out and test herself. Her rebellious nature was already evident at boarding school.

Lisa Schubert? Paulina Schubert? These are the incest twins in the interview!
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Originally, only one of the stepsisters, Paulina, was sent there. Lisa rebelled and achieved that she was also allowed to attend the same boarding school. The two supported each other and experimented around a bit. This is probably where the name incest twins comes from, although they are stepsisters, not twins, and what they do to each other is not incest.

But that’s just in passing. How fun-loving the horny blonde is, is shown by the fact that there are now already more than 50 Lisa Schubert porn on MDH. To do this, you need to know that Lisa registered on the well-known amateur platform only a few months ago.

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On average, the teen shoots around 10 videos per month. This proves that she really enjoys sex in front of the camera. In the process, the blonde beast of the incest twins really gets down to business. Lisa is straight and really lets it rip. She sucks until cum, has sex in public and gets fucked even without a condom. No child of sadness. It is very likely that more Lisa Schubert porn will follow.

What about Paulina Schubert porn?

Paulina is the bolder of the incest twins. That the term incest twins is basically just a marketing gag by the stepsisters is immediately apparent because they look very different, not like twins at all. Paulina is smaller than Lisa with 178 cm height.

But the most striking difference is the hair. As you can easily see in the PaulinaSchubert porn, the girl has completely shaved off her hair. In the beginning it was a pure protest action against the paternalism and control by her parents and the people in the convent boarding school. However, it quickly became her trademark, distinguishing her from her stepsister. Paulina’s hair would be blonde.

Lisa Schubert? Paulina Schubert? These are the incest twins in the interview!
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With a cup size of 95C and the curves to match, she is a voluptuous woman that enjoys sex. Paulina is bisexual, by the way. In one of Paulina Schubert’s porn movies, the incest twins have also done it with each other and presented hot lesbian games to their enthusiastic fans.

As for Paulina Schubert porn, the curvy teen is as active as her bigger sister. There are more than 50 porn movies with her as a performer, almost as many as Lisa Schubert porn movies. In addition to movies in which the stepsisters appear together, Paulina regularly meets with users and enjoys horny sex in front of the camera.

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She is very experimental and likes to test different sex toys. According to her own statements, she has a large collection of them. In her videos she shows herself very open and natural. She has had sex outdoor several times and would let herself fuck on the hood of his car, for example.

In other of her hot clips she presents herself with suspenders and fishnet stockings, stretches her butt in the air and gets nailed from behind. During blowjob she gives her best and plays flute until cum.

Frank questions for Lisa and Paulina

In the big exclusive interview with the Schubert sisters, we want to get to the bottom of various points: What are their motives for becoming famous as porn stars of all things? And how is the relationship between the two girls really? They often give the impression that they love doing it with each other.

Lisa Schubert? Paulina Schubert? Das sind die Inzest-Zwillinge im Interview!Eronite – The Erotic Magazine Hello you two. How nice of you to take the time to interview Eronite. Your fans and we are looking forward to hearing what you have to say. Some of our questions will be quite direct. One of them right at the start: You are often perceived as an erotic duo. Did you consciously choose this unique selling point, or did it come about more by chance?Lisa Schubert Actually, it was not my direct intention to become a porn actress with my sister, but it turned out really well after our time in the convent boarding school. Since we/I could hardly make any experiences in the sexual area before, especially because of the strict upbringing by our parents, then came such a slightly rebellious phase. Paulina may have pushed me in there a bit more too, which was a good thing! So I could also share with her my first sexual experiences, our common challenges with each other and the first sex, which also made me really happy. I am really happy that we are seen as a duo! That’s just what we’ve been for almost ever.
Paulina Schubert It happened by chance. It is both a curse and a blessing. Sometimes it’s annoying when someone can’t reach Lisa on social media and tries to get to her through me. As long as we are still seen as independent people, however, it doesn’t bother me.

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Eronite Do you sometimes haveto pull yourselves together in front of the camera because you just had a fight with each other before?
Paulina We never argue, so this case has never happened.
Lisa Very good question! In fact, it’s not so bad, because we actually get along mega well. We don’t pull our hair off our heads that quickly, although one could speculate whether that’s true, considering Paulina’s head of hair. (both laugh)

We are both very communicative – that’s a good thing

Eronite When trouble comes your way, who does it usually come from? Do you agree on this point, or do your views diverge?
Lisa If that occurs, then that’s also pretty relaxed. Then one does her thing and so does the other, but otherwise I always have respect and understanding for each of their views. In itself, however, we are both a bit quick-tempered, sometimes more, sometimes less.
Paulina We are both very communicative people and neither of us is really impulsive. From that point of view, there is no real trouble with us. If we have different views on something and it affects what we’re doing, we sort it out quickly and then it’s a done deal.

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Eronite Lisa, what are you doing to Paulina? Paulina, what are you doing to Lisa?
Lisa Phew … good question! I can really get on her nerves sometimes, because I know how to annoy her. I also like to be like a little kid sometimes, it really drives them crazy, but it’s also super fun for me. (Lisa laughs out loud)
Paulina I like to annoy them by scaring them and pawing them all over!

Eronite Did you have other career aspirations before you decided to enter the adult industry? Since when exactly have you actually been active in this environment? Which of you first had the idea to market yourselves so freely?
Paulina For us, it was classic career aspirations at the time. I wanted to be a dental assistant or a model. We started doing this in September 2021. It was my idea, and since I do next to nothing without my stepsister, which has so much impact on our lives, I straight up made her do it. No kidding – she ended up volunteering for it. (Paulina grins schlemisch)
Lisa My parents would have liked me to become a nurse, a nun, or both. Well! But at that time I also really wanted to become a superstar, not a porn star, but in a musical direction, because music is just a big part of my life. Since September 2021, I then slipped into the erotic industry with Paulina. As I had said, we both wanted to rebel, to gain experience and to share. My sweet pusher Paulina also played a role in this.

Both have a strong sense of belonging together

Eronite It is noticeable that you harmonize and the commonality between you works well. This playful way of getting your sexy signals across is obviously going down great. Will you continue to present yourselves as a sharp duo?
Lisa Rather not… no, fun! Of course we’ll keep doing this, I can’t imagine doing it without my hot little sister either. We really complement each other so perfectly that it could be uncanny.
Paulina We’ve spent so many years together, I think it’s quite normal that we’re well attuned to each other. We will do everything as long as we enjoy it. I don’t want to fake anything in front of the camera when in reality it looks completely different. But Lisa and I have been a team for ages, as I said, and I can’t imagine anything coming between us.

