Interview: Mother and daughter – an intimate, intimate relationship

By Mario Meyer
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Interview: Mutter und Tochter – ein inniges Verhältnis
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Double-crossed: Mother and daughter

Two women who are not only related, but also mother and daughter. They maintain a very intimate relationship that began at a tender age when her mother showed her daughter how to shave intimately while caressing her.

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But it should by no means stop there. They exchange more than simple tenderness and intimacy. Mother and daughter have been known to share incestuous sex partners or have watched each other have sex. It was clear that the daughter could learn a lot from her mother in the matter of physical love.

“Show me how to give a real blowjob, Mom”

Of course we had some questions about such an admittedly unusual family constellation and had mother and daughter in an exclusive interview:

Interview: Mutter und Tochter – ein inniges VerhältnisEronite Christina, it is often said that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Christina, please describe your relationship with your mother and what makes it so special. Why is it different between mother and daughter than in other families?
Christina Well, we’ve always been very open and easy going at home. For example, the bathroom was never locked, or there was no secret about it when we moved. Masturbation with an open bedroom door was or is also quite normal and not taboo.

Eronite Sandra, how do you see your relationship and has it always been so intimate?
Sandra Yes, it was like that from birth. I don’t believe in strict education and prohibitions. And she has always appreciated it and repaid it with love. We’ve always cuddled and that hasn’t changed to this day.

Eronite Christina, sexual education is still preferred to be hushed up in many families, as if sex doesn’t exist at all in our world. How’d you do? At what age did your mother enlighten you and most importantly, how?
Christina She didn’t really have to fill me in. I grew up very open-minded and knew the drill from a very early age. 😁 I slept with a boy for the first time when I was 12 or 13 and she gave me condoms. Before that, she helped and showed me how to shave intimately. I was afraid of it, but she stroked and lightly stimulated me as she did so. I really enjoyed that and it was our ritual for a few years from that point on.

Mutter & Tochter im Duo

Eronite Sandra, when daughters grow up, lust and passion also usually ignite. How did you prepare Christina for manhood? Did you warn her, too?
Sandra Warned Not Really. She had to gain the experience herself. As she just described, that was actually the preparation, yes.

Eronite Christina, young women often want to know everything about sex. Were you always able to ask your mother anything and did she also give you valuable tips? If so, which ones were they?
Christina Yeah, I could always ask anything, no matter what it is. Tips actually rather less, but she also showed me how to satisfy myself.

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Mother and daughter share men before

Eronite Sandra, after a certain age children no longer ask about the basic things of this world, but more explicitly about sex. How did it go with Christina?
Sandra She’s asked quite a few things, yes. And I have always answered her everything without shyness, too.

Eronite Quite a few men dream of a threesome with mother and daughter. Would something like that be possible in your house or would it remain a male fantasy? Have you ever imagined what it would be like with your mother and a man? Is there like mother-daughter incest between you two?
Christina When I first started getting interested in sex, and after we did our shaving ritual a lot, it was already always an issue for me. I have actually wished that when I have sex, she is there and helps me how to blow etc.. At some point there was then a sex partner of Mom, on which she also showed me that and I was also allowed times 😊

Interview: Mutter und Tochter – ein inniges Verhältnis

Eronite Sandra, Men Want Sex. Lots of sex. I’m sure many are after your daughter too, but wouldn’t push you off the edge of the bed either. Have you ever had a threesome with your daughter and a man?
Sandra Yeah, like Christina said, I had a guy once who was open to it and we had fun together. I showed her different things live and she tried it out afterwards. But that wasn’t the only time. A few years later it happened again when Christina came home unexpectedly and I had fun in the living room….

Eronite Have you guys ever kept an eye on each other’s partners?Christina Yes, definitely. My mom has good taste 😁
Sandra Can say the same thing. We have pretty similar preferences when it comes to looks and character.

Mutter & Tochter suchen

Eronite Could you imagine seducing each other’s partners?
Christina Yes. But I wouldn’t do it secretly, only with consent.
Sandra That’s what happened. I’ve had a few of her guys, though they were one-night stands. I would also only snack on her boyfriend with permission 😁

“Group sex with my daughter is a great idea”

Eronite Would you have sex in front of each other if they were also currently intimate with their partner, that is, practicing group sex with their own mother or daughter? How would that go down?
Christina I grew up like that, so I would often see my mom having sex when I came home. The group sex thing actually sounds really interesting, we haven’t had that yet 😁
Sandra I’ve already caught Christina the same way, so that’s pretty even 😁 I also have to say that’s a great performance, as I also enjoyed watching her have sex back in the FFM threesome. Being poked at the same time yourself is really a great performance!

18. Geburtstag: Wie Mama mir das Blasen beibrachte

Eronite Is there anything else you would like to share?
Christina All I can say is that all humanity should loosen up and there should be less taboos. Cuddling with mom is not only nice when you’re a kid. It should always be that way. And too bad there aren’t more questions. Was fun 😊
Sandra With the loosening up, I say too. However, it just has to fit otherwise, I could never have imagined something like that with my own mother, for example. Although she was also sexually open-minded. It just has to fit. And it definitely does with us.

Eronite Before thanking you for your frank and very insightful words, we wish you continued success and all the best in your further professional development and of course in your private life.

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