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Helga Unterwasser – Germany’s only female fetish film director

Rope Artist (Bondage) – Director – Film Producer

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Helga Unterwasser - Eronite

Helga Unterwasser has many responsibilities at Eronite Movie Productions.

In the beginning she was responsible for the castings of the actresses and actors, but soon she developed a feeling for the subtleties of the sadomasochistic film. And directed several Eronite productions herself.

She always paid attention to the authenticity of the protagonists and sometimes even let a scene run without interruption in order to make the film more lively and truthful in the end. She prevailed in an industry dominated by men and, despite all resistance, her wife is a fetish film producer.

Besides her confessing love for bondage, Helga Unterwasser also stands for alternative life concepts. She herself made her first experiences with polyamority and relationship anarchy at an early age. Since 2012 she has lived as a Rope Artist (and since 2015 together with her bondage partner) on Mallorca, where she earns her living by producing bondage films, teaching aesthetic bondage and offering Shibari sessions.

Helga Unterwasser and Bondage – an irresistible combination

Helga Unterwasser loves bondage. Even more: Helga Unterwasser and Bondage simply belong together. It is an almost irresistible combination. No wonder: The young woman, who was born in Berlin in 1984, not only loves bondage, she also lives it. It is her passion and her calling. “Bondage is art for me,” she says, and doesn’t mean that professional lacing requires some skill. She’s more interested in the aesthetic standards she has as a successful director and bondage artist.

Helga Unterwasser and Bondage – Videos and real life

Before Helga Unterwasser placed bondage at the centre of her life and earned money with it, she began training as a tax specialist at the Oberfinanzdirektion in Berlin. A short time later, she went into business for herself as a financial services provider. In both areas, however, her creativity seemed to fall by the wayside. And of course her imagination. Apparently, that wasn’t the life she wanted to lead. In fact, one can hardly imagine a greater contrast than that between a German office and the fetish scene. Helga Unterwasser and Bondage must have met quite early. She herself reports that she discovered her love for the knots through BDSM. Whether it was love on the first attempt is not clear. In any case, Delgado quickly developed into a pioneer of the scene.

Helga Unterwasser – a power woman in the erotic industry

The focus was and still is on film production. Not only did she make a name for herself surprisingly quickly as a producer and director, she was also the only fetish film producer in Germany for many years. Of course, her productions were always about BDSM and especially bondage. Between 2006 and 2015 alone, she produced more than 150 DVDs and over 35,000 clips.

She is regarded as one of the most important and successful heads of Eronite Movie Productions, the label she primarily works for. The films and clips were one side of the story. But the other side is real life, in which Helga Unterwasser Bondage also plays an important role. It’s obviously not just part of her sexuality, but part of her lifestyle as a whole. It is not for nothing that she regularly makes it into the media – from BILD to Vox and RTL2 to Mallorca Magazine.

Helga Unterwasser and Bondage – an exceptional lifestyle

One could say that Helga Unterwasser has made bondage a bit popular in Germany and beyond. She has been living on Mallorca for several years now. There she offers workshops and sessions for everyone who is interested in the high art of knots. In the workshops she passes on her knowledge and experience to others. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an advanced knotter. She is also available for performances and photo shoots. One of her most exciting projects is certainly “Bondage in Public”, in which she and a partner practice sophisticated lacing in public space around the world, for example on a busy street.

Osada Steve - a portrait of the bondage god

She has already hung rope bunnies (that’s how the passives, the “victims” who are tied up) on the landing stages in Hamburg or in the Elbe tunnel there, as well as on Mallorca on the Ballermann. Or on the Placa España, a very busy square in the middle of Palma. In Berlin, a shopping centre had to believe it was there. And even above the clouds in an airplane a girl on her seat has already tied her up to a beautiful package. Again in Palma there was a Helga Unterwasser bondage in a Ferris wheel. So you could say: Helga Unterwasser and Bondage have arrived in the middle of society. Okay, that’s not quite true yet. But at least they seem to be open-minded and curious about their extraordinary lifestyle.

Helga Unterwasser and Bondage – her heart is still attached to film production

Even though for Helga Unterwasser bondage is more than just any fetish. According to her own statement, her heart is still attached to film production. It has long been proven that she has a knack for this. A series of recognitions such as the nominations for the Venus Awards for Best Director in 2012, 2013 and 2014 speak for themselves. She will therefore continue to remain true to film making and otherwise try her hand at numerous other projects. Of course, Helga Unterwasser always has bondage as a part of it – sometimes more, sometimes less.