Geburtsdatum26. Januar 2003
Körpergröße184 cm
Gewicht70 kg
BH-Größe75/80 B
IntimrasiertLanding Strip
Bist du vergeben?Nein
HobbysReiten, Musizieren (Gitarre, Klavier, Gesang), Lesen, Sport/Fitness, meine Schwester ärgern, Zeichnen, Designen
LieblingsfilmeDeadpool, Fluch der Karibik, Harry Potter, Don't breathe
LieblingsserienThe Witcher, Sex Education, Bridgerton, Brooklyn 99
Das mag ichViel Humor, tiefer reichende Gespräche, Sonnenschein, Natur, Nasty Verhalten, Musik, Vertrauen, Tiere, geiles Essen
Das mag ich nichtPizza Hawaii, Oberflächlichkeit, nur auf mein Äußeres reduziert zu werden, Unehrlichkeit, Kälte

Lisa & Paulina Schubert as erotic duo

Eronite loyal fans make happy and ensure your popularity. What exactly are you doing to attract and retain fans?
Paulina I think authenticity and honesty is always the most important thing when you are in the public eye. I try to present myself as genuinely as possible online and share my journey with others. I always want a person to feel better after watching a video or looking at a picture of mine. That’s why I also like to meet users I’ve known for a while. It’s just fun to really get to know each other, you know. (Paulina winks)
Lisa I think authenticity is very important and communicating with your users is not exactly unimportant either. That’s how you find out what they might like to see, what they like best and how they’re doing. A relatively personal connection, chat, chat et cetera is also important to me! I’m always happy to get to know my users and I’ve already made a few clips. Sex with almost strangers – also something I would never have thought of myself. In addition, I also try out new things from time to time, would also like to make many more sexual experiences and share them with my users.

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Eronite In interviews with some of your colleagues, if you can call them that, we have learned details about what makes them tick. How they worked out their poses and that they developed a kind of dramaturgy for their live shows. Is it the same for you, or do you intuitively act the way you feel at the moment?
Lisa Well, I already said that the authenticity of my clips is most important to me. I don’t want to script anything, falsify or anything else, it should still be fun, but it should also look good, so I’ll make an effort. Nevertheless, I have my favorite positions that look very good, I like to use that then of course, so that my users also get nice insights. In the webcam, however, it’s just as important to me not to have to pretend, that usually doesn’t feel right. Nevertheless, we always have fun.
Paulina I think at some point everyone finds their own way of presenting themselves in front of the camera the way they feel comfortable. Personally, I don’t like to give a lot of thought before a video or live show because it just takes the fun out of it. So I would say about myself that I am rather intuitive.

STECKBRIEFPaulina Schubert
Geburtsdatum13. Oktober 2002
Körpergröße178 cm
Gewicht90 kg
BH-Größe95 C
IntimrasiertNie blank rasiert, gestutzte Haare am Venushügel
Bist du vergeben?Nein
HobbysLesen, Sport, Reisen, Meditieren
Das mag ichIch mag die Natur, offene und ehrliche Menschen, neue Kulturen kennenlernen und kreativ sein
Das mag ich nichtIgnoranz, Verurteilen und Verständnislosigkeit bei Menschen

The two have no problem being “jerk off templates”

Eronite Lisa, how do you feel when you delight users with your live show? Do you ever find that your demands go too far or that someone’s tone is off-putting?
Lisa I actually always have fun in my live shows! For the most part, there are always nice users who respect me, with whom I can also talk well and then also have the dirty fun with them. I must say that a certain basic sympathy appeals to me even more! And above all, if I can make my users happy, that makes me even happier. I just like to give. (Lisa smiles sweetly) No one has ever really spoken out of turn, but not everyone is familiar with politeness, but I’m fine with that.

Lisa Schubert? Paulina Schubert? Das sind die Inzest-Zwillinge im Interview!Eronite And you, Paulina, what goes on inside you when the webcam is on? Does it spur you on when you notice that your visitor is about to climax?
Paulina So personally, for example, I find it very horny when someone calls me a jerk-off template. After all, this is the most honest compliment from a man. From therefore it is nevertheless all the more beautiful if one is meant horny at the same time. So yes, men coming up to me I find very inspiring.

Eronite Do you agree on the content of your porn videos? And have you ever copied any of the sister’s content?
Lisa We occasionally exchange some ideas we have, but don’t really copy directly, especially if it’s not okay for the other.
Paulina Of course we exchange ideas and ask the other for tips or the opinion. I wouldn’t say we copy videos one-to-one. But if the idea is good, we both implement it in our own way. A good idea is always good, no matter who it comes from.

Eronite How do you get in the mood to look as erotic and horny as possible to your viewers? Do you have a recipe for success so that you really get the tingling sensation and this tingling sensation is transferred to the users?
Paulina I think a certain basic horny nature is always part of it. At some point, you have gained some experience that I personally like to think back on. Be it with a certain man or in a certain place. Many users also make it and like to take the time to get me in the right mood live in front of the cam, for example. I enjoy that very much and my counterpart notices that as well.
Lisa Alone works really well, I also get really nice pictures and videos sent through my page. If this also stimulates the imagination, then fire away! I think that’s the basic secret, you have to feel fun and passion, then you also radiate that and that goes over to the users – just like in real life.

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Eronite On this occasion, are you actually twins? Surely not identical ones? Are you not rather stepsisters? How closely related are you really? Do you have any other siblings? Do you have close contact with them?
Lisa We are stepsisters, not twins.
Paulina We are not twins, nor are we related by blood.

Eronite It often looks as if you are about to become intimate with each other. What’s in it? And you certainly arouse desire. What about your own when you flirt with each other and make erotic innuendos?
Lisa Who knows our videos, already knows how intimate we have already become with each other. What we still want to try out together remains our little secret for now.
Paulina We’re definitely still a bit reserved, because this is all still new territory for us, too. Everything can, nothing must. With my sister I still have a small inhibition threshold.

To regain control, Paulina shaved her skull bald

Eronite How far would you go with each other if everyone could watch you do it? Is incest a word that has any meaning to you?
Paulina Due to the fact that we are not related by blood, real incest is not an issue, this is the fantasy of users and fans. But since we are more than just friends, because we grew up together as a family, I hold back even more than I probably would with another woman. But between Lisa and me it was already hotter than I ever thought.
Lisa The bottom line is that it’s not really incest because we’re stepsisters. But the fans have these thoughts and think it’s cool. And our users have already seen how far we go in front of the camera. How it continues is, as I said, a mystery!

Lisa Schubert? Paulina Schubert? Das sind die Inzest-Zwillinge im Interview!Eronite You both seem very natural, intelligent and open-minded. How much of it is show, and how much of the real you are showing?
Lisa As I said, authenticity is very important to me, so I also show myself as I really am. This is very important to me personally, so that I can form a good relationship with my users and my whole base. Humor and openness, while also my profundity, are my basic characteristics.
Paulina I don’t see how you could fake intelligence and open-mindedness. For my part, I have set myself the principle of never pretending for the public.

Eronite You, Paulina, come across as a bit provocative. When and why did you decide to go bald? Who was allowed to shave your head back then? What was that feeling in the beginning when you touched your bare skull? Today, your hairless head is practically your trademark. It certainly has a high recognition value. Do you notice any of this in your everyday life?
Paulina I find the choice of words provocatively interesting. For me personally, it was a very spontaneous decision that probably interested my environment more than me. In my teenage years, many decisions were taken from me and forced upon me against my will. To regain some control, I shaved off my own hair. After all, no one can force me to walk around in a wig. It was a very unfamiliar feeling at first to feel the wind on my head. But I have not regretted the decision for a second. I am often asked in everyday life why I did it. While I can understand the motivation behind this question, the bottom line is I just answer it with “Because I felt like it.” What I don’t like is when people tell me “you would look much better with long hair.” after all, it’s absolutely none of their business what I look like. Most of them are impressed by my courage. For me it is simply hair.

Eronite And you Lisa, have there been situations where someone has recognized you? And did not turn away in shame?
Lisa Ha ha, yes of course there have been situations where I have been recognized. More often it was users or people who know me from social media, of which there is even one or the other clip on my page to see!

