How does sex with older ladies actually feel?

By Stephan Gubenbauer
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How does sex with older ladies actually feel?
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How does it actually feel to experience sex with older ladies?

My first older crush was my mom’s best friend. At that time I was about 13 and had no sex with older ladies in mind. The lady must have been about 35 to 38 at the time. In the meantime, 30 years have passed, and the conscious lady exerts a certain attraction on me even at well over 60.

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Many men like mature women and secretly dream of having sex with them. But most of the time it remains a wish because they are with a younger partner or one of the same age. Aging whores often don’t find guys with a soft spot for older people particularly desirable. Since they prefer to keep an eye out where they can find willing mature women who have a desire to discover fulfilling sex.

I could never forget my teenage crush

She was my “Mrs. Robinson” as in the movie “The Graduate.” I found her exciting, mysterious and endlessly seductive. I wanted to learn from her and be introduced to physical love. So after the motto “And as a man I saw the sun rise…”, at least as romantic, unforgettable and indescribably horny.

How does sex with older ladies actually feel?

My “Mrs. Robinson” has shaped my image of women. So it is not surprising that my spouse is 12 whole years older than me. For all I care, 25 years could separate us like Emmanuel Macron and his Brigitte. I can only share that sex with older ladies feels wonderful – to me anyway.

A look into my erotic treasure chest

My first sex experience was actually with an older lady. I had a student flat with her at the time, and she seduced me through and through. I was 18 and she was 59, and I certainly wasn’t the first young cock she had indulged in. At some point the lady became so demanding that I fled from her to the dormitory. There I fucked with the fellow students and got to know their firm young flesh. Unfortunately, also her fidgety nature, which I have never experienced during sex with older ladies. They know what they want and lead me resolutely to their goals.

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I love it when mature breasts sag slightly and knead wonderfully. If a woman sits on me and lets her bells swing, it excites me immensely. Just like the deep, slightly humming sound that rises from her throat during orgasm. For me, this is the epitome of feminine sensuality. Squeals and moans during climax don’t sound half as sharp to my ears.

What I find so stunning about mature women

Surely it is unfair to compare, but I am much more turned on by the desire of mature women than the desire of the young. When having sex with older ladies, I simply hand over the responsibility for a good and satisfying number. I let them do it and do well with it. If I fuck younger women, which happens very rarely since I got married, I feel responsible for making them come before me. I feel an inner pressure and am not as free as with an older sex partner.

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Mature women know their body and its individual needs. They don’t keep that like a secret, but they let their lovers in on it. When having sex with older ladies, we both benefit from the fact that I am well briefed, so to speak. I know what the lady wants and how to go about driving her to ecstasy. What I do not know yet, I get during foreplay or fucking. For example, the desire for a certain position or practice.

Sex with older ladies: the greatest for me

Mature women with experience usually know very well how to use their legs during lovemaking. Tight calves on my shoulders or around my hips put me in strong arousal. My desire quickly transfers to the woman who is nibbling me. Her cheeks redden, her lips shine, I can see the tip of her tongue. The wet paradise between her legs begins to drip and demands my tongue, my fingers, my cock. Sexual attunement simply works better with older ladies, that’s my experience.

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Despite my happy marriage, I sometimes cheat, fuck both younger and older women. Occasionally I do it with mother and daughter here in the neighborhood. However, if I have a choice, I always prefer sex with older ladies. But it doesn’t happen as often as it did when I was a youngster. I’m already too old for really sophisticated Cougars, they want Boys in their twenties.

In my sex fantasies, however, I enjoy plenty of encounters with seductive older women. It also happens that I look at jerking old women in porn. Although they have little to do with the erotic mature ladies who are clearly my collar and will remain so.

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