Knew? That’s why stewardesses are so sexy

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Knew? That's why stewardesses are so sexy
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Secret sex symbol of many men

They are usually young, pretty as a picture and always have a smile on their face. Female flight attendants treat their guests extremely courteously and try to read their every wish from their eyes. Moreover, the girls are very sexy to look at in their outfit, which is designed for subtle eroticism and is reminiscent of a uniform. All this makes stewardesses appear again and again as the main protagonists in male fantasies.

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Stewardess – a job with sex appeal

Knew? That's why stewardesses are so sexy
Three pretty stewardesses

Stewardesses, much like nurses, have a job that is considered sexy. Just like nurses, a somewhat disreputable, fetishy and horny image clings to stewardesses. Where does that come from? Are there really professions that are more erotic than others? Anyone who has ever been on an airplane and seen stewardesses in action will answer yes to this question.

Women in uniform: Appearance plays a not insignificant role in the criteria for hiring female flight attendants. It’s basically no different than being in a cafe or club. If the waitresses are pretty to look at, more guests will come. In keeping with their appealing appearance, stewardesses always appear in figure-hugging clothing not unlike a uniform. Especially for men who have a preference in this direction, this sight is an absolute highlight.

In each port a

This male ideal is probably about as old as mankind itself. In the past, it was the reason of many young guys to sign on as sailors and meet girls in many different ports. Now airplanes make this wishful thinking global. Whether bald, blonde, brunette, black or redhead, white, black, Asian or Latina.

Die besten Girls von Fik-Fok

Stewardesses exist all over the world and they all wait for their guests with a smile. Moreover, each of them has a cozy hotel room near the airport with even cozier feather bed. This is where men’s dreams are lived out, and with international flair!

Of course, the fantasy also works the other way around. Stewardesses have a strict flight schedule and often stay in different places for long periods of time. Hereby it is very predictable when the girls are out of the house for a longer time and do not notice possible lady visit of a rival.

Knew? That's why stewardesses are so sexy
This stewardess makes herself comfortable

Should a man specialize in several stewardesses, he can match their rosters months in advance. This idea also makes many a man’s heart beat faster.

Are stewardesses submissive by nature?

Their task is to fulfill the guests’ every wish as much as possible. They are happy to be sent across the aisle to get the guest a beer. Then they stand smiling with the bottle opener ready to open the drink. Of course, this is the job of the girls.

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But as with any other profession, it’s much easier if you enjoy your work. So you can safely assume that these girls like to show themselves in sexy outfits and also like to follow instructions. So the question about the sexual preferences of the ladies is quite justified.

Die besten Girls von Fik-Fok

How many dominant men dream of sending several stewardesses to fetch drinks and have their pillow trimmed? The role of the submissive flight attendant gives enough material for a whole bunch of possible role plays.

There are no limits to the imagination

The dream of sex above the clouds can take shape in the most diverse variations. There is the possibility of climbing the boss’s chair as a pilot yourself. After a successfully completed start, the back of the chair is folded back and the feet are put up. Now the stewardesses get to take the controls and prove their skills. Whereby for particularly satisfactory work performance there is a further reward after landing in the hotel room.

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Or you pretend to be a particularly fussy guest who wants to be looked after and mothered by all the stewardesses one after the other. The pretty women rush around for the well-being of the man. In the process, intimate glimpses of skirts that have ridden up and blouses that have been opened too wide can be caught again and again. At some point, the stewardesses notice the greedy looks.

Die besten Girls von Fik-Fok

But instead of sinking into the ground in shame, the beasts only become more enthusiastic. The hip swing becomes more energetic, the glimpses deeper and the touches more frequent. Finally, the horny stewardesses even seem to be holding an internal competition to see who can be the first to have sex with the chosen ones.

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Another very common wish would be for the hot girls not to show a boring movie during the flight for a change. Instead, the stewardesses turn up the music and delight their passengers with a hot lap dance. The hips gyrate, the envelopes drop and the atmosphere inside the plane matches the actual flight altitude. Some stewardesses serve drinks, while the others perform skillful stripteases.

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Later, there is a change, so that no one gets bored. Of course, every passenger is free to join in the dancing as well. How far they are involved in the actions on the aisle, of course, everyone decides for themselves. Especially for a bachelor party this kind of flight should be interesting. At the end of the flight, each guest receives a bra of his favorite stewardess. These types of parting gifts could become sought-after collectibles among frequent flyers. In any case, they drastically increase the risk of repetition.

An airline that put such ideas into practice would literally go through the roof.

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