Lisa even thinks Hater is good – because it’s free PR

Eronite How do you handle it when someone doesn’t adhere to certain boundaries? Has there been stalking or other harassment in your life?
Are there users who make you look stupid because of your… let’s say openly displayed sisterly love?
Paulina Fortunately, neither of us has had to experience anything like that yet. I think part of the reason is that we just keep some things private in our personal lives. I sometimes feel very uncomfortable when someone explicitly tells me fantasies about me and my sister. While I can understand that we are both very beautiful women and our opposites complement each other very well. But I think an outsider, and someone who doesn’t have siblings, can’t really imagine what it’s like to grow up with someone familial and then hear fantasies like that.
Lisa Of course there are always people who don’t understand us and don’t want to understand us, who hate us or even call us names. But I don’t let that influence me as much, because I’m doing something I love and I don’t let anyone talk me out of it. I have a very simple motto: if you can’t handle it, you don’t have to follow me. Nevertheless, haters are always good.

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Eronite Your sensuality does not seem put on at all, but real. You are often seen together. Do you actually live together?
Lisa Yes, we live together and certainly couldn’t imagine it any other way. If someone needs some space, then of course he always gets it.
Paulina you (the sensuality, annotation d. Ed.) is also real. And yes, we live together.

Eronite How often do you take time for each other in your private lives? Or do you stage your get-together primarily for the fans and those who are to become fans?
Paulina Because we live together, we spend the whole day together. We understand each other wordlessly in many things and are very understanding. That’s why it’s not a topic for discussion when we want to do something on our own or simply need time for ourselves at home.
Lisa This is where the theme of authenticity comes out again. We don’t stage anything, we want to involve our users in our lives, just as we are. Besides our sensuality, however, we are sometimes real jerks.

Eronite Does it always involve sex when you see each other? You also go on vacation together. What kind of freedom do you give yourselves?
Paulina Sex is only one part in our lives. We generally enjoy spending time together because the company of others makes us feel good. Just as well each has its own life. Due to the fact that we are both very open-minded, we have no problem getting to know other people.
Lisa Of course, our life together is not always about sex. It plays a big role for us in the meantime, but I don’t let it determine my everyday life. As many of my users already know, I also have many other hobbies, which I also like to pursue alone.

Lisa Schubert? Paulina Schubert? Das sind die Inzest-Zwillinge im Interview!Eronite Every person is shaped by his childhood, the origin and upbringing. When two such young women appear so confidently and make a name for themselves in the porn industry, it is interesting to know how they got there. Would you say that you had a strict home?
Paulina I for one have always had a rebellious and confident curious side to me. I’m sure you can imagine that if it’s suppressed long enough, it will eventually explode on its own. I never want to let anyone take away my freedom again.
Lisa Oh yes, we definitely had a very strict home. Our parents even wanted to educate us religiously, which is why they put us in a convent boarding school. Therefore, we have not become religious now, but have already been severely limited by our upbringing in our experiences as far as sexuality is concerned.

Without the internet the porn sisters would not exist today

Eronite Did you feel severely restricted as kids and teens? Did your desire for freedom have to do with the Catholic boarding school you were sent to? Why, of all things, have you been left in the care of nuns? Couldn’t your parents restrain you? Or was it due to other circumstances? At what age did you come to the boarding school?
Lisa At the boarding school, we sort of graduated from high school. With a lot of religious emphasis, as you can imagine. However, our parents did not send us to boarding school because we were difficult to restrain, but probably simply out of their own conviction and fear that we might be spoiled. I think everyone knows that parents just want to protect their children. That’s why I don’t hold any of it against him and am grateful for everything. Who knows, maybe I would never have started porn otherwise. (Lisa grins like a honey-cake horse)
Paulina I think when you’re a kid you don’t really get it when you’re restricted. Personally, I just thought it was normal at the time. I didn’t really enjoy it, but I didn’t know any different. Why our parents decided to do this, I still don’t know. I never really asked her about it either, because I knew I couldn’t change her decision. We came to boarding school in our last years of high school.

Eronite Surely it was a comfort to you that you were not separated. Did your bond become more intense through your time at boarding school? To what extent was your sexuality influenced by boarding school life? Did you have your first intimate experiences with girls there?
Paulina I was the first to be sent to boarding school. Lisa followed me. I don’t think she wanted me to suffer alone, which made the time there more of a little adventure. Because we were never allowed to talk openly about sex, I had the feeling that it was something forbidden and secret. Some girls didn’t care at all and they just did what they wanted. Some were caught and punished for it. Sex or a kiss with someone was not worth such punishments to me, which is why I suppressed it all for the time being.
Lisa Because of all the time Paulina and I were able to spend together, including at boarding school, we naturally grew even closer. I don’t think it could be done any other way. As I had already said, we could hardly gain any sexual experience. Since it was an all-girls boarding school, we girls naturally tried things out among ourselves sometimes. But I don’t want to speak badly about my girls’ boarding school here, it was already very fun and intense.

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Eronite What is special about having sex with a woman? For you, Paulina?
Paulina I have never really had sex with a woman. I think the appeal of curiosity is always there. But when and how I will live it out, I can’t say yet.

Eronite And Lisa, what do you find particularly hot about sex with a woman?
Lisa Those who follow me know that I have never had sex with a woman. Each of us knows this sexual tension that you can build with your counterpart. And I think, for me, this sexual tension is also present in women. I just need to figure out how far I want to go and what all I enjoy. On this journey I take you of course very happy.

Eronite In this context, the question arises: How satisfied are you with your appearance, with your body? After all, most women have something wrong with their appearance. Is it different for you two?
Paulina I’ve always had a different relationship with my body. He was always beautiful to me the way he was. That’s why I never understood other women’s self-doubt about their bodies. I didn’t start exercising to change or punish my body. For me, sports and exercise are a therapy in which the body is only a side effect.
Lisa Some days, of course, you find places that you don’t think are so great. But overall, I’m more than happy with the way I look. Paulina and I are always very happy to see how horny we think we are in joint photos (Lisa laughs loudly) I don’t think we could present ourselves any other way on the Internet as openly as we just do. We sometimes refer to ourselves as frits (Lisa and Paulin both laugh).

Paulina would like to be the first “MDH ambassador” with bald head

Eronite You are still very young. But can you imagine having something changed on you later? This refers to surgical procedures and corrections, for example on the face or breasts. What’s your take on it?
Lisa So far I haven’t given it that much thought. I think the only thing I would have done would be my nose and lips. Otherwise, I would like to leave everything as it is. The body can be influenced very well through training and nutrition.
Paulina I can’t imagine such a thing and I have no desire for it.

Lisa Schubert? Paulina Schubert? Das sind die Inzest-Zwillinge im Interview!Eronite Can you understand when women 50+ have something like this done to make them look younger and fresher? Or do you think everyone should come to terms with their age and its signs?
Paulina I think everyone should use their own judgment. I have no right to judge anyone for their choices. Just as well no one has the right to judge me for my decisions.
Lisa So I don’t want to judge anyone there for anything they have done to their body. I think it’s always good to set your mind to something and follow through – and ultimately do. Everyone should also be able to do what they want to do. Ultimately, everyone should be able to feel comfortable in their own skin and express themselves in some way.

