Die Stewardess gepoppt im Flugzeug nach Bangkok

By Carlos Galvez Otoño
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Die Stewardess gepoppt im Flugzeug nach Bangkok
Die Stewardess gepoppt im Flugzeug nach Bangkok
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A lot of fun above the clouds on the way to Bangkok

I have been single for almost three months now and enjoy my new, free life very much. Since not only my girlfriend left me, but I also had to move out of our shared apartment in Stuttgart, I moved back to Frankfurt, where I originally come from. Now I was just in Bangkok in Thailand. What happened to me here on the plane that I fucked a stewardess, but probably no one believes me anyway.

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Die Stewardess gepoppt im Flugzeug nach Bangkok

More passengers were not there?

I took the plane to Bangkok very early in the morning and was to land in the Thai metropolis after a good thirteen hours of flying time. To my great surprise, there were only a handful of passengers at the gate. For such a long flight, this was extremely unusual. Maybe it was the time of day, because it was just before 5am. Should that be all of them? Would anyone else come? No, it remained with the few passengers and quickly all boarded the plane. Most sat up front, but I preferred a seat in the back rows, as usual. Here I had everything in the overview and could also get out my cock to jerk off without being watched by curious fellow travelers.

Mal 'ne Flugbegleiterin flachlegen?

“Boarding completed” sounded from the intercom and the crew began the safety demonstrations for us few travelers. Here I immediately noticed a dark-haired flight attendant. She was relatively tall, very slim and had her black hair tied in a ponytail as usual for stewardesses. Her bust almost burst the white blouse she was wearing. A real eye-catcher, then.

She also had a beautiful face, although a bit too brown for my personal taste. She had already smiled at me several times, but I was unsure if she wasn’t doing that with all the passengers. Sure, I would have liked to fuck the stewardess, but in the plane something like that was then rather not possible.

Die Stewardess gepoppt im Flugzeug nach BangkokThe pretty flight attendant grinned at me all the time already

At some point, we lifted off the ground. After about fifteen minutes we had reached cruising altitude. The seatbelt signs went out, I unbuckled my seatbelt and immediately turned my attention back to my cock. I freed it from the tight pants and was about to take it in my hand when the pretty stewardess grinned at me. Had she overheard anything?

However, I quickly put my willy back in as a precaution. I’ve been caught as an exhibitionist before, but I didn’t want to fly out of a plane either. Well, during the flight that would have been bad anyway, but a penalty would probably have awaited me and I could do without that more than well.

Erotische Geschichten im Erotikmagazin

Since the overnight flight to Bangkok lasted almost thirteen hours, most passengers fell asleep at some point. The cabin was darkened anyway. I also folded my seat back and tried to make myself as comfortable as possible. In business class, which I received as a free upgrade, I at least had a little more space and almost something that could have been called a bed.

When I went to brush my teeth and went to the back to the washrooms, the cute flight attendant was sitting bored in her little corner, drinking a coffee and eating a muffin. I gathered all my courage and approached her.

Die Stewardess gefickt im Flugzeug nach Mallorca | Kostenlose Sexgeschichte

Damn – she had caught me!

“Bon appétit, pretty lady,” I smiled, “bon appétit!”
She grinned back and said, “Thank you. Are you finished, young man?”
“Done with what?”, I bristled.

“Well you were just satisfying yourself earlier when you thought no one would see,” she replied perkily.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so red-faced, couldn’t get a word out, and didn’t go to the airplane restroom, but straight back to my seat. Damn, she had seen me after all. But somehow she seemed to have stayed cool. Maybe something would work with her in the air?! So far I had never fucked a stewardess, not even on the ground.

When I was still sitting there with a red head, the hot flight attendant suddenly sat down and took me. “Don’t worry about it. It’s at night, everyone’s asleep.” – “Hopefully not the pilot,” I pressed out and she had to laugh.

Mal 'ne Flugbegleiterin flachlegen?

“He’s fully in his element and has more of an eye on his colleague,” she winked. As she said this, she put her hand on my thigh. I thought to dream!

“I noticed you as soon as I got in,” she switched from you to you, sexily brushing a strand of hair out of her face. “Why are you flying alone?” she wanted to know.

Have fucked a flight attendant at least once in your life!

“We have to be quiet,” she breathed into my ear, meanwhile stroking the considerable bulge in my pants that was already clearly visible. She licked her lips, smiled at me and bent down to my cock, which she was already eagerly massaging through my leg dress. She unzipped and freed my bursting hard-on from its prison.

She pulled back the foreskin a bit and licked with her warm tongue over my already wet glans. Man was that cool! I groaned and wanted to push her head down further with my hands, but she fought this off and made a refusing gesture with her index finger.

