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A gene for homosexuality does not exist

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Ein Gen für Homosexualität existiert nicht

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Gene for homosexuality – is being gay hereditary?

How many people feel sexually attracted to people of the same sex is uncertain. In anonymous surveys, between 1 and 3.5 percent of respondents profess to be gays or lesbians. And in fact, however, it is likely to be much more because homosexuality is still considered a blemish by the public. In a study involving nearly 500,000 people in the US and UK, researchers tried to find out if there was a gene for homosexuality.

A gene for homosexuality does not existA gene for homosexuality – what did the investigation reveal?

The scientists suspected that there is a gene for homosexuality, because love for persons of the same sex occurs above average in some identical twins and in certain families. In long and complicated investigations, the researchers wanted to find out whether there was such a thing. The result of the study in one word: No. There is no gene for homosexuality.

Although genetic influences also play a role, many other factors are far more important. Whether someone becomes gay or lesbian depends practically on chance. Apart from that, the number of people who at least occasionally feel attracted to the same sex is far greater than previously assumed. It is estimated that at least one third of all people have had homosexual contacts before. Most people, however, suppress this.

What does the result of the study prove?

The fact that no gene for homosexuality could be found deprives the claim that love for a partner of the same sex would be a degeneration or disease of the ground. The basic idea behind this study is homophobic. He assumed that there could be a gene for homosexuality and that science could find it.

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Those who continue the thought then come to the logical conclusion that homosexuality is a kind of hereditary disease that can one day be cured by modern genetic engineering by “repairing” the genetic for being gay.

Human sexuality is diverse

The fact that it was not possible to find a gene for homosexuality is a great success for gays and lesbians. Their statements that homosexuality is normal were confirmed by this. Nobody chooses whether they are heterosexual or homosexual. The sexual orientation depends on many factors.

Chance and external influences also play an important role. The frequency with which sexual orientation is common does not say whether it is good or bad. The rainbow flag of the LGBT movement expresses it correctly. All people are equal. Neither is there a gene for homosexuality nor is it a disease.

What does this mean for everyday life?

In Germany, discrimination against gays and lesbians is officially prohibited. In practice, however, it is unfortunately still widespread. This must finally end! For example, there is still the prejudice that same-sex couples should not have children, because otherwise the child could also become homosexual.

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This is complete nonsense because the child’s later sexual orientation is not predictable. How the child develops, whether it becomes a good or bad person, “normal” or homosexual, does not depend on a gene for homosexuality (which does not exist anyway). Despite this scientifically proven finding, same-sex couples still find it difficult to adopt children. That must change.

There is no gene for homosexuality. It is not a disease, abnormality or genetic defect to be gay, lesbian or bisexual. Life is as colourful as a rainbow!

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