Eronite Do you ever watch videos to see what other models are up to? Do you mainly watch the competition together and exchange comments about it?
Lisa So I have to say, everyone should do what they feel like doing. Of course, I sometimes look at my colleagues because I’m also interested in what they’re doing. But somewhere everyone should remain authentic in his own way and feel comfortable. Nevertheless, I like to support my colleagues because I think support is very important.
Paulina Of course, you’re always curious about what the big pros are doing. But by the fact that we are all unique, I don’t want to increase the risk of being compared. That’s why I prefer to leave it alone.

Eronite Are there any role models for you among porn queens? Do you have different tastes in this regard? Can you name your individual preferences?
Paulina Personally, I think Fiona Fuchs is an absolute bomb. Both from the appearance and from her personality and her quiet, spiritual nature. I would like to be a role model later for all the girls who do not correspond to the typical porn cliché. After all, there is still no MDH brand ambassador who is bald. The emphasis is on not yet!
Lisa role models directly I would not say, because I think everyone should be their own role model. Nevertheless, the success of various actresses also gives certain motivation. As for our taste in this, it is sometimes the same, but also sometimes different, which is a good thing.

Direkt zu Paulina

Eronite How extensive is your porn consumption? Would you like pornographic films to be shot more from a female point of view?
Lisa I like to watch porn very much. As for porn from a female point of view, I also like to turn to them privately, but also in my videos. I think the woman should also come to the shot!
Paulina So to say the least, among other things, I also watch porn that I myself might not necessarily want to shoot. But I like to just switch off from reality at that moment. After all, my whole life is already from a female point of view.

Eronite Do you think users will remain loyal to you for many years to come?
Lisa Phew , that’s a very good question. I think the true and loyal users will always remain. There will certainly always be new ones, but some will also disappear. It’s perfectly normal. But I am sure that my community will grow a lot. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone.
Paulina I hope so, of course. After all, we are always evolving. I think that’s exactly the appeal of getting to know a beginner and watching her get more and more confident.

Eronite There are webgirls who show themselves hot and passionate in front of the camera, but otherwise like to keep a low profile. How do you guys feel about live dates? Are you up for it? And how picky are you in this regard?
Paulina So I have already met with a few users, both good and bad experiences. I have the feeling that by getting to know each other on a porn platform, there is immediately the pressure to do something sexual directly and always when meeting. But by being very selective about who I date, I can communicate that very openly. For me, a meeting is not a matter of course, but rather something special when I get along with someone exceptionally well. I think it’s a nice another way to meet open-minded men. Everything can, nothing must.
Lisa As we’ve explained in a couple of videos, we definitely do. Of course, I also have some claims and requirements to something like this. You can also watch this in detail in my video on my site. Basically, a certain basic sympathy is very very important to me, but also that you find each other attractive in a certain way. Then there is definitely nothing against a meeting. I’m also happy to get to know my community even better.

“In the beginning, we hardly ever took our clothes off, it was more like tests of courage”

Eronite Do you tend to let your gut instinct guide you, or are you primarily concerned with broadening your experience when choosing sex partners?
Paulina I think like every beginner I let myself be talked into a lot in the beginning and felt I had to have a certain experience in a certain time or with a certain user. There were also meetings where I felt uncomfortable, but didn’t openly address it – and regretted it in retrospect. I don’t want to feel that way anymore and since then I only pay attention to my gut feeling.
Lisa For me, it’s a mixture of both. First and foremost, however, I let my gut feeling guide me. Of course, the attraction should also fit.

Eronite Once again back to your beginnings. Surely not only the male readers would like to know where you got the courage to enter the erotic industry. Did you encourage each other?
Lisa Actually, we just wanted to rebel after we came back from the convent boarding school. But then I also somehow became pretty horny, but so did Paulina. Paulina gave me the rest of the push I needed to get into porn as well. I somehow still needed the push.
Paulina I think a little bit of encouragement and prodding we did to each other. But only in a positive sense. In the beginning, we also approached the whole thing very softly. We actually only did challenges, hardly took our clothes off and did the whole thing more as a kind of dare.

Lisa Schubert? Paulina Schubert? Das sind die Inzest-Zwillinge im Interview!Eronite The way you present yourselves today, you have found your own style. What about your further plans? Do you want to possibly appear more or differently in the future? Are there any ideas about this yet? In your opinion, do women like you always have to reinvent themselves?
Paulina I don’t think women have to do anything at first. But as far as that goes, I haven’t thought about it yet. I am completely satisfied and happy as it is right now. Therefore, I will leave everything as it is for now.
Lisa I don’t think you have to keep reinventing yourself. Life is a journey that is unpredictable. I will definitely be surprised by what else will happen in the next few years. In any case, it will be a time full of new experiences, lots of fun and lots of porn!

Eronite Have you both or have either of you ever done sex casting? One that really got down to business? If so, what impressions did you/do you take away from it? If no: Are you interested in the professional porn film, right to join a studio production as a porn actress?
Lisa I have played with the idea a few times myself. I would definitely like to give it a try to see how I like it as well. There is a certain appeal behind it somehow, isn’t there?
Paulina No, I haven’t yet.

Eronite You are two good looking girls with a lot of charisma. Do you compliment each other from time to time? Do you sometimes criticize yourselves when you think it’s necessary? When do you think this is inevitable, Lisa? When and why do you bring up criticism of Lisa, Paulina?
Lisa We tell ourselves quite often that we look very very good. I also think compliments are very important, rather than just withholding them. This also gives a certain self-confidence. I tend to criticize Paulina less. Actually, only if it’s constructive criticism, or if I want to annoy them.
Paulina We compliment and celebrate each other all the time. I think it’s important to be able to accept compliments and enjoy them. As far as I can remember, I never criticize Lisa in her appearance. Even though I can’t currently imagine being intimate with Lisa, yes I can still say she’s a darn attractive woman!

Direkt zu Lisa

Eronite Do you think you know each other intimately? Or do you occasionally experience a surprise with the sister?
Paulina I think you can never know a person 100 percent. But there are a lot of things that I can tell Lisa just by the way she acts or the look on her face. But it has only come this far because we are actively working on being 100% ourselves when we are present.
Lisa Actually, you would think that we know each other inside out. We definitely do too! But sometimes there are still new things we discover about each other. We still have a lot to do!

Eronite Are there also women among your fans who enviously acknowledge that you have it? And do you think some women envy you because you do so well with guys?
Paulina To be honest, I have never asked a woman for her opinion of me. Envy and jealousy have no place in my life.
Lisa So sometimes you do get compliments from others in our industry. Not from everyone, but it doesn’t have to be. I think other women must also be jealous that we appeal so strongly to the male world. I have already received a few hate messages there. But then I don’t take that personally either.

Eronite Certainly, various men imagine that you are permanently horny and all around pretty dirty sluts. Does that bother you or is that exactly the effect intended?
Paulina Up to a certain point, we are. As long as these men do not press us unpleasantly, this effect is also quite nice
Lisa So it doesn’t bother me at all. On the contrary, I actually think it’s pretty cool! I also deliver a lot of content in this direction.

Lisa is more submissive than Paulina – and also shows that to the men

Eronite Now a perhaps somewhat delicate question: Are there any taboos for you? What would you, Paulina, never do in front of an audience? And where is the limit for you, Lisa? Do you dare to do more together than alone?
Lisa That’s a very good question too! I think the feeling just has to be right. when you feel comfortable, there are no taboos.
Paulina I personally haven’t gained enough experience to completely rule out certain things. Fecal matter and blood is nevertheless one of the things I personally would never want to try. Otherwise, I also think that with different sex partners I feel like doing different things.

