Jasmin: I secretly photograph couples having sex

By Valérie Francès-Pecker
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Jasmin: I secretly photograph couples having sex
Jasmin: I secretly photograph couples having sex
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Couple having sex I photograph secretly

The red-haired Jasmin studies communication science and is 22 years old. Here she tells why she has a blast photographing couples having sex. In addition, Jasmin tells us how this unusual hobby began and what her own recordings mean to her.

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I’ll admit it openly: Peeping Tom gets me hot. And when I photograph a couple having sex, my whole body is in turmoil. I can literally feel what’s going on with the two of them – with her as much as with him. Are you surprised? I couldn’t believe it either at first….

And this is how it started with sex photography

I didn’t make my first recordings secretly at all. My friend Nele had asked me to do it. She wanted to pose with a dark-skinned friend of ours to get her boyfriend horny. At that time I quickly shot a few sexy photos with my smartphone. Everyone was satisfied.

Jasmin: I secretly photograph couples having sex

Except me. How hot Nele and the busty Kya from the Ivory Coast came across! But should I not have held more than four naked breasts? Anyway, to rough up the friend, I guess it was enough. But I wanted more. Fodder for my pleasurable solo sex sessions more precisely.

I made a decision: From now on, my camera had to go everywhere with me. Finally, there are various places in public space where some people fuck. Meanwhile, I secretly photograph couples making out in the outdoor pool, in the park, in locker rooms or in parking lots in and around the car.

Where I find couples having sex everywhere

You must be keen on watching girls and boys closely. I often see how the air suddenly burns between them. Then, when they slip away, for example, on the train, at a party or in a bar. Then I’m fix behind, so I do not miss the horny action between them. I often climbed onto a chair or the toilet bowl in the neighboring cubicle to catch everything.

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Photos of humping guys taking the woman from behind, I hoard in abundance. I have the original sound in my ear. When I look at a picture like this, I hear her moaning and him snorting. But actually I’m more into other types of sex. What do I mean by that? For example lesbian sex, interracial sex, old fucks young or threesome. I can hardly keep the camera still during oral sex in the 69 position and facesitting.

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Once I saw a cab driver with a blonde sitting on his face rubbing her tits. For my taste, this is one of the most provocative photos I’ve managed. After all, I’m taking pictures in secret, and that’s the crucial kicker in the whole thing. In my favorite bar, I’ve caught various couples having sex in the ladies’ room, including gays and lesbians. Once an old goat with a beautiful lover boy in the men’s room.

In the university there are also many motives for me

In fact, the toilets in the educational institution are places where people occasionally retreat to fuck. There I have often followed couples who wanted to have fun together. I like to photograph quickies between strangers, there it usually goes totally uninhibited. No hole in the wall is too small for me, no crack too narrow to catch motifs of couples having sex. Sure, the photo quality is not always very sharp, but it is sufficient for my purposes.

Jasmin: I secretly photograph couples having sex

Especially in the cafeteria or in the refectory, people flirt so hard that the walls shake. Some unabashedly walk together towards the washrooms, others staggered by a minute or two. And me afterwards – can you imagine? After all, I’m not exactly a gray mouse, so it’s quite possible that I’m also being watched. I find the idea of secretly taking pictures and being photographed myself very arousing.

My favorite area: beach, sea and dunes

Guys, you wouldn’t believe how many couples I recorded having sex during the summer. Of course, very few people fuck openly in the sand, at least not during the day, but all the more often in the water. Or they jerk each other off on the bath towel. In beach chairs people also like to make out, grope and finger each other. Or blown with the bathrobe hood on your head. Some photos I’ve secretly taken of couples having sex are really original and sometimes quite funny.

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On the beach and in the nearby parking lots, I mainly take pictures with my cell phone, so a camera is too conspicuous. The other day I saw a man’s expansive ass sticking out of a rear car door. I found the right angle for a super photo of a woman getting licked in the car. With legs spread wide on the back seat, totally hot! I then imagine all the trimmings when I look at such a photo. And already I feel the conscious pulling in the cunt.

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When I caught the fat man and the mature woman in the car, I even got pretty close. I was a bit surprised because the two were certainly over 50 and were doing it in broad daylight in the car. Finally, the guy with a bright red head appeared all sweaty between the thighs of his partner. Then I didn’t take any more pictures. It didn’t look sexy.

I secretly take pictures of sex scenes as a jerk off template

I don’t know why I’m so into strangers having sex. But photographing a couple having sex turns me on tremendously. Getting my own photos on the screen while masturbating is really super cool. At least for me, and that’s why I keep going. Sometimes I look at older pictures, and some still have a strong effect on me.

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Now I’ll tell you which are my absolute favorite photos. They were created in the locker room of a lingerie store. I tried on lingerie myself, hoping for “booty”. That’s when I heard a man’s voice ask, “Do you have bras in 75 F?” Wow, I listened up, especially since I also heard a woman’s voice. But I did not understand what she was saying. Nice enough, the two of them were busy in the neighboring cabin shortly thereafter. I gyrated around on the chair to get a glimpse of the mega boobs.

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What I saw was really fabulous – especially because the charming sugardaddy greedily sucked on one of the strikingly long nipples. She had about five bras in one hand and his penis in the other. A picture for the gods, my grandma would say. I always come quite quickly at the sight.

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Now you may understand why I love to shoot photos of couples having sex in all positions. Of course I take pictures secretly, but I use the pictures only for myself. Although: One or the other recording could perhaps even be marketed.

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