Xisca Bond is the German dream of all men

By Julia Moreno
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German_Dream_18 is the German dream of all men
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The future German dream of all men introduces itself

My name is Franziska Bond, but everyone just says the Spanish abbreviation “Xisca” to me. “Franzi” or something like that would be too ordinary for me and since I’m pretty extraordinary, that wouldn’t have fit. So everyone who loves me and my big tits say Xisca Bond or simply Xisca to me. the X is pronounced like a “Tsch”, so actually quite simple 😉.

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By the way, I find it not so easy to describe myself here as the dream of all men. After all, I’m only 19 years old – and a pretty curious teen girl. Everything that has to do with sex is of burning interest to me. I am totally fascinated by it. Maybe this is what my body was really made for. Anyway, I’m secretly convinced I’m an upcoming porn star. I like hard anal sex best, when I’m fucked really brutally in the ass. An ass fuck in my tight butt is divine, some have already told me. I am an Analteen through and through.

Straight to the tits girl

In fact, I give everything to become a kind of Porn Princess. Just look at what horny and natural big tits I have. Everything is real and feels wonderful, believe me. I love to feel men’s hands on my boobs. Convince yourselves on the portal www.german-dream-18.com, which I have for sharp curves. It’s important for me to get a lot of fans to accompany my way into the porn business. These are supposed to be normal users, I don’t want to take off.

German_Dream_18: My name is program

German_Dream_18 is the German dream of all men
Photo: www.german-dream-18.com

I chose this stage name myself. I think he’s good in terms of an international career. Of course I know that big tits are not a unique selling point. But mine are now particularly large, tight and generally the hammer. Somehow I think sometimes: And if now every leek jerks on my horny horns? But I guess that’s part of it when a teen girl like me wants to become the dream of all men. Have I set my sights too high? My friend Lilly says my curves are the hottest. Well, she’s pretty skinny herself and has only hard nipples, but no curves like me. Guess what cup size I have. The connoisseurs among you will certainly appreciate correctly.

The dream of all men – how it sounds! But I guess it’s like this: a sweet face like mine and a body that leaves nothing to be desired, those are the bringers. There every guy can fantasize something together and imagine how he lays me. And I have nothing against that. As an upcoming porn star, some practice will definitely do me good. I arrange to meet for two, but I am also at the gangbang. My three greedy holes want to be plugged. Throat fuck, pussy fuck, anal fuck – the words alone get me going.

Busty teen girl wants to become dream of all men

One thing I’ve already figured out: it’s often about ass sex today. Can a young pussy no longer attract a man from behind the stove? I think so, clean-shaven as I am. But above all, I firmly believe that big tits are still the burner. I can see the guys staring at my boobs, young guys as well as old bucks. And also a lot of chicks. No envy, ladies, I think then and stick my things out even further. I really enjoy performing as the dream of all men.

Straight to the tits girl

Big tits look especially good in certain clothes. At www.german-dream-18.com or www.4based.club you will find corresponding “illustrative material”. Don’t you think my boobs should be there for everyone? It makes me completely horny to imagine someone jerking off to it. We women have quite a lot of power, or am I overestimating myself or the so-called weapons of women?

German_Dream_18 for pocket money sex

I don’t want to work as an escort. After all, I have only just finished school. Now I want to go to castings and gradually gain a foothold in the porn industry. With my stage name it should actually work, right? I’m still a teenygirl, and many people like fresh meat, I’ve been told. Besides, I am absolutely horny for sex. Who meets with me, may fuck me and against small money. Enough to buy me new lingerie or cosmetics. Of course I am not as expensive as an escort, I am not a professional. But who knows, maybe one day I will become an escort model?!

That's why every girl should get it on with another woman.
German_Dream_18 is the German dream of all men
Photo: www.german-dream-18.com

But I much prefer to see myself as a porn star newcomer. I want to learn and work my way up to become every man’s dream. I have already watched a lot of porn. In this respect, I know roughly what could be demanded of me. Blowjobs for example I find full hot and brutal assfucks. I have no inhibitions about that at all. Just how different the tails are. As different as the breasts of women. How could you get bored with the porn business! From today’s perspective, I think I could do this for years. Even if I’m no longer a teenage girl at some point.

You may write to me

Do you like big tits and wet fuck holes? So let’s hear from you. I’ll meet a guy or get invited to gangbang. As I said, for a little pocket money. Who wants to smooch my boobs and suck my nipples, comes loosely at his expense. My skin is tight and smells seductive, and I am an all-around delightful teen girl. Of course, I already noticed in puberty how I affect guys. To this day I have remained extra without a boyfriend, because I want to be the dream of all men. And the emphasis is on all, I swear. A single guy probably can’t do me justice. This is not to sound arrogant, but so I feel it, because I just love it when several guys finish me off so right, pull through to the stripe and thread and pump all my holes with their sperm, best at the same time!

Straight to the tits girl

So have courage, guys, and write to me. You may also be more mature or even old. As far as I know, grandpas in particular are hot for a teen girl who also has big tits. I like to be groped and also agree with a velvet shower on my boobs. Suggest a date and meeting place. Then you will learn that I have what it takes to become the dream of all men. I am aware that it takes more than big tits. But I have more sharp turns that can’t be missed. As I said, I am triple fuckable, just a real three-hole mare in young.

German_Dream_18: Will I be the German dream of all men?

German_Dream_18 is the German dream of all men
Photo: www.german-dream-18.com

You now know that I am really striving for this goal. But I still want to learn and therefore make as many exciting and exciting acquaintances. And introduce myself on various casting couches. And take test shots. I firmly believe that I not only have a striking body, but also talent. I feel comfortable in my body and move naturally even naked. Because I have nothing to hide. Instead, I have a lot to show: tight big tits that do not rock, but quiver when fucked.

My ass, legs and pussy are also worth seeing. Solo sex I have mostly in front of the mirror, then I get super fast hot. If I then still imagine I get it as a desirable German dream of all men…. You can hardly imagine how horny this idea makes me. Then I would like to be present at a gangbang, where several guys eat me up one after the other. Or two pop me as a sandwich. Just the thought of it makes me all fuzzy!

The best thing is to contact me right away

I eagerly await your feedback. Perhaps there is one among you who does not quite dare. I want to encourage you, because it’s the somewhat reserved ones that turn me on. During our sex date I like to take over the direction. After all, you are not dealing with some sweet teen girl, but with the future dream of all men. You can help make me famous and well-known. I promise you, you won’t regret it. Who loves big tits and a young juice pussy, is with me at the right address!

Photos: www.german-dream-18.com

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