Eronite What turns you on the most when having sex with a man? There are certainly things you’re not into, aren’t there? Maybe you first, Lisa?
Lisa I am rather the submissive personality. That’s why I think it works better for me with a dominant man. I do not exclude the submissive man, because I would also like to bring out my dominant streak. But I think it’s good when the man is confident in bed.

Eronite And what do you say to that, Paulina? What do you dislike about sex with men?
Paulina Personally, I’m not into submissive men. While I don’t want to be bossed around in bed against my will, once I’ve agreed my preferences and boundaries with the man, I really like it when he takes the lead. Foreplay, such as making out, licking and blowing must be for me – and I also enjoy it very much. In general, I do not like it when a man quickly grazes everything and just wants to fuck. The whole process should be fun!

Direkt zu Paulina

Eronite Do youthink women should be more demanding if their sex partner doesn’t please them?
Paulina I definitely think the woman should address it if the other person is not doing something right. After all, it takes at least two to have sex, so I can’t blame the man for not coming if I don’t tell him what to do differently.
Lisa I think that maybe certain things should be agreed upon beforehand. So you can first determine whether it fits between you at all. Especially when it comes to the sexual. But I think if something doesn’t fit, you should say so.

Eronite Now it’s time to show your colors: How are you two polarized, more submissive or dominant? Have you already been able to explore your inclinations in this respect and gain the corresponding experience? Are we hearing anything from you on that, Paulina?
Paulina In my personality I can already be very dominant and demanding, but I adapt it depending on the situation. In bed with a man I like to give up the reins sometimes.

Eronite Lisa, what do you have to share with us on this topic?
Lisa As we have already experienced, my inclinations are rather submissive. I think that’s a good thing, too. That’s how I feel most comfortable for the most part, although dominance would certainly be interesting at times.

Paulina is looking for shooting partners, not men who just want to fuck

Eronite Do you actually have many applicants who want to be your partners for video shoots? What are these guys? What ideas do they have about your joint activity? Are they just about having sex with you, or are some hoping to get into the adult industry from it as well?
Lisa So there are such and such. Some just write to you because they want to fuck. Others are very respectful and write an application directly. Still others also want to venture into the erotic industry. There are always respectful and non-respectful people who write to you about this. In the end, everything is at my discretion.
Paulina So the applications as shooting partners never get less. I think everything and everyone has been there. Both the older nice man next door and guys our age. Personally, however, I have to say that very few of them are really serious about it. Personally, I pay a lot of attention to sympathy and desire for each other in my shooting partners. Then I also like to take the time to get to know the other person better, to decide in the first place whether I want to meet and shoot something with this man. You don’t always meet with understanding. There, I find, you realize unfortunately that this man is then not necessarily interested in getting to know me, but only wants to fuck me in front of the camera.

Lisa Schubert? Paulina Schubert? Das sind die Inzest-Zwillinge im Interview!Eronite What does a man have to know and be able to do to shoot with you? Have you ever been totally wrong about an applicant? What are the absolute no-goes for you when it comes to potential shooting partners?
Paulina So the absolute basics I have summarized in a video. This includes health things like a full test if you want to shoot without a rubber. But even more important to me is sympathy, trust, reliability and understanding. I would never do anything on camera with a man that I wouldn’t do in private. Since my first meeting went so well at the time, I was very optimistic and confident about subsequent meetings and have already been very mistaken about a “suitor”. Since I’m still very much at the beginning, I let myself be pressured and persuaded more easily by potential shooting partners. I have learned from this to only listen to my gut feeling and rather take a little more time than too little when getting to know each other. Absolute no-go’s for me are, for example, unkemptness and putting myself under pressure. Having sex with someone is something very intimate in itself. But to still show that nicely in front of the camera, it takes time and communication. Unfortunately, I have no understanding for those who do not.
Lisa Well, I think honesty is the most important thing, but also reliability. It has happened a few times that we have agreed on a meeting, and the other person has simply not appeared or has not contacted us at all. I don’t know what the reason is, but I was pretty disappointed. Otherwise, you should just be sympathetic and also like each other. Then you’re ready to go!

Eronite Is there an age limit or would you shoot with men over 50? What about overweight or very hairy men? What role do penis length and stamina play? Is that what it’s all about?
Lisa So there’s not really an age limit for me if you get along well. Although I have to say that I didn’t necessarily want to shoot with an 80-year-old. Otherwise, I think the character makes a lot of difference.
Paulina Personally, I even have a preference for older men. They simply dare more and generally have more experience, which can be combined very well with dominance. Something like overweight and strong hair would not be an absolute exclusion criterion for me now in principle, if the rest of the character and the general overall picture fits. But I won’t lie, of course, physical attraction is also important to me. About penis length: I think any woman who says size doesn’t matter is lying. Of course, it’s kind of important. Personally, I just enjoy foreplay more when I like what I have in my mouth. You can simply let off steam a lot more if the man simply lasts longer than a few minutes. But penis length alone is not the most important factor. The man can still have such a beautiful cock, if he is generally not attractive both externally and internally, it would not be for me.

Reading tip for you from Eronite

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Eronite In this context, a question comes to mind: Will there be longer sex films with you two in the foreseeable future? Or are each of you planning individual appearances in such productions?
Lisa So far, nothing like this is in the pipeline. Let’s see what all will come up. In any case, I am very excited.
Paulina So of course we can’t completely rule out films with both of us. A certain curiosity is always there. But I couldn’t be more specific right now. After all, we still have plenty of time to try everything out.

Eronite What kind of movies could it be: couple or threesome sex, gangbang, lesbian sex or fetish? Or something else entirely?
Paulina I think everything could be there at some point. Gangbang already sounds very appealing!
Lisa I would love to give everything a try. Simply to determine also for myself what I like best and what I would like to carry out further. There every niche belongs times!

Eronite What about the foreign language skills of you two?
Lisa So besides my native language, I speak English fluently, French and fractions of other languages. But in the future I would like to master some other languages fluently. Spanish, for example, sounds super erotic.
Paulina I learned English, French and Spanish at school. I speak English fluently by now. And because both our parents got divorced and my father found a new partner, she started teaching me Russian very early. Which I have also become fluent in.

Direkt zu Lisa

Eronite You, Lisa, are known to have a fondness for music. What instruments can you play? Do you sing sometimes? Would you like to perform in front of an audience as a musician? Was there a time when you dreamed of a career in music? How would you describe the meaning of music for you?
Lisa Yes, I love music more than anything, I couldn’t imagine life without it. When I was little, I started playing the guitar and shortly after that the piano. At school I also took part in a talent competition for it. And yes, I also sang to that and I still do. At that time I had the dream anyway, I must say now still, to become a music star someday. For me, music is the feeling of diving into a completely different world far away from reality and being completely in my own flow. You could say it’s like a mental orgasm. (Lisa laughs)

Eronite How about you, Paulina? Do you also have a hobby that fascinates you strongly?
Paulina I don’t share many of my hobbies on social media because I just want to use those to just switch off. I meditate twice a day, which is one of the secrets to my inner peace, balance and patience. I’ve been doing a lot of sports since I was little. However, training with weights, the body’s own weight, and fitness training in general has completely captivated me. Music on, sports pants and hoodie on, and I’m in my movie. A good workout is often better than sex for me!

