Brand new: the Lena Nitro Calendar 2020

By Laura Buschmann
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Brand new: the Lena Nitro Calendar 2020

Pretty hot pictures for the new year

The last few years it’s been getting warmer and warmer. Word has got around that global warming is responsible for this. And the fact that it may become even hotter in 2020 is not only due to the climate, but also to the new Lena Nitro calendar, which is now available. Incidentally, it comes with twelve exciting photos of the highest quality and guarantees that many men (and many women) will get hot, even if there is frost outside.

Brand new: the Lena Nitro Calendar 2020What is the Lena Nitro calendar about?

The calendar is a feast for the eyes and an attractive companion through the coming year. The Lena Nitro calendar contains 12 high-quality photos of the porn star. It shows a selection of the most beautiful photos of the porn actress in different situations. Lena Nitro belongs for years to the most well-known stars of the German erotic scene. She can be seen in more than 60 porn movies. In 2017 she won the Venus Award in the category “Best European Actress”. The slender blonde knows how to use her feminine charms to arouse the desire of men like hardly any other.

Even US-American hard rock stars lay at Lena Nitro’s feet. They were fascinated by a dildo show that Lena Nitro gave as a private performance. Although there are no photos of this in the new Lena Nitro calendar, there are more than enough other scenes to heat up the viewer. In contrast to many international film stars, Lena Nitro maintains a close relationship with her fans. They can not only enjoy the photos, but also chat with her directly. Lena Nitro still works regularly as a camgirl.

What is so special about the Lena Nitro calendar?

Calendars with beautiful women in lingerie or nude there are many. The Lena Nitro calendar is different. In limited edition (altogether only 250 pieces!) it contains encores, about which the fans of the pornstar will be pleased: an autograph card with the original signature of Lena Nitro and a sticker.

» Order your calendar at Lena's site

In addition, interested fans with a little luck and stamina have the opportunity to meet Lena Nitro personally. For example, the porn star is looking for a companion for a home match of the football club Borussia Dortmund in a competition. Under certain circumstances, even Schalke fans can be considered for this. ;-)

Where were the photos taken for the Lena Nitro calendar?

The recordings were made in the Farell-Lounge in Kaarst, NRW. The Swingerclub exists already for several years and belongs to the hottest erotic meeting places in the area Düsseldorf – Cologne. The Farell Lounge was not chosen by chance for the photo shoot of the Lena Nitro Calendar 2020. The owner, Saskia Farell, is the mother of Lena Nitro. In the case of Saskia Farell and Lena Nitro, the old saying “Like the mother so the daughter” hits the nail on the head. Both mother and daughter are equally attractive.

Did you get your Schnuggie91 autograph yet?

Like Lena Nitro, Saskia Farell also has some experience in the erotic industry. It is not without reason that the Farell Lounge enjoys a good reputation that extends far beyond the region. What could be more natural than to use the rooms of the Swinger Club with its erotic atmosphere for the photo shooting of the Lena Nitro Calendar 2020? The photos prove that it was the right decision.

Where can I get Lena Nitro’s calendar?

Who is a fan of the pornstar, should not hesitate too long and order a copy soon. Experience shows that it will soon be sold out. Of the copies with original signature of Lena Nitro there are anyway only 250 pieces. The photos were taken by Bernd Römer from Stereoeye Photography.

» Order your calendar at Lena's site

It is best to write a message to Lena directly here and ask her for her calendar, this is the easiest and most direct way.

The Lena Nitro Calendar 2020 – a good idea for a small gift or an original Christmas present!

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