Is public sex on the highway rest area dangerous?

By Carlos Galvez Otoño
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Is public sex on the highway rest area dangerous?
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Pretty cool – but also dangerous?

Admittedly, sex on the highway rest area is not everyone’s cup of tea. Nevertheless, there is a relatively large number of men and women who are enthusiastic about parking lot sex and live out their lust to the fullest. However, you should be neither shy nor squeamish, and you should not attach too much importance to privacy.

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What is sex on the highway rest area?

Parking lot sex is more common than many think. Originally, it was an offer aimed primarily at long-distance drivers. Part of her job is to be on the road for long periods of time, alone. Therefore, at larger rest areas, hookers were waiting to offer their services and parking lot sex contacts. They simply climbed into the cabin of the truck and had fun with their customers on the sleeping berths, which are often part of the cabin’s equipment.

Is public sex on the highway rest area dangerous?

Even today, many hookers offer parking lot sex. Gradually, however, more and more amateurs found pleasure in outdoor sex. They regularly meet in parking lots along the highway, but also in remote parking lots in the city or even in some parking garages.

What makes sex in the highway parking lot so special?

For many people, parking lot sex has a special kick that doesn’t exist with normal sex in the bedroom or in the house or apartment. For example, there’s the constant risk of getting caught having sex. After all, you fuck somewhere outdoors, where someone could join you at practically any time. Sex with strangers is normal in parking lot sex and has a strong appeal to many.

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You meet, have sex with each other and often do not even know the name of the sex partner. It’s quite clear that parking lot sex is not about a romantic lovemaking session, but about the satisfaction of sexual desire. When having sex on the freeway rest area with unknown partners, women and men can live out their fantasies in a way that would never be possible with a steady partner at home.

On top of that, being watched while fucking is almost a part of parking lot sex. Quite a few people (mostly men) come to the parking lot not to fuck themselves, but to watch others do it. It makes many women extremely horny when they know that they are secretly observed during sex.

Moreover, sex on the highway rest area is always an adventure. You never know in advance what will happen. Sometimes there is nothing going on or there is at most one hooker waiting for johns. Other days, a couple starts fucking and others join in. Simple couple sex can quickly turn into an orgy with a dozen or more participants.

What is dangerous during sex on the highway rest area?

The fact that it is wild and unregulated. In every whorehouse there is a security service. The girls can call him if one of the suitors goes overboard and cannot be restrained. On the streetwalk, the girls take care of each other as best they can. Often, the pimp is also nearby to intervene if a client goes too far. It’s every man for himself in the parking lot. As a rule, you don’t know each other and most of the time you won’t see each other again. There fall with some men all inhibitions.

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Especially for single women, sex in the parking lot can be really dangerous. An adventure with a seemingly harmless man can quickly get out of hand. Men don’t want to take no for an answer and they can become pushy, even violent. That is why women are strongly advised never to meet unknown men alone in the parking lot. A second person should always be present and stay in the background. She or he can call the police in an emergency or make noise and alert people in the area.

Other dangers include infections from parking lot sex contacts

On such occasions is often fucked wildly and without restraint. For example, many men only want to fuck without a condom when having sex at the highway rest area. Of course, there is always the possibility of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. It doesn’t even have to be HIV, gonorrhea can also be
increasingly dangerous because there are now strains of pathogens that no longer respond to treatment with common antibiotics.

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Is sex on the highway rest area illegal?

Rest stop sex is considered sex in public. This is not a criminal offense in itself, but it is a misdemeanor that will be prosecuted if it is reported. This means uninvolved persons must report that they feel harassed by the sex. This will result in a charge of causing a public nuisance, which is punishable by a fine. The situation is somewhat different if children could observe the sex. In such cases, charges will automatically be filed for violation of the Youth Protection Act.

How to minimize the dangers of parking lot sex?

Women should never come to a parking lot for dates alone. If it is possible, you should already look at the site in daylight and memorize the general site plan. Where are there escape routes? Is there a gas station or store nearby? Is there perhaps an emergency call box in the area? Such knowledge can save lives in an emergency. All men should not get carried away by lust and always use condoms when having sex at the highway rest area.

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