One of them has a special preference for shoes

Eronite It’s noticeable that you two have a particular style when it comes to your clothing. Modern, sexy and casual at the same time. Who inspires whom in the choice of clothes? Do you swap clothes from time to time?
Paulina Personally, I just experiment a lot with my clothes and just don’t pay attention to what others think about it. Due to the fact that we are both built very differently, we can not really swap clothes. But Lisa loves to wear my sweaters.
Lisa So actually I only ever buy the things that I myself also find cool. For the most part, she always finds the things great too, so we also swap different parts with each other. Except for pants, Paulina has a little more girth in them. (Lisa grins, Pauline gives her sister an implied slap on the back of the head).

Eronite Are there any favorite colors or shades that look particularly good on you? Bright colors or pastels – which way do you lean?
Lisa So I like to dress very much in pink, but also very much like very simple in black and white tones, but also like to sometimes colorful and in beautiful pastel shades. Actually, everything is there at one time or another.
Paulina I tend to go for anything colorful. Just about every color is represented in my closet.

Lisa Schubert? Paulina Schubert? Das sind die Inzest-Zwillinge im Interview!Eronite Most women are said to have a real obsession with shoes. Do you have it too? And what kind of shoes do you guys dig the most?
Paulina Personally, I don’t have a shoe tic at all. I need some white sneakers, I’ll wear them until they’re completely tattered. Then I buy new ones – and continue the game. I have an absolute jacket fetish and could buy ten new different jackets every year.
Lisa So to this I must say that I certainly have a shoe mania, but also a bag mania. For the most part, however, I only have sneakers and beautiful sandals or sandals. Rarely you see me in high heels, because I am also so mega tall. But nevertheless I wear also sometimes very gladly hot high heels.

Eronite Are there foot and shoe fetishists among your fans? Or users who live a different fetish and share it with you?
Lisa Yes, foot, shoe and sock fetishists are among my users. Of course, some others have other fetishes that they would also like to live out. So I like to do my best to realize them together with them.
Paulina Because I love to write with users and get inspired, we now also share different fetishes and fantasies. There have also been things that have surprised me very much. What exactly that is, I would still like to keep to myself.

Eronite Paulina loves to show herself in sexy lingerie and raves about it. Do you have many of them at home? What criteria do you use to select them?
Paulina I have an absolute passion for lingerie and have also often thought about developing myself in this area. Be it a cooperation with an underwear company or maybe even my own someday. The most important thing with my lingerie is that it should be sexy and at the same time extremely comfortable. I already use them for some specific purposes, but of course want to enjoy wearing them. So my counterpart has a beautiful sight or I a beautiful photo and fun to wear. As far as style goes, I would love to have everything in my closet.

Direkt zu Paulina

Eronite Another topic – how do you keep fit? Do you work out in the gym, or do you practice specific sports? How much time do you invest in fitness and wellness?
Lisa So I really only ever work out at home or outside, you won’t find me in the gym at the moment. I have my fitness bands and some small weights that I use for my physical fitness. For the most part, I focus on building muscle, especially in the abdominal, butt, back and leg regions. And regularly three to seven times a week.
Paulina Sports and exercise are an absolute must for me. Otherwise I would croak and die. But since I’ve been doing sports for a while, I don’t need any more motivational targets or goals for myself. I do what I feel like doing every day. These include jogging, weights, working out with your own body weight, yoga, cycling and jumping rope. But I don’t stop until I’m about to puke. (Paulina laughs loudly, very loudly)

Eronite Many have watched you gyrate your buttocks. What about twerking? Have you made further progress in this provocatively erotic dance? Is there anything more to report in terms of dancing? Do you have any ballet experience or have you had lessons in the past? Can you imagine performing in a show or erotic revue one day?
Paulina So exactly how many were watching me do it, I can’t say. I don’t pay attention to that either. I do it at home for fun or when we go out dancing. I have always been very agile and twerking has always suited me well. Still, I like to learn some new hip movements. If a cool opportunity for dancing ever came up, I wouldn’t say no. But I’m more of a hip-hop and street style guy instead of the classic dances like waltz or salsa.
Lisa As far as twerking goes, I’m still pretty much a beginner. Paulina sometimes tries to teach me, but unfortunately with relatively little success. I have a lot of flywheel mass to work with, but somehow it doesn’t really want to. Nevertheless, I find dancing very horny and would also like to learn different dances in the future, including erotic dances.

Sibling Challenge: Who can reach orgasm faster?

Eronite Paulina stands out not only because of her bald head, but also because of her unusual make-up. Do you put makeup on depending on the day? Do you always wear false eyelashes?
Paulina I put on makeup depending on the mood of the day, sometimes not at all. False eyelashes are part of my makeup for me. And it’s actually faster than taking care of a natural lash.

Eronite Another very private question: What goes on with you when you satisfy yourself? Each on its own or also together?
Lisa So in some videos, we’ve already made challenges out of who can come the most in a certain amount of time, or even a toy competition. Alone, of course, it’s something else again, you can focus completely on yourself.
Paulina So what you see in the videos is not fake, but for us yet more challenge than pure relaxation and excitement. We both also like to take time for ourselves.

Eronite Do you use toys when you masturbate, Paulina?
Paulina Yes, I now have a few toys in my drawer and enjoy the one or other vibrator or dildo very much. Sometimes I also combine it.

Eronite And you, Lisa, will you tell us about some of your favorite solo sex fantasies?
Lisa My favorite thing is to imagine the last conversations with some users, or what happened in the cam for example. You wouldn’t believe how creative and inspiring many users are. Sometimes the idea of shooting with a future shooting partner also excites me, when we’ve already talked about the sex and the games. Sometimes it’s just plain porn that plays on the side.

Direkt zu Lisa

Eronite Are anonymous men the focus of your sex dreams, or are they ones you’ve had or have something with? Or do men play no role at all in masturbation?
Lisa That’s sometimes very different. Sometimes it’s mere conversations that make you totally horny. This happens more often in my portal simply by chatting or writing in the webcam. Various pictures and videos also encourage this, or various sexual experiences that you have already had with others that were particularly horny.
Paulina I think my thoughts on masturbation are completely cross. Sometimes I think about what has already happened, maybe have someone on the phone or watch a porn movie.

Eronite Does your zodiac sign mean anything to you? Are you familiar with what characteristics are attributed to it? Do you also know your ascendants? Do you sometimes or regularly read horoscopes?
Paulina I have never dealt with something like this before.
Lisa So my star sign is Aquarius and I also know that my second star sign is also Aquarius. So I am a double Aquarius, so to speak. Some friends of mine are very interested in these topics, which is why they found it so amazing that I am double Aquarius. It seems to be something special. That’s just the way I am. (Lisa smiles sweetly)

Lisa Schubert? Paulina Schubert? Das sind die Inzest-Zwillinge im Interview!Eronite Now we would like to know a little bit about your cultural preferences. What music do you prefer, and who are your favorite artists?
Paulina In German rap I prefer Kontra K or Capital Bra. But my absolute favorite music is rock music and hardstyle, trance and techno. When it needs to be chill, I like to listen to “sex music” as I call it. Daniele Di Angelo is one of my favorites.
Lisa So actually I don’t have a favorite artist at all. I only have favorite music genres that I always enjoy listening to. This is actually a very wide range, which also depends on my emotional state. I like to listen to techno, German rap, hip-hop, a little pop, drum & bass, also classical music, soul and r’n’b, but also soulful ballads. But especially when I’m not feeling so well, I prefer to listen to good mood music. K.I.Z, Trailerpark or Farid Bang are also sometimes quite funny artists.

