Find a girlfriend as a shy man

By Valérie Francès-Pecker
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Find a girlfriend as a shy man
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Birds of a feather flock together

Finding a girlfriend seems easy in this day and age. One look on the internet and you have a wide choice. Nevertheless, the reality often looks different. In the following article I will show you how easy it is to find a nice partner even as a shy, introverted man and to start a lasting relationship with her.

Finding a girlfriend is possible even as a shy man

Als schüchterner Mann eine Freundin findenYou wouldn’t be reading these lines if you didn’t feel lonely and would like to have a girlfriend. You may think extroverted men who are the center of attention at every party have an easier time finding a girlfriend. Since you’re shy, you’ll have fewer chances. This thinking is wrong and prevents you from finding happiness.

There are countless types of women and men. The spectrum ranges from completely extroverted to completely introverted. Somewhere on that spectrum, you are too. This is equally true for women. When extroverted men find a girlfriend, more often than not it’s a woman who is just as happy to come out of her shell. Sometimes even introverted women succumb to the charms of a man who knows how to pretend well. But that usually doesn’t last long.

Stop looking at the men who pick up a different woman every night. It just makes you insecure. There are plenty of women in any disco or dating portal who are introverts looking for a boyfriend. You just have to find those women.

This makes it easy for you to find a girlfriend, as extroverted men are usually not interested in these women. To find a girlfriend, look out for women who don’t flirt with men all the time or have fewer friends on portals. Here you can discover some treasures and maybe find not only a girlfriend, but a partner for life.

Die besten Girls von Fik-Fok

Build self-confidence and find a girlfriend

The problem with finding a girlfriend is mostly on your own. Not at your lack of looks because you’re too short or not quick-witted enough. Your biggest handicap in most cases is that you compare yourself to others. You enviously look at the party animals who are surrounded by women and seem to have no problem finding a girlfriend. Stop always looking at the other men.

It’s much more important to recognize yourself and stand by it. How many times have you caught yourself criticizing yourself for not being able to get a girlfriend again today, for not even approaching a woman. View your qualities favorably, take pride in them, and see them as very special, because they are.

This is not easy, but it is the first step to more self-confidence. It’s helpful to bring your good qualities to your awareness. Open a word processing program on your computer or simply take a sheet of paper. Now write down all the good qualities you are proud of. Take your time about it. If you can’t think of anything else, put the list aside and continue it the next day. It’s better to deal with it over a longer period of time anyway. You don’t change your attitude towards yourself overnight. This can and may take a few weeks.

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The horror question: how many sex partners did you have before me?Once shy, now very self-confident. Daniel Kemper reveals tips on how to pick up women and tells erotic experiences from his life, in which he is now very successful with the female sex:

He writes for the column “The men’s diary – Erotic experiences and practical tips of a Bavarian womanizer” very personally and from his very own perspective. Hobbies: used to build models, now badminton three times a week; relationship status: single; profession: communication trainer

To find a girlfriend, you have to break through your wall…

As a shy man, you have no problem watching the other couples for hours and even having fun doing it. You can’t get a girlfriend that way. Women don’t usually approach men on their own, even in the 21st century. So you have to make the first move. To find a girlfriend, it is necessary to approach a woman. This is a problem for many shy men, but it can be trained.

Die besten Girls von Fik-Fok

The important thing is that you don’t procrastinate. If you find a woman you like, approach her within a few seconds. The longer you wait, the more anxiety builds. I know this from personal experience. I used to sit in a bar a lot, keep looking at a woman I liked and then approach her after several hours. Often she was quite interested, but I was so clumsy with the conversation, so that no conversation, let alone a flirt could develop.

Learn to flirt

Als schüchterner Mann eine Freundin findenTo find a girlfriend, you need to build a relationship slowly. This includes the art of flirting. Simple small talk won’t get you anywhere. There’s more to flirting than just a nice conversation. It is the posture, your smile and your look that should send a clear message: I like you and I want to be with you. This is where shy men in particular have a problem. The question of where the line is between flirting and sexual harassment comes up again and again. If you want to find a girlfriend, this problem need not worry you. There is a simple solution to this. The magic word is reciprocity. You go only as far as the wings of their applause will carry you, to use a (slightly modified phrase) from Shakespeare.

If the woman gives you with words or her gestures to understand, your flirting she likes and you should continue, then nothing speaks against it. Feel free to keep up the flirting until the woman is in your bed. But if she shows you that you’d better run for the hills, don’t waste your time and risk pressing charges. Find another woman who would like to be your friend. I’m sure there are.

Erfolg bei Frauen: So hat es dieser schüchterne Mann geschafft!

End your loneliness today

To find a girlfriend, you should not wait any longer. Start right now and write down your good qualities. Then you actively approach ladies on the internet, in cafes, discos at your workplace or any other place where you meet women. Expect baskets, because you’re sure to get them. Every positive and also negative experience brings you one step closer to your goal of finding a girlfriend.

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