Intergalactic lover and millennium being

By Benno von Sandhayn
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Intergalactic lover and millennium being
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Still got all your cups in the cupboard, Mr. Big Blow-up-Pants?

Intergalactic lover, millennium being and ambassador

Yes, it really is him: intergalactic lover, ambassador and the millennium being in personal union. He even claims this when the judge asks about his profession at the hearing. In all seriousness and full of inner conviction.

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Intergalaktischer Lover, Millenniumwesen und Botschafter • Eronite Erotikmagazin Erotiknews ErotikblogBremen is his home, this is where he does his mischief. Trained nurse practitioner and plumber for gas, water, sh… uh, heating. Actually. But for a good 17 years he has been haunting the north German Hanseatic city, keeping the police and judiciary on tenterhooks as he roams the streets with his backside exposed. Preferably, of course, in the city centre, where it receives the greatest possible attention.

But what does he want? Where does he see his task? Is he just passing through Bremen to frighten old people and children? No, he does not. At the bottom of his heart he is tame and quite harmless. Only one thing he propagates again and again: freedom. The freedom he takes as an intergalactic lover, millennium being and ambassador for a better world. He gets up at 4 in the morning. Every day. Begins his day with several hours at the gym, then devotes himself to his mission.

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We asked him what he wanted to tell us. He, on his way as an intergalactic lover and millennium being, has told us this – we don’t want to keep this from you (including the spelling and grammar mistakes):

SICK GOVERNMENT does not create order but subordination to the sinful politics. 1% Control the whole world 90% Gamble away& Sleep their whole life away because they are with the VOLLIDIOTS GZ. SZ. play. 5% knowledge and try to wake up the 90% slaves & enlighten them

What the 1% to stop the 4% from waking the 5% from waking the 90%! Instagram REALITY with GOVERNMENT there is a risk of being robbed. With GOVERNMENT, the Guaranteed is also to be interpreted and enslaved.

How you doing? As an intergalactic lover and above all a millennium creature, you can put it that way, right? Or is that guy just a big, fat waffle?

Honestly: take a look at and see if you can find a girl with a nice vagina who would like to do it with him. With the intergalactic lover from Bremen. We are curious!

On the way as an intergalactic lover on the Venus 2017 in Berlin:

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