Eronite Do you likereading books or e-books, or do you prefer audio books? Which direction do you like: Entertainment, sophisticated literature, history or life help? Maybe advisors in certain areas?
Paulina My everyday life includes both audiobooks and traditional books. When I get up in the morning, I first drink one or two cups of coffee and read. When I’m getting ready or out for a walk, I often have an audiobook playing. They are often topics such as personal development, spirituality, and continuing education in finance or investing.
Lisa I like to do both. I love listening to audio books, but I also love reading. Both definitely have their advantages. I love listening to audiobooks when I’m getting ready. My favorite directions go into spirituality, personal development, human psychology, emotions and behaviors, negotiations, but also general motivational books. – You wouldn’t have thought that, would you?

Eronite Do you keep up with current world events? What media are you using to do this?
Lisa Of course you should always stay up to date, but I don’t do that anymore via TV. I prefer to read through various articles on the Internet, on sites that I find good. Some topics that interest me more I then look up in detail on other sites.
Paulina As far as that goes, I stay out of many issues. To my regret, it has to be said that the media is very sensationalist these days, which unfortunately influences objective reporting a lot.

The Schubert sisters lead a pretty exciting life

Eronite Your life is quite exciting. How do you find inner peace? Do you prefer an active leisure time, or can you also hang out lazily?
Lisa Of course you should still have free time! I like to meditate, do breathing exercises, read a lot, educate myself, draw to get down, sing and listen to music, do sports or go for a walk, go horseback riding. Or I just go out partying and have a drink with my friends. Of course, the good Paulina must not be missing!
Paulina I think it’s the balance that counts. The fact that I am relatively free to organize my day means that I take care of myself and take what I need at any given time. This can be a walk, absolute rest or a day in the city.

Eronite Do you watch movies and series often? Which genres suit you the most? Will you tell us your favorite actors and actresses?
Paulina Personally, I’m not much of a movie person. But comedies or action movies always go for me.
Lisa I probably know pretty much every movie that’s good. My favorite genres are comedies, thrillers, fantasy and various horror and action movies/series. My absolute favorite series was The Witcher, but I also enjoy watching series like Too hot to handle. But I also like to watch documentaries.

Direkt zu Paulina

Eronite Do you have ambitions to one day star in “serious” music videos, series or movies?
Lisa Since I also once had the dream of becoming an actress, I would also like to work in such industries. But especially in music videos I must say quite honestly! Since, as you know, music is my great passion.
Paulina I think it’s nice that you get insights into other areas through this industry. I would love to give everything a try!

Eronite You guys are creative when it comes to your self-promotion. What about your plans for the future? Is there an understanding between you? Or does each sister have her very own pipe dreams?
Paulina I don’t think anyone has completely identical plans for the future. We are, after all, very different in some respects. I would like to travel a lot and see the world and have the opportunity to do what I feel like.
Lisa Of course, each of us also has our own ideas. But one thing we are sure about is that we would also like to have our own house where we live together with our dog. Otherwise, everything is relaxed and everyone can do their thing. We’ll probably always be on each other’s backs anyway. (Lisa nudges Paulina and they both have to laugh).

Eronite If you think 20 years ahead, where do you see yourselves? Professional and private? Still together?
Lisa I see myself then still together with my sister, there is no way around it! Poor thing… But then I also see myself as having progressed very far in my career and also having experienced many other things. Of course, my community must not be neglected in the process! It plays a decisive role.
Paulina Still together is one of the few things I can say with absolute certainty. I am open to the rest.

Lisa Schubert? Paulina Schubert? Das sind die Inzest-Zwillinge im Interview!Eronite Are you both equally fond of traveling? Where do you like to go the most, and what are your places of desire that you definitely want to visit one day?
Paulina We are definitely both fond of traveling. But it would be a shame to commit to just one place if you haven’t seen everything yet.
Lisa So I definitely want to travel the whole world! That is my great desire. I will definitely fulfill this one too! So far, our favorite destination is Cyprus, where our colleague Gymbunny also lives. That is why we will be there very often! Who knows what else will come up.

Eronite You are two sensual women. Can you also enjoy food and drink? What kind of food do you like? Do you have a sweet tooth and love sweet treats?
Paulina We share a great passion for good food and can both cook very well, which means there is never a dull moment in our kitchen. I personally love Asian cuisine, but would never say no to a good burger or steak. Without dessert, however, nothing goes with me!
Lisa Oh yes, definitely enjoy food and drink! I couldn’t imagine life without good food. It’s hard to pin down a favorite food, since I like just about anything that I find awesome. But my favorite is still a nice salmon fillet in a bed of spinach and fine oven vegetables to go with it. That already makes my mouth water! I’m definitely a sweet tooth – and not just in the sexual sense. (Lisa winks ambiguously)

One would like to have children, the other would not…

Eronite What about alcohol? Are you rather cautious and if so, why? Do you smoke cigarettes regularly, occasionally, or never?
Lisa Well, I like to drink wine, sparkling wine or a mixed drink from time to time, and I also like cocktails. Unfortunately, I must confess that I also smoke from time to time. But that is also very very rare. However, I can live with that very well.
Paulina I don’t drink alcohol or smoke. Neither excites me at all and I don’t need alcohol to loosen up at a party.

Eronite I’m sure your fans will be very interested in this next question. I hope she’s not too indiscreet. Are you single? Or is there a partner in your life? Would you like to answer first, Paulina?
Paulina I am currently happily single and would like to take advantage of any freedom!

Eronite The same question goes to you: Lisa, are you single?
Lisa Yes, I am single as well. So men, hang in there!

Eronite Can you imagine getting married one day? Very many women – regardless of sexual orientation – have a desire to have children. Is it already noticeable for you?
Paulina As far as that goes, I’m not worried yet. Personally, I do not want to have children. I am also very confident in this decision.
Lisa So I know I want to have kids someday and get married. I don’t know who yet, but that will come up at some point. I have no pressure at all. In the future, I would like to have two children and a dog, Aunt Paulina is certainly looking forward to it. But that all still has time, because this is also a very big and life-changing step.

Direkt zu Lisa

Eronite Some important questions are still missing. These revolve around your beliefs and viewpoints. Are you religious, or did the nuns at the girls’ boarding school turn you away from your faith?
Lisa So the nuns didn’t turn us away from the faith, but my own beliefs did that on their own. I’ve always had my own mind, which I think is a good thing. Everyone should believe in what they want to believe in and hold on to.
Paulina On the subject of faith, boarding school was personal hell for me, because I can’t do anything with the whole social belief system. I think faith is a very personal thing that you don’t necessarily have to share or impose on anyone. I believe that we are all made of energy and there is also a force that guides us.

Eronite What is your attitude towards spirituality, philosophy and psychology? Are these topics that you can relate to?
Paulina These are topics I read a lot about and deal with a lot. Both on Instagram, in audio books and in daily meditation. Our consciousness is so much more than just our physical presence. I do my best every day to get one step closer to my higher self. Only in the absolute silence of meditation can we truly face what is going on in our subconscious mind. So every day I learn gratitude and mindfulness in everything I do. I think I could write a whole treatise on this subject, but this sums it up pretty well.
Lisa Oh yes, definitely! These are exactly the topics I like to deal with the most. Hand me a glass of red wine and a dozing chair and I’m ready to go! I could probably talk about this for hours. Especially if you have the right person to talk to.