Die Stewardess gepoppt im Flugzeug nach BangkokI had not yet popped on the plane either

To have fucked a stewardess – a dream come true! I tried to pull myself together while she spoiled my best piece with her mouth, but it was not easy. My eyes wandered along her body. In this position, her butt was also not to be sneezed at. It almost looked as if her tight butt would burst the tight skirt.

While she sucked, licked and sucked on my privates, she kept looking at me with an imperious look. God – I was in heaven! Fucked a stewardess, I had never done that before, and now the dream would come true even during the flight. Suddenly she looked up at me and I had a clear view of her breasts. Her breasts almost jumped out at me, so much did the blouse constrict the two beauties. I reached for her breast and squeezed hard. They were definitely real and so shapely. I really wanted to see this hot stewardess naked.

When I reached for her blouse to rip it open, she slapped my hands away and shook her head decisively. Then she got up and went back to economy class. You could see the disappointment in my face. Then I guess I won’t be fucked by the hot stewardess after all….

Left sharpened – Not like this!

If the cute flight attendant didn’t want to finish it, I just had to do it myself. All of a sudden she came back and gave me a nasty look. What had I done wrong? After all, she had just left. “Patience,” she whispered. How could I be patient when she gets me so hot and then just leaves? My cock was hard as a steel pipe and I was ready to cum. She moaned in my ear and grabbed my hard spanking. I bit my lower lip to keep from shooting off immediately. When will I finally get fucked by this stewardess?

Mal 'ne Flugbegleiterin flachlegen?

As she was about to walk away again, I slapped her ass. She turned around and I whispered, “Stay here and I’ll fuck you like no one else ever has.” She couldn’t help smiling. It seemed to have made her curious. “You better not overestimate yourself,” she countered. I wasn’t going to take that lying down. It would be a laugh if I didn’t get this stewardess fucked!

I sat up and pulled her close to me. Then I reached under her skirt and pulled down her black lace thong. I pushed up her skirt and ran my tongue along her inner thigh.

As I got closer and closer to her wet, juicy center, she began to moan and grabbed my hair. “Don’t. My colleague…” she moaned. I threw myself on my back again and pulled her with me. She licked at my neck and grabbed courageously at my sack. Then her colleague from economy class came in. Maybe I’ll get fucked by the other stewardess, too, it ran through my head….

Die Stewardess gepoppt im Flugzeug nach BangkokA flight attendant fucked and so right!

My horny stewardess got up and went over to her colleague. I was alone again with my huge boner. I used their short chat to grab my panties. Apparently she was already really keen on me. I didn’t want to finish it myself. I wanted to be fucked by this stewardess not only fucked, but really fucked! When the colleague left again, I got up to get what I wanted. My thought of the other stewardess screwing me was definitely forgotten. I grabbed the horny black-haired short under her butt and carried her back to my place. There was only one other man and woman in business class. He seemed to be sound asleep and so was she. Good thing my place was so far away from them.

I put them down in front of my seat, which had been converted into a bed, and sat down. “I guess you forgot to serve a guest. A stewardess fucks her guests with pleasure,” I whispered with a cheeky grin. She shook her head with a smile and bit her lower lip. With a flick of her wrist, she undid the top button of her blouse. A bra covered with lace flashed at me.

I could almost see her nipples. I would have loved to just bite into it. I pulled her closer to me while she slowly unbuttoned her blouse further. I ran my hand along her back until I reached her bra. A short movement and it was open. Finally! In a moment I should have fucked a stewardess!

Cheeky grinned at me the flight attendant

I nibbled on one of her nipples. She moaned and clawed at my back. Then she pushed me back. She pulled a condom out of her pocket and tore open the wrapper with her teeth. Then she put it on my wet, shiny glans. I wanted to pull it over but she shook her head with a cheeky grin and came closer and closer to my cock with her mouth. She opened her mouth and gradually pushed the condom deeper with her lips. I can’t take it anymore! I curled up in the seat and moaned loudly. She pressed her hand on my mouth. “Keep it down!” she hissed.

Mal 'ne Flugbegleiterin flachlegen?

A slight grumble came from the man sleeping further ahead. I hope no one wakes up while the stewardess is pampering me. She turned her back to me and took off her skirt. After that she bent far forward so that I could examine her horny backside. I felt with my hand how wet it was. My fingers penetrated deep into her. She groaned.

“Keep it down,” I whispered with a slight laugh in my voice, slapping her butt with my other hand. I played with her some more until I pulled my fingers out again and she sat down on my stiff cock. She moaned and I clawed my way into her plump, tight ass. With her wild up and down, her huge breasts bobbed along swingingly. At this sight I could have cum immediately, but she stood up again shortly before.

