Insomnia Mallorca – Hedonistic Lifestyle Holiday Palma

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Insomnia Mallorca – Hedonistic Lifestyle Holiday Palma

Insomnia Week in Mallorca: The hedonistic erotic holiday

Insomnia Mallorca invites couples to broaden their sexual horizons for a week. Here sensual moments are exchanged, erotic adventures are experienced and everyday life is completely faded out. Whether curious couple, swingers or lovers with a pronounced sex drive: The focus is clearly on hedonism and eroticism.

What is behind Insomnia Mallorca?

Behind the Insomnia events is the former Domina Dominique Insomnia. Today, she is an entrepreneur, owner of the Insomnia Berlin nightclub and recently a tour operator for hedonistic travel and Insomnia Mallorca. In the center of the travel agency stand above all sinnliche holidays for Swinger, Fetischisten, BDSM and erotism fans. The agency is suitable therefore for all those, which set no borders to their sexual preferences and are on the search for new attractions.

But Insomnia’s events not only offer boundless fun, they also offer training opportunities: Couples benefit from the skills they have learnt in a wide variety of workshops, tutorials and coaching sessions. The newly established travel agency is a possibility for couples to approach new preferences, to develop sexually, to rekindle their love life or simply to enjoy themselves uninhibitedly.

With a quite interesting, rich career and much experience Dominique Insomnia opens now with her newest project “INSOMNIA goes Mallorca” a new chapter. In autumn 2019 the exclusive “hedonistic lifestyle” trip will start and guarantees a seductive holiday full of party, adventure and sex.

The tour operator hedonistic travel opens its doors at the Insomnia Mallorca Week on 23 – 30 October 2019 for all lovers who are looking for an action-packed holiday.

Special Guests

Special guests like the porn actresses Jolee Love and Salma de Nora and Friends as well as Leda Burlesque provide entertainment of a special kind here and there. Well-known DJs like Monique Woo, Dj Scary and Dj AlGee create the right atmosphere. The German film producer and bondage rigger Hera Delgado will also be present.


The Insomnia Mallorca invites you to a sensual, varied holiday week full of parties, events, workshops, coaching. The dress code at the events varies between different playful mottos like kinky, gothic, fetish and beachwear. The “Hotel Take Over” service ensures a smooth, stress-free process.

Wednesday, 23.10.2019

The journey starts directly with the pickup from the airport and the arrival in a noble hotel with welcome drinks. In the evening there will be a Meet and Greet and Barbecue, accompanied by music and followed by a Welcome Ritual Special.

Thursday, 24.10.2019

During the day, you can choose from a multi-faceted programme on Thursday: Pool party, beach visit, quad tour to Lost Places, Sexy Palma Shopping on a small scale, Rooftop Dining or a photo workshop with the theme “Light Painting”.
In the evening Insomnia Mallorca organizes a Dance and Play Party at the Swingerclub Elixir de Fuego.

Friday, 25.10.2019

On Friday you can again choose between pool party, beach visit and sexy shopping. In the afternoon there will be a RopeArt and Bondage workshop with Hera Delgado. From 23 o’clock Insomnia Mallorca will provide an unforgettable highlight at the big masked ball in Tito’s Mallorca. Jolee Love is only one of the special guests who perform a hot show at the masked ball. Hero Delgado has also planned one or two highlights. The masking guarantees a mysterious night full of excitement and attraction.

Saturday, 26.10.2019

At the Hot’n’Dirty Boat Party couples float on a catamaran at the open sea until sunset.

Sunday, 27.10.2019

At the Burlesque Workshop with Leda women learn to move erotically and sensually. Among the workshop participants there is even a Burlesque Contest. The Lifestyleresort Ollymar invites you to a wild party until late at night.

Monday, 28.10.2019

On Monday, Detoxx Day, smoothies are served at the pool to guarantee perfect relaxation. Alternatively you can visit the beach or the old town. Afterwards the Insomnia Mallorca Kinky Cuddling Kuschelparty takes place.

Tuesday, 29.10.2019

A last time can be chosen from pool party, beach visit or sexy shopping. Afterwards there is again the possibility for rooftop dining. At the Insomnia Mallorca graduation party at Rockefeller’s you can celebrate once again.

Wednesday, 30.10.2019

The last day starts with a final breakfast and transport to the airport.


The tickets for Insomnia Mallorca are already available and just as varied as the event itself. Depending on the event, there are single tickets of different gradations. The trip can also be booked as a weekend holiday. For those who want to experience the whole adventure of the hedonistic lifestyle at the Insomnia Mallorca Week, there is also a complete package.

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