How to make sex above the clouds even more fun

By Daniel Kemper
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How to make sex above the clouds even more fun
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What makes birding up there so special

Sex above the clouds is one of the best things I have ever experienced. And that’s even if I save stupid puns on the subject of “climax”. In this article, you’ll learn all about why you should make this fantasy a reality.

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A flight to Madagascar with sex above the clouds

It must have been seven years since I flew to Madagascar for a vacation. I had never had sex above the clouds. The flight took off in the middle of the night and I fell asleep shortly after takeoff. After a couple of hours, I was woken up by the stewardesses serving breakfast with a trolley. Outside, the sun was just rising and I could see the shadow of the plane gliding across the surfaces of the clouds.

So macht Sex über den Wolken noch mehr Spaß

Of course, like almost all men, I find stewardesses very arousing. That being said, I’ve never really thought about sex above the clouds. It was at that moment that I first noticed the woman sitting across the aisle.

She had long black hair. To this day, I don’t know where it actually came from. This sex above the clouds did not leave too much time to talk. She wore a tight T-shirt, under which her beautifully shaped breasts were clearly visible. And something about the way her fingers were playing with the cord of her headphones made me unable to look away.

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n soon she seemed to notice my gaze, and during the next hour we kept looking at each other. Finally, their gazes became so intense that I felt something begin to stir in my pants. I quickly tried to think of something else. But I could tell that she had seen it. For she smiled, her eyes taking on a slightly staring look.

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The next moment she stood up and walked down the hall, giving me another look over her shoulder. This look left no questions unanswered and my heart began to beat wildly. It was the first, but certainly not the last time I would have sex above the clouds.

What makes airplanes so appealing?

An airplane is a very special place. After all, the conditions there are quite different from other situations. And maybe that’s what makes sex above the clouds so appealing.

So macht Sex über den Wolken noch mehr SpaßFirst of all, it is rather cramped in an airplane. You are high above the clouds. And at the same time, you’re cooped up for the duration of the flight with people you’ve never seen before. This is precisely what sometimes gives rise to a very special erotic tension. Finally, you have enough time to look at the other passengers in peace.

In many other situations, I have to react in a flash when I see a beautiful woman. But on the plane, I can slowly make eye contact and take my time figuring out what to say. Especially if you have a hard time approaching women, sex above the clouds might be the right thing for you!

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But there are other benefits as well. And of course, sex above the clouds is also possible with your partner. Either way, a very important point of tension is the allure of the forbidden. After all, if you go to the bathroom together on an airplane, everyone can see it if there’s any doubt. Even trying to do this as inconspicuously as possible makes me feel hot. And until the very last moment, a very small doubt remains as to whether I have actually understood this attractive woman correctly.

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And last but not least: Often it is the location that makes for good sex. Unusual places make especially women more courageous and easier to conquer. Sex above the clouds is definitely such a case. Be it the breathtaking view, the feeling of weightlessness or sudden turbulence: All this ensures that sex above the clouds becomes an unforgettable experience.

What you should consider when having sex above the clouds

The first step to sex above the clouds is a good flirt. And you can really enjoy it, especially on long flights!

Take your time
Do you know how much longer the flight will be? Then you’ll also know how much time you have left to initiate your sex above the clouds. Even though you should not wait until five minutes before landing, the most important thing is not to rush.

Build eye contact
An important first step is to establish eye contact. For example, if the woman doesn’t pay attention to you at first, you can walk past her a few times in the hallway. Convey to her with your eyes the thought of sex above the clouds.

– Do not be too pushy
You can’t escape from an airplane just like that. This is precisely why women can quickly feel pressured by overly intense advances. Again, you have time. Build up the contact slowly and step by step.

Seize the right moment
Sometimes eye contact has already built up a lot of tension, as in my example. Then sex above the clouds is not far away. Signal to her with gestures and looks that you will be waiting for her in the airplane toilet in a moment.

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Sit next to her
Occasionally, however, it takes a little more. Then at some point the time has come to stand up and sit down next to the chosen one. Or it is the only way at all to establish a longer contact. This applies, for example, if the seating position does not allow for prolonged eye contact. You may also be able to use an excuse when you ask them if you can sit next to them. Say, for example, that your seatmate keeps putting his head on your shoulder while you sleep.

Make sure to close the door properly
Finally, the time has come. You have sex above the clouds! But before that, make sure to close the door of the airplane toilet properly. People tend to forget this in the anticipation, but it can avoid embarrassing incidents.

Because sex above the clouds is in any case an experience that you will not forget so quickly. And perhaps also for couples a very special vacation memory.

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