Is farting a fetish and legal in public?

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Public farting allowed?

Farting, also known as flatulence, is a natural physical process that occurs in everyone. It is usually a private matter that society does not like to discuss. However, there are people who feel sexual excitement from farting and consider it a fetish. In this article we will take an in-depth look at whether farting is a fetish and whether it is legal in public.

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Is farting a fetish?

A fetish is a sexual arousal or gratification from an object, bodily fluid, or situation that is not typically sexual. The preference for farting falls under this definition as it is not usually a sexual act, but there are people who find it sexually arousing.

To the fart woman

There is also a name for this fetish, eproctophilia. The causes of this preference are not fully known, but it is thought to be due to the body’s physical and emotional responses to the smell of farts.

Is it legal to fart in public?

Fart fetish: this woman got rich fartingAlthough farting is a natural function, there are social norms that deem it inappropriate to do it in public. In most cultures, it is considered rude and unsanitary to fart in the presence of others. However, there are no specific laws prohibiting farting in public. However, if farting is perceived as harassment or causing a public nuisance, legal consequences may follow.

Example: A man who exposed himself to a policewoman on the street in Vienna in August 2020 and farted in front of her was fined 500 euros. The policewoman charged the man with public nuisance and the court agreed that his behavior was found to be inappropriate and unpleasant. Although farting is not illegal per se, it can be perceived as inappropriate in public and can lead to legal consequences.

How can people with eproctophilia live out their preferences?

There are specific websites and communities that specialize in the needs of people with eproctophilia. Here they can share their fantasies and interests and meet like-minded people to live out the fart fetish. There are also paid professional services where women or men are willing to offer fart-related fetish videos or phone calls.

Example: a woman named Brittany, who works as a professional farter, says she has hundreds of clients willing to pay up to $175 per video. She says she offers her clients customized videos to fit their needs, including what to choose to eat before farting.

What are the risks of acting out eproctophilia?

As with any fetish, there is a risk that the partner or the situation is not consensual. It is important that anyone who wants to act out their eproctophilia makes sure that all parties involved are in agreement and that there are no health risks.

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Example: In a 2019 case, a man in the U.S. was arrested for harassing a woman by farting in her face. Although the woman did not want to, she felt compelled to do so in order not to upset the man. It is important that in any form of sexual activity, there is always consent from all parties involved.


Farting is a natural process that occurs in everyone, but there are people who find it sexually arousing. Although farting is not illegal per se, it can be perceived as inappropriate in public and can lead to legal consequences, especially if it is perceived as harassment or causing a public nuisance. However, people with eproctophilia have options to live out their preferences safely and consensually by using specific websites and communities.

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