Inside Eronite: How erotic journalism works

By Mario Meyer
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Inside Eronite: How erotic journalism works
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Erotic journalism offers information and entertainment

Erotic journalism informs people about the world of eroticism. The erotic journalist works on location. He or she reports to his or her readers on current trade fairs, new developments and the protagonists of the industry. The texts should not only inform, but also entertain and excite.

Inside Eronite: How erotic journalism works

Erotic journalists write about new sex toys

To have as much fun as possible in bed, aids are a good addition. They bring the necessary variety into the sex life. Companies are constantly developing new products, so many interested parties lose track of them. Erotic journalism has the task of informing the reader about the latest pleasure-enhancing gadgets. For this purpose, the journalist researches daily on the Internet. However, this is not enough. Interviews with manufacturers and users are necessary to obtain good information. He or she summarizes the findings in excitingly written articles. Readers usually have the opportunity to write their own comments on the article and rate the featured products. The erotic journalism helps in the search for suitable websites: Erotic portals on the Internet are indispensable sources of ideas. There are countless sites on the net, not all of them recommendable. Some are even dangerous for the surfer, because they are contaminated with viruses.

German erotic site without viruses

Erotic journalism has the task to introduce new portals to the reader and to evaluate them. Good research involves all elements. The focus is on the content of the page. Are the topics presented current and interesting for the reader? What is the quality of the films? Are the scenes depicted stimulating? Besides the content, the technical side is important. The journalist first looks at the navigation. It is important that the visitor immediately finds his way around the site. The issue of security also comes up. SSL security is essential for a payment gateway. Good erotic journalism educates the reader about possible dangers from viruses, Trojans and other malware.

Inside Eronite: How erotic journalism worksInformation about stars and starlets of the scene

In erotic films play good and not so good actors. Similar to the films of the big studios, there are also film awards in the erotic sector. In Germany, the best films and performers are honored annually at the Venus erotic trade fair. In the US, the most famous film award is the AVN Award, which many viewers refer to as the Oscar of the porn industry. The erotic journalist reports on the award winners in a timely manner. Another important area is the stars of the erotic industry. If you watch erotic movies more often, you will soon have your favorites. The consumer wants to know when a new film about his star will be released and what life the woman or man leads in private. Erotic journalists find suitable information on the net, but for good erotic journalism this is not enough. For topical coverage, the star needs to be interviewed so readers can get first-hand information. A welcome occasion for an article is a celebrity’s birthday.

The journalist is on the spot at important events

Like every industry, the adult industry has its trade shows. Very well known is the above mentioned erotic fair Venus. Erotic journalism reports some time before the event, so that interested parties can keep the date free. At the same time, readers learn about the most important topics of the trade fair in advance. Normally it is not possible to attend all events. Erotic journalism enables the reader to make a choice long before the fair.

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At the event itself, the journalist is present for as long as possible. He reports promptly, if not live, from the scene. The days are filled with interviews, reports on shows and reviews of the latest trends in the adult industry. New reports appear daily. At the end of the event, the journalist writes a summary report that reviews the most important events.

Unterhaltsame Sexgeschichten runden das Angebot abEntertaining stories round off the offer

Strictly speaking, fictional stories do not belong to erotic journalism, nevertheless this area should be mentioned here. You can always find exciting sex stories in erotic portals. These are often based on true events, others are fictitious.

Whether the stories actually happened is always mentioned in the narratives. The erotic tales are meant to entertain the reader first and foremost. They also have another function: like erotic films, they give the reader new ideas. Role-playing or BDSM practices are often described. The reader can experience them in his mind. Afterwards he can try out the described games and sex positions with his partner. Many erotic portals regularly publish new stories. Since these are no longer deleted, a large collection of sex stories is created, so that the user of the portal always finds stimulating reading material.

Many erotic portals are free of charge. The interested party can read the texts and does not even have to log in. Other sites charge a monthly or annual fee. Paid portals often offer quality content in the form of movies, pictures and live sex. Even with sites that don’t have a paywall, it’s possible to build an income with erotic journalism. The operator of the site receives money through the sale of other products.

Inside Eronite: How erotic journalism worksWhat does good erotic journalism cost?

Some sell erotic movies or offer them for download, others get commissions by redirecting visitors to another site. Such models are common in erotic journalism and help authors and site operators to earn a good income. Even those who are only employed by one portal have a salary in line with their status. Many journalists work for multiple sites. They determine their own workload and income. Erotic journalism is becoming increasingly important: only a few journalists work for magazines. Many find their livelihood at erotic portals on the Internet. New pages appear regularly that need good content. This is the field of work of authors and journalists.

Readers not only want to be entertained, but are increasingly demanding reliable information. Successful erotic journalists are good with people and enjoy doing research online. If you know how to prepare exclusive content for the audience in a timely manner, you will find lucrative work in erotic journalism that is fun at the same time.

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