HOT SLATE – New Magazine on the Erotic Market

By Laura Buschmann
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HOT SLATE – New Magazine on the Erotic Market
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There is a new erotic magazine in the magazine trade

At a time when the world is dominated by multimedia and the Internet is ubiquitous, a traditional print magazine seems rather old-fashioned. Nevertheless, the new porn magazine dares to take this step and that’s a good thing. Even if Nerds don’t like to hear it, the good old printed magazine has its advantages. Who gets itself in the coming January HOT SLATE in the erotic store, can see that with own eyes.

HOT SLATE - Neues Magazin auf dem ErotikmarktWhy HOT SLATE as a printed magazine?

The topic of sex and eroticism is a broad field and many readers want to see more than just hot pictures. Information on the Internet is largely personalized. The artificial intelligence behind the offers filters out what has to interest the reader. This has the disadvantage that the reader does not get any information outside his field of interest. Regular reading of HOT SLATE opens up new possibilities for the reader. He gets to know porn stars he has never seen before and discovers exciting films. Every new issue of HOT SLATE is a unique voyage of discovery.

Of course, the sensual aspect is not neglected either. With a printed magazine, the reader can browse through the pages, once with this film or that porn star dwell. When reading HOT SLATE, the customer can relax, which is not so easy with the Internet due to the many distractions.

What HOT SLATE offers its readers

The theme of HOT SLATE is eroticism. The buyer reads exciting reports from the current locations of the hottest erotic films. He finds interviews with models, producers and other participants in erotic films.

Watch girls from the magazine

HOT SLATE evaluates the latest erotic films and describes their content. The information on the portals is not very productive in this respect. Here the magazine closes a gap and gives to the reader a decision assistance in the unmissable erotic market to the hand.

HOT SLATE prices and purchase options

The first issue will be published in January 2020 and three issues of 60 pages each are planned per year. The price is 6.90 euros. It will be available in selected sex shops and mail order companies.

Eronite's erotic news now available in three languages

If you are in a hurry and would like to take a look at the newspaper, you can get a free test edition on 13 September. The cover picture shows Annabel Massima. There is also a report about 25 years of Marquis magazine. If you don’t get a copy, just come to the VENUS in Berlin. Free issues are also available at the Cute and Dangerous XXX booth.

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