Joy of pain: What do masochists feel?

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Joy of pain: What do masochists feel?
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The joy of pain – more than a trend

Pain is somehow perceived negatively by all people. Many people simply cannot understand that in some places there are people who enjoy the joy of pain and can feel it as something beautiful. But why is that so?

Joy of pain: What do masochists feel?Can pain be a nice feeling?

The joy of pain is no longer a taboo subject. Many men and women openly acknowledge their masochistic tendencies and live them out in partnerships or swinging clubs. Those who do not enjoy pain themselves often find it difficult to understand how someone can feel pleasure in it. What are the reasons for this, how do people today live out this inclination and is it a trend or a predisposition?

The joy of pain has become a business with which the sex toy industry earns millions today. Online shops and traditional sex shops offer a colourful bouquet of love toys ranging from shackles and whips to a St. Andrew’s cross. In the past, not everyone dared to go to the sex shop. Through the Internet, sex toys can now be conveniently ordered at home, so that the hurdle to buy these toys has fallen sharply.

For masochists, pain and pleasure are closely related. Often they even feel increased lust with increased pain. This increased pleasure in pain does not necessarily have to be of a physical nature. Even verbal humiliation can make masochists feel beautiful, while others would only feel humiliated.

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Masochists find this pleasure caused by physical or verbal acts quite pleasant.

What is pain anyway?

Pain can be defined as an unpleasant feeling in the body or the senses. But why do masochists still enjoy pain? This can be explained by the fact that behind the pain not only negative, but also positive emotions can lie, through which the pain can feel liberating.

How is the joy of pain evoked in the body?

If you enjoy pain during sexual activities, you will release a lot of happiness hormones and adrenaline in your brain, which makes the pain pleasant and exciting. Such reactions of the body do not only take place during sexual activities. Even in a competitive athlete, such as a marathon runner, happiness hormones are released if he successfully exceeds his actual performance limit.

Freude am Schmerz: Was empfinden Masochisten?Why do masochists want such pain in love?

Masochists seek the ultimate kick by releasing all negative emotions. The complete delivery to their sex partner has a liberating effect on them. They can let themselves go and don’t have to decide for themselves what action they want to take. This state can almost be described as ecstatic and is reinforced by the use of sadistic sex toys such as nipple clamps.

The joy in pain is usually caused by the sadistic partner and his skillful handling of the sex toys, which cause the pleasure pain.
In summary, it can be said that pleasure in pain is not a fashion trend, but a real predisposition in which certain chemical processes in the body begin through certain situations.

Are masochists at the mercy of their partners through the joy of pain?

In the sexual game the masochistic partners let themselves go and are at the mercy of their dominant partner in a certain way. Therefore it is important for them to pursue their passion only with partners they can trust. A safeword is often agreed beforehand. This is what the masochist can say when it gets too much for him and he wants to slip out of his submissive role.

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At the same time he often selects the sex toys together with his dominant partner before the actual love play. Of course, these can vary greatly from person to person. One masochist may feel the joy of pain through whip strokes, while the other only likes shackles and verbal punishment.

Which sex toys are used?

There is an endless offer of sex toys with which a sadist or a dominatrix can chastise his masochistic partner and spoil him at the same time. Typically, people who enjoy pain like BDSM. There the most important tools are ropes for bondage, whips, masks, gag and collars.

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But there are many more devices like SM furniture, nipple clamps, SM candles, anal plugs and much more. If you want to try out BDSM for yourself for the first time, you have the choice. However, it is important to make sure that the dominant partner has experience and knows how to knot the ropes, e.g. in bondage games. This is the only way to enjoy the pleasure of pain to the full.

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