She bent over and started massaging my sack with her tongue. I could not stop moaning. I grabbed her ponytail and pulled her back up to me. Then I licked her wet center. She only tried to moan softly, but it was visibly difficult for her. With one hand she clawed tightly into another seat and with her other hand she grabbed my hair.

She couldn’t take it anymore. Our little game had already made her so hot that she moaned loudly when she came. Quickly we ducked down. I had fucked the hot stewardess, but I was far from finished.

Now it’s my turn, I’ve never fucked a stewardess!

No one seemed to have noticed anything about our adventure. It’s a good thing the flight to Bangkok took so long. Now there was still enough time for the stewardess to fuck me. She got up from my lap, exhausted. “That wasn’t all,” I whispered decisively. I kneaded her breasts while she massaged my scrotum. We started making out wildly. A heavy moan went back and forth between us. I still fuck this stewardess today! I had never fucked so well.

Von 40 auf 3: in 15 Tagen zum Schluckspecht

I stood up and bent her over. Then I penetrated her and pushed hard. She moaned loudly for a moment and then bit into a cushion lying on the seat. My balls slapped against her, which only made her more ecstatic. This makes me so horny! I grabbed her tightly and got faster and faster.

She came again. I wanted to spread my juice all over her body. “Let me cum all over you,” I moaned. Hardly pronounced, she grabbed courageously into my bag. I slapped her butt, then pulled my boner out of her to bursting. Not much was missing!

She pulled down the rubber and let my cock disappear in her mouth. I felt how she drove up and down with her tongue. She sucked hard on my hard tube. A slight nibble made me groan briefly. In a moment I will have fucked the stewardess! I grabbed her head to penetrate further into her.

This time there was no dismissive gesture. “Yes!”, I moaned and jerked off into her mouth. She clawed into my ass and swallowed my juice. Finally I had fucked the stewardess. She licked her lips sexily. Then she kissed me on my wet glans and licked it again. Suddenly we heard footsteps coming closer.

Stewardess fucked: Did she catch us?

The not-so-quiet moan had caught the other flight attendant’s attention. She stepped inside and looked around. We were still able to duck fast enough so that she couldn’t see us. The other passengers still seemed to be asleep. “That was a close one,” I whispered.

“I’m going to check on her for a minute so she doesn’t think I’m not working,” the hot stewardess replied, quickly dressing and following her colleague into economy class. In fact, I had fucked a stewardess! I was actually fucked by a stewardess. Hard to believe and that during the flight.

Mal 'ne Flugbegleiterin flachlegen?

I seemed to have dozed off for a moment after that and was then awakened by a wild licking of my cock. There was the hot stewardess again. I immediately got a steel hard boner again. She took him deep into her mouth. The stewardess turned me on again. Please don’t let this flight be a dream, I thought to myself. Her intense sucking and sucking drove me crazy. She ran her tongue from my cock up to my belly button.

It continued over my muscular chest, down my neck to my mouth. Then she nibbled on my lower lip. I slapped her on the butt. It clapped loudly. “A stewardess takes pleasure in fucking her passengers,” she breathed in my ear. Apparently, she had liked the spell.

A wild ride in business class

She sat down on my lap and started riding me wildly. I tore open her blouse and pressed my face between her huge melons. Her soft breasts rubbed against my face. I took a deep breath and licked her breasts. It smelled like wild, uninhibited sex. I kneaded her tight ass and felt my way further and further into the middle. The closer I got to her pubic area, the harder it was for her to stay calm. I slowly ran my finger along between her cheeks.

She started pleasuring herself with her hand while she rode me. I opened her braid. After a brief shake of the head, I could look at her long, black mane. She was so hot as a rat! At the same time we reached the climax. She moaned loudly when I poked really deep into her with my huge boner for the final shot.

Sexgeile Ferienerlebnisse mit Rahel und Thai-Ni

I had fucked the stewardess and for the third time. I was completely exhausted and just wanted to sleep. After all, the stewardess had also fucked me and twice. She got dressed and went back to her work. That was really a hot game.

Farewell with a view to more

The pilot called through the landing. I was still all sweaty from the wild act. After landing, I walked past the hot stewardess to exit the plane. “You know how to bang a stewardess,” she said, winking at me. As a parting shot, I grabbed her plump butt once more and whispered, “Maybe we can do this again. After all, I’m flying back again sometime. Your colleague can then also join in with pleasure.” Then I stuck a card with my number between her plump breasts and left.

This is how I fucked the stewardess and this is how I was fucked by the stewardess. It was a great flight to Bangkok that I certainly won’t forget. Would it be possible to repeat this experience?

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