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Devotes Teeniegirl Lessia Mia im Interview

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Mostly only women dare to approach the Camgirl Lessia Mia

Only since 2016 has the tall girl (born 1996) been on the move in the erotic industry. In an exclusive interview, the beautiful amateur tells us how the Magdeburg amateur Lessia Mia with her sparkling, green eyes came to be and why she prefers to have women in bed:

Devotes Teeniegirl Lessia Mia im Interview

Eronite  How long have you been in the business and what exactly do you do?
Lessia  Since 2016. I do webcam and shoot amateur porn.

Eronite  Why do you shoot porn? What irritates you?
Lessia  I have fun having sex and I love to be in front of the camera.

Eronite  Which scenes do you prefer to shoot and why?
Lessia  Creampie, Cumshot, I just love sperm!

Eronite  Do you watch porn in private? Or do you rather think that a baker doesn’t eat cake every day?
Lessia  From time to time already…

Eronite  What don’t you like when you do porn movies?
Lessia  When the battery of the camera is empty and my amateur clip has not been finished yet.

Eronite  What is the dark side of the porn industry?
Lessia  You should be careful not to start with the wrong people. There are enough fakes that promise you wealth and then ride you into the shit.

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Eronite  Kissing during porn: Yes or no? (Please explain!)
Lessia  Yes because it is hornier!

Eronite  What does your family say about your job as a porn actress/camgirl?
Lessia  My family knows about it and accept me as I am.

Lessia Mia: »Guys, don’t fuck women like porn actors!«

Eronite  What’s it like when you have private sex? What influence does your porn job have?
Lessia  Private sex is different from porn sex!

Eronite  What makes your films different from others?
Lessia  Every object are on their kind and person especially…

Eronite  What do most guys do wrong in bed?
Lessia  Many guys think they have to fuck a woman like in a porn. I believe in bed belongs tenderness and you don’t have to be perfect.

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Eronite  How do you deal with the fact that you are for many men “only wanking material”?
Lessia  In my opinion it’s quite good, it makes me somehow horny. ;-)

Eronite  The profession of porn actress is not well received by the public, to say the least. What would you like to say to these people?
Lessia  Everybody can do what he wants!

Eronite  How much time do you spend every day in front of the cam?
Lessia  8 hours more ore less.

Eronite  Posing in front of the cam for hours is certainly exhausting. How do you keep your body fit for it?
Lessia  Sport helps me a lot, especially back exercises, after all I sit eight hours a day in front of the cam, a real full-time job.

Eronite  What do you like most about your work in front of the cam?
Lessia  I like very much the many intimate conversations with strange men and of course the webcam sex.

Eronite  If you could change something in your job, what would that be?
Lessia  I am completely satisfied with everything :-)

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Eronite  What would you do for a living if you hadn’t opted for webcam sex?
Lessia  I’d be a beautician!

Eronite  What were your first steps? How did you get into webcam sex?
Lessia  Through the Venus Fair in Berlin.

Eronite  Do you have friends in your private environment who are also active before the cam? Would you recommend the work to others or would you rather not recommend it?
Lessia  Yes, but everyone should have the self-confidence to show himself naked in front of other people.

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Eronite  What advice would you give to someone just starting out as a webcam model?
Lessia  Always stay the way as you are!

Eronite  Would you rather have new users every day or are you happy if you see the same person in the chat more often? Do you have regular users who visit you regularly?
Lessia  Yes, I have a lot of regular customers and I am always happy when my regular users come to visit me. But I am also very happy about new users!

Eronite  Have you ever received declarations of love from users or even had experience with stalkers?
Lessia  I get declarations of love on a regular basis. But I don’t find that bad, rather sweet. Fortunately, I have no experience with stalkers.

artist name  LESSIA MIA
Residence/Region  MAGDEBURG
Geburtsdatum   10th December 1996
body height 1,78 m
weight  55 kg
bra size  75 B

Intimately shaved  Hollywood Cut (COMPLETE)
zodiac sign  Sagittarius
HobbIEs  cycling, swimming, horse riding
Favorite Movies & Series   sex education, Black Mirror, How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast), Haus des Geldes
favourite colours  Green, Pink, Red, Orange
LIKES  I love to be out in the nature
DISLIKES  Negative people

Eronite  Have you ever been recognized by a user on the street? How do you react in such situations?
Lessia  Yes, very often. Many then ask for photos. With me, however, it is mostly only women who dare. I think that’s mega great!

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Eronite  Do you also make user dates? What experiences have you had?
Lessia  I’ve only had two meetings so far. But only for coffee – nothing more.

Eronite  How would you describe the feeling of an orgasm?
Lessia  This feeling is simply indescribably horny!

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Eronite  What’s your favorite sex toy?
Lessia  My pink suction vibrator is my favorite toy.

Eronite  What experiences have you had with same-sex sex so far?
Lessia  I love women and have often had sex with some ladies. I’m totally into women!

Eronite  How often do you need sex?
Lessia  Every day at its best.

Eronite  What sexual experience do you dream of?
Lessia  I’ve tried everything! Enjoy the horny girls, live out your sex life and let no one get you down!

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