Introducing: Three hot international amateurs

By Faizel Ahman
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Introducing: Three hot international amateurs
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Sex international – amateurs from all over the world

Sexual intercourse is a beautiful thing: sex is as diverse as the people who practice it. And despite the saying “Why go far, for good things are so near”, three international amateurs (or politically correct amateurs) will be presented below, who live a sample of this diversity. What they have in common is the joy of sex, a beautiful body and the naturalness with which they deal with both.

Three interesting amateur girls from three countries

Ivy Mia – hot girl from Romania

The fact that 25-year-old Ivy Mia brags right after dancing that she likes to get undressed and dressed again with hot lingerie delights the male world. Her 58kg are well proportioned to 175 centimeters of height. Whether undressed or in lingerie, her breasts (85 C) are a real eye-catcher. Long dark blond hair frames the pretty face. Her blue eyes shine out of it towards the viewer.

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The pictures that Ivy Mia publishes of herself prove her preferences for sexy lingerie in red and black. The former, of course, but not only, at Christmas time. And also the combination of red bra and a translucent black bodysuit suits her wonderfully. She herself describes as physical attributes her athletic body with a well-roundedback.

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Ivy Mia also likes to live out her sexual preferences in front of the camera. She invites her audience to shower together. Watching this clip, everyone will wish to rub soap foam on Ivy Mia’s body. Their moist and warm skin will give pleasure to both of them. In other videos she plays with her hot body in front of the camera. Spectators are invited to give free rein to their thoughts. But it’s not just her fingers that come into play for Ivy Mia. She also gives herself great pleasure with various sex toys.

And many a male viewer of the videos will imagine and wish to replace the toys with his best piece. Thus, she invites the viewer to a very special party, where she lies broad-legged on the bed as the hostess. Knee-high black boots and halterless stockings underneath draw the eye to the center of the party. And what Ivy dreams of when she thinks about this party, she shows DIr with a black dildo.

Deutsche Erotikstars

So far there is this hot model in photos and in her videos only solo. But according to their own statements, both something permanent, at least regular meetings for various sex games, as well as one-night stands and side jumps. Therefore, the chances are good that she will quickly find suitable shooting partners. Your preference for internet sex increases this chance a lot, of course. One or more partners, of any gender, will add an extra zest to their videos.

Amina Muslim – silky hair under the veil

The second model in the “international amateurs” series, 23-year-old Amina Muslim, also comes from Romania. With a height of 1.55 meters and 42 kilograms, she is petite, but describes herself as wild during sex. Her brown eyes smile at you before your gaze is drawn to her sensual lips. These awaken the desire to kiss the pretty young woman passionately. She describes her black hair as silky, but unfortunately usually hides it under a veil or bathing cap. But that is not a shortcoming, her pretty face is so particularly well accentuated.

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Model Amina Muslim likes to show her sexy body on her pictures. Whether elegantly dressed or undressed in the shower, she always cuts a fine figure. The photo spreads invite the viewer to visit Amina Muslim in her bed and spend the night with her. But the hot girl is also available for joint sex in public places. If she also suggests a boat as a playground, she remains open to the wishes and fantasies of her partners.

Wir stellen vor: Drei heiße internationale Amateure

In her first video she still presented herself elegantly dressed. But neither the white blouse nor the purple scarf hide the fact that she has also covered her breasts with a sinful bra. The video should whet your appetite to undress the pretty woman and explore her body with your hands and mouth. It undoubtedly achieves this goal. During the photo shoot on the boat, a video was created in which Amina Muslim dreams of sex in public places, such as this very boat. And whoever sees how she presents her body in the airstream of the boat will wish to make such a trip together with her. She also presents her hot and petite body in her other videos.

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No matter if she rubs herself with oil and strokes, or if she satisfies her bare mumu with full use of her fingers. Supposedly innocent, she is nevertheless overcome by her own lust in many of the videos. Then she dreams about being watched during hot masturbation games. And since her videos are online, at least this dream becomes reality: many men will watch full of pleasure how the hot amateur brings herself from one climax to the next. And when she plays quite lasciviously with her own saliva, everyone wishes to replace this liquid with their own.

Lauren Kolesnicova – cute and naughty

The third we would like to present in this series “international amateurs” comes from Colombia.Lauren Kolesnicova is also petite with 45kg and one and a half meters and with 22 the youngest from this round. Long black hair frames a sensual face. Her full lips seem predestined to embrace and pamper a man’s best piece. Lauren Kolesnicova is especially proud of her tattoos, which she loves to show off.

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The photos that the Romanian model has published show her either as an angel or a slut, but in any case hot. And even a shower with the 22-year-old will probably be perceived as hot, rather than cooling. And whether naked or in sinful lingerie, this model is always worth a second look. That she knows how to use her mouth as one suspects at first sight, the Romanian proves in a photo series on a dildo. This will make some men not only dream. With the stability of the sex toy, envy surely arises here and there.

Wir stellen vor: Drei heiße internationale Amateure

While Lauren Kolesnicova is the youngest woman featured in the “international amateurs” series, she is the most prolific to date. In addition to many photo spreads, you can enjoy many videos of the racy Colombian. Nor is she content with soft introduction videos. Already in her debut she spoils herself intensively with a dildo. Watching the girl climax like this is a stimulating treat. Submissively, she presents herself with a gag ball in another clip.

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Who does not dream at such a sight? Lauren Kolesnicova also likes to let you participate in first games with newly acquired sex toys. So she likes to share the pleasure that her new squid dildo gives her with the fan community. Speaking of fan base: To retain customers, the Colombian occasionally organizes contests, the main prize of which is a meeting with her. The Spaniard who won the first meeting could tell us what it’s like at such a meeting.
But Lauren Kolesnicova not only spoils her love cave with various toys. Her rear entrance is also very receptive to such games. Whether it’s a glass dildo or a hammer-shaped toy, sometimes Lauren just uses both to successfully climax.

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And as in her photos, she also proves in some videos how receptive her mouth is. Watching her develop her blojob skills on a dildo makes many a “little friend” grow taller. And connoisseurs of very deep blowjobs can see for themselves that Lauren also perfectly masters the technique of deepthroat. Of course, not only her mouth and throat are used, but also a lot of spit. And the viewer stays away from the same.

International amateurs – a sexy alternative

Our little report has presented three international amateurs. Of course, this is at best enough to arouse curiosity and whet the appetite. But the three featured women are representative of many models who are very open about their sex lives. Thus, everyone who is interested in international amateurs will certainly find what they are looking for in their own personal search. In this way, sex also makes its contribution to international understanding.

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