How can I tell that she wants to have sex with me?

By Daniel Kemper
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How can I tell that she wants to have sex with me?
How can I tell that she wants to have sex with me?

When does a woman want to have sex with me?

How do I know if she wants to sleep with me? Many a man has certainly asked himself this question more than once. Because not everyone is aware of the signals women send when they are ready for sex. Most of the time, they don’t show it quite as obviously as men might prefer.

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I’m an experienced guy in my mid-40s and I’m sharing a few insights from my varied life here. This is not about situations in relationships, but about the time before – when a man is often not sure whether he can land sexually with a woman. When he is tormented by the question: Does she want to do it with me or not? How can I tell she is clearly sexually interested?

I register their touches

With Marisa I found it clear: she wanted to have sex with me, and the signs were unmistakable. If a woman is a little shy, her touches tend to be more reserved. Marisa, on the other hand, went all out right away! She did not stop to touch my hand or arm. Her fingers I soon felt on my thigh and a little above. In this respect, Marisa was a stroke of luck: with her, there was no doubt as to whether she wanted intimacy or not. Women with an uncontrollable urge to touch undoubtedly express sexual interest.

How can I tell that she wants to have sex with me?

She gets on my heels

Wherever I was, Tanja was also to be found. In this way she made it clear to me that she was keen on sex with me. This real sweetheart always found a way to be near me. Whenever and wherever we met, she stayed by my side. Apparently she felt strongly attracted to me, without really being aware of it at first. This made the whole thing even more exciting, and the question of whether Tanja wanted to sleep with me soon no longer arose.

She stares at me: Does she want sex with me?

Sarah just wouldn’t let me out of her sight. Her gaze followed me at every turn. She did not dare to reveal right away that she wanted to have sex with me. But her eyes betrayed her.

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Because a woman who desires a man usually succeeds badly in averting her gaze from him. When I looked at Sarah, I felt drawn to and attracted by her eyes. Who would not become weak there!

Their kisses turn out passionate

At the latest during the first kiss it was clear to me that Dorit was out for unrestrained fucking. Because this was not a tender and especially not a short kiss! She put real passion and obviously wanted to prove her temperament. She succeeded convincingly and seductively! My experience says that when a woman kisses me so provocatively, she is ready for more. I have never been wrong in this respect. Hot kisses are a totally clear signal!

We dance together

Before Alexandra finally made love to me, she wanted to be as close as possible. She danced at close quarters with me and snuggled up to me. I quickly understood that she considered dancing together like foreplay. She visibly enjoyed turning me on and then keeping a little distance again. After I understood the rules of the game, I danced with her more often and finally reached the goal: we spent an unforgettable night together.

In conversation I find out if she is up for sex with me

With this tactic I was successful with Helen: There was a noticeable sizzle between us, and she showed lively interest in my erotic past life and my special inclinations. Of course, I was not tempted to brag about the number of conquests I had.

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I told about my last separation and what sexual reasons had led to it. I quickly realized how exciting and arousing Helen found my report. Our further conversation was also mostly about sex – and that was it.

I am invited to her home

A woman who doesn’t want anything from me doesn’t invite me to her apartment – I am and remain convinced of that. I was not wrong about Saskia and some others in this respect. However, I must admit that an invitation home can also be a sign of trust. Therefore, I prefer not to expect that I will necessarily be seduced by a woman at her home. If I feel that she is longing for skin contact, I may take the initiative. But I proceed gently and not clumsily.

I understand their body language

Karina kept running her fingers through her red mane, twisting the ends of her hair around her fingers. Bettina, on the other hand, stroked her upper arms in a tour, and Judith sat opposite me with her legs slightly open. If a woman behaves towards me and does not hide the attraction I have for her, it is rarely overlooked.

Whether she is into me and wants to have sex with me can be quickly determined. Because her body language reveals more than she might be able to express with words. How I respond depends on how appealing I find the woman.

More signs if she wants sex with me

Some women take an offensive approach – like Emilie, who told me as soon as we met that she found me attractive. I don’t mind being hit on so directly. But I do not always take advantage of the opportunity, because I am picky. With Emilie, however, I immediately bit, because she was a really sharp slut.

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I also like it when a refined woman like Verena takes her time until the first sex. Because nothing beats the tingle while something is brewing, I think. But the tension should be skillfully maintained – with frivolous news and tingling surprises. Then it turns out how hot we really are for each other.

My advice is not to think so much about whether a woman actually wants to have sex with me. Better to let it run and pay attention to the various relevant signals. However, if these remain absent, I am probably not her type, or she is taken and faithful.

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