The erotic industry is not only well talked about

Eronite Do you journal or take digital notes? Do you hold on to your diverse experiences somehow? Do you take notes of your virtual encounters or do you take notes?
Paulina Diary you can’t really call it that, but I often write down my thoughts so they don’t just float around in my head. In this way, I have already come to some insights in my personal development that I would not have gained through pure reflection.
Lisa Yes, I do. I like to write down every night what I was grateful for and what made me happy. Everyone should really try this!

Eronite Do you write the descriptions for your videos yourself?
Lisa Yes, I always write the descriptions myself.
Paulina I always write them myself. After all, I was personally in the situation and can also best describe my feelings because of it.

Eronite About the porn industry at all: not only good things are reported about it. Do you have confidence in your partners? Has anyone ever tried to rip you off? How do you fight back if that happens?
Lisa So far, fortunately, it has not happened yet, but I have also been warned about it several times. That’s why I’m always very very careful and have deeper conversations with my partners first. If that should happen, it’s probably best to stay calm for now. Then definitely find a solution!

Direkt zu Paulina

Eronite Are you also friends with people from the porn industry? Do you have many friends in your private life? Do they all know how you became famous? And your family – are they aware of your activities?
Paulina There are a few girls in the industry that I would also like to meet privately. After all, it’s nice when you share the same passions. I have always been very picky about my choice of friends and prefer to have a small, intimate circle. Nevertheless, I am very fond of communication and like to meet new people and simply have many acquaintances. You can already imagine that something like that gets around easily there. But I thought about that in advance and it’s absolutely no problem for me. It’s fun!
Lisa I have already met a few friends and acquaintances from the porn industry, I also find them super nice! My friends also know what I do, so far no one has minded. Of course, my family knows it too, they are rather not so enthusiastic. But I think that is quite normal. But that definitely doesn’t stop me from continuing.

Eronite Good, now we have learned a lot about you. Thank you very much for your willingness and openness, Lisa and Paulina. The users will be happy. Feel free to say a few words to your fans. Just say what’s important to you and what you want your current and future followers to be aware of.
Lisa & Paulina We look forward to meeting you all! I’m very happy to take you on my journey with Paulina and many other new acquaintances, in my life, career and everything else you can see from me. I’m sure it will be very fun, exciting and probably very horny. I’m excited to see where the journey takes you!

What are the incest twins up to?

The two are still at the beginning of their career in the erotic industry. You can tell from their videos that they love to be in the public eye and really let off steam. The stepsisters recently moved into a shared apartment, and as a result will likely appear in videos together even more often.

Reading tip for you from Eronite

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As for Lisa Schubert porn and Paulina Schubert porn of the incest twins, there will probably be a lot more of that to see in the near future, as both are just now really stepping on the gas with production. How long this will continue, the two do not yet know.

In this interview, Lisa said that she could imagine starting a career as a singer or musician one day. Paulina, on the other hand, has no concrete ideas yet. She says of herself that she is a free spirit and loves an unbound life full of excitement and adventure. Definitely, however, she would not choose a boring job in the office.

Attention users: Men wanted!

The fact that the incest twins are very active on the net has already gotten around. Both teens can be reached almost daily via their respective webcams. To the delight of their fans, they upload new videos several times a week. This gives their fans an excellent opportunity to get to know the stepsisters better.

Direkt zu Lisa

For Lisa Schubert porn as well as for new Paulina Schubert porn the wild sisters are looking for male shooting partners who have no problems to play in a porn movie. If you are confident and want to have a date with a real sex bomb, you can apply on the homepage of the girl in question. Experience as a porn performer is not necessary.

Applicants should have a presentable appearance, be outgoing, open and friendly, and have imagination. Both Lisa and Paulina make mutual sympathy between them and the user a condition for a shoot. Good sex is not mechanical ramming. It’s always about feelings, too.

You can only enjoy real lust if you at least find the other person likeable and enjoy spending time with him or her. This also includes that potential applicants report about their preferences and taboos in their e-mail or also briefly describe how they imagine their date with Lisa or Paulina.

How might a date with these two go?

The request for a date should include a photo of the applicant. It doesn’t have to be a nude photo. Users should also have patience. There’s no point in pushing for a meeting right after exchanging a message or two. Rather, it is normal to chat with each other via webcam a few times first.

This quickly reveals whether you like each other or not. If so, Lisa or Paulina will suggest a date and location. The shoot may take place in a hotel, outdoor or in a studio. Users with imagination and initiative could possibly even persuade the incest twins to have a threesome.

After all, the two have been living together for some time and have already shot several videos together. What’s wrong with the incest twins snacking on a user in pairs? For the lucky one, this could almost be compared to winning the lottery.

Judging by the porn that both of them have already put online, it might even be possible for the user to fuck the stepsisters without taboos. Sex continues until the last drop of sperm has been sucked out of the eggs.

Sex appeal in a double pack: Lisa and Paulina Schubert

The two girls from Lübeck in Schleswig-Holstein stand out: they look totally different and often act together. The tall slender Lisa and the slightly smaller, curvier Paulina are real eye-catchers both individually and together. Not yet 20 years old, totally revealing, yet funny, exuberant and imaginative.

Jolee Love Porn: Sexy curves from Berlin

Both are curious for even more sexual experiences and score with always new ideas to entertain and tease their fans. Their videos on the net are a hit.

One thing stands out about both blonde Lisa and Paulina with the shorn skull. They have consciously chosen the porn industry and are not only in action with their bodies. Rather, they bring a lot of emotions and wish themselves and their followers to be happy and self-determined. The fact that they are happy to finally be able to make their own decisions is obvious to the two sexy northern lights.

If you have ever watched videos of the two sexy girls, you can see the difference from other porn. This is not only due to the look of Lisa and Paulina. Sure, they are pretty, charming and provocative at the same time. They don’t look like everyone else. Especially Paulina has such a certain touch that attracts fans of dirty sex.

Direkt zu Lisa

She presents herself challengingly, but always with a twinkle in her eye. Lisa with the charisma of a young beauty never comes across as unattainable. On the contrary, her warm nature is sure to reach many a longing male soul.

Surely there are users who would love to participate in a shoot with Lisa or Paulina. Contacting the two girls is quite easy. Applicants should take some time to get to know each other. After all, the chemistry must be right when her fans have sex with in front of the camera. Can users really handle watching thousands of users fuck when the video is posted online?

Direkt zu Paulina

One thing stands out about both blonde Lisa and Paulina with the shorn skull. They have consciously chosen the porn industry and are not only in action with their bodies. Rather, they bring a lot of emotions and wish themselves and their followers to be happy and self-determined. The fact that they are happy to finally be able to make their own decisions is obvious to the two sexy northern lights.

These two young women are really an exception in the world of eroticism. They seem relaxed, cheerful and lovable, but this should not be interpreted as ignorance. Paulina and Lisa know far too well what they want to convey. They use their charms skillfully, because they know what the users want.

The Schubert sisters’ ingenuity seems inexhaustible; they are at their best with heart, humor and a clear head. No wonder they can win over more and more fans.

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