Wet dreams: not only teenagers have it

By Benno von Sandhayn
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Wet dreams: not only teenagers have it
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Adults are also affected

When you wake up as with tender 15 years

When you wake up completely electrified and your abdomen trembles, perhaps even the bed is wet, you feel like you were 15 when you first had sexual experiences and wet dreams. Everything was still so new and yet unexplored. Every new contact was an adventure to kiss and undress. Exciting! Exciting!

Wet dreamsWhat are wet dreams?

Admittedly: later on, these delightful lust adventures are usually lost in everyday life. You just don’t have the head for letting yourself go and pursuing every pleasurable experience anymore. This is also quite understandable, because you have so much to think about in your daily life. There is often little room for sexual escape and lust. In rare cases, however, wet dreams can already occur at one or the other night.

You wake up in the morning or sometimes in the middle of the night and remember a lively sexual dream. An encounter that touched your senses, felt great and you may also be very excited. Some also have practically wet dreams, even experience intoxicating orgasms in their dreams and then wake up with a relieved sigh of relief. That was so unreal and hot! Often themes and fetish experiences repeat themselves in our dreams, which have been with us all our lives and which heat us up.

What do wet dreams mean?

You feel awfully great. But why do we experience them so rarely? Why’s that? Usually certain longings have accumulated in us, which we process in this way. In our dreams we mostly process in a visual way what happens to us and what our feelings deal with.

There’s room for a lot of longing and ideas that might take up less space in our real lives.

Not always a suppressed urge as after Freud

But wet dreams do not always have anything to do with unfulfilled passions. Where Freud wanted to make us believe at that time, our dreams reflect our suppressed desires, but today researchers agree that not every dream has a deeper meaning.

So all that remains is to enjoy this special experience of an intoxicating night!

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