The Fetish Encyclopedia: What is Sitophilia?

By Dr. Dorothea Flogger
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The Fetish Encyclopedia: What is Sitophilia?
The Fetish Encyclopedia: What is Sitophilia?
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What does sitophilia have to do with sex?

Many foods mean pleasure and delight the senses. In sitophilia, sensual pleasure goes much further. This is about getting pleasure from food of all kinds.

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The foods that people with sitophilia use fall into three classes. The first includes foods that resemble a penis like the banana. The second class includes foods that serve as vagina substitutes, like the apple pie known from the movie “American Pie.” Thirdly, there are other suitable foods for erotic food play such as spray cream that do not resemble penis or vagina.

Games with spray cream

At the top of the list is the classic: love games with spray cream. Here one partner sprays cream over his body and the other licks it off. Many strippers use the spray cream during a striptease and let the man lick the cream off their breasts, butt and vagina.

Japanese variation

From Japan there is its own offshoot of sitophilia. This is called “Wakamezake”. Here the woman presses her legs close together. She runs alcohol from her upper body down to her mons veneris. The man drinks this alcohol. By the way, the term “wakamezaka” comes from the fact that the Japanese pubic hair reminds them of seaweed.

BDSM and Fetish Food Degradation

Sitophilia is more widespread in the BDSM scene. Here dominate sex games with food, where the submissive part (sub) is degraded. One scenario is that a slave girl has various foods lying on her body. The doms feed off her body while the slave must lie there quietly.

In a well-known femdom variation, the dominatrix dines at a table. She throws pieces of meat to her slave squatting next to the table like a dog.

Our top 5 foods from the world of sitophilia

The Fetish Encyclopedia: What is Sitophilia?#1 The banana

The banana is the classic food for erotic food play. They are especially popular for blowjob games. The banana can be pushed into the mouth as well as if it were a penis.

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#2 Suck ice cream

Just like the banana, suck ice cream is optimal for blowjob foreplay. A woman who is into blowjobs can give the man of her choice a demonstration with the suck ice. So, ironically, the ice functions as an “icebreaker” for an erotic adventure.

#3 The cucumber

The cucumber also has the shape of the penis. Unlike the banana and the suck ice cream, it is not only suitable for blowjob games. Many people with sitophilia prefer the cucumber for anal sex games. The size is particularly close to that of the dildo or penis. Zucchinis, on the other hand, use far fewer people with sitophillia. Because these are too big for many.

#4 The fig

The fig has been used for centuries by men with sitophilia like a kind of “pocket pussy”. It’s not very deep, but cut in half it strongly resembles a woman’s vagina. No wonder the Italian word for “cunt” is the same word as for the fruit fig.

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#5 American apple pie

Sitophilia has become more prevalent since the movie “American Pie.” The thought of having an orgasm with the help of warm apple pie still fascinates numerous men to this day.

Safety not forgotten

When it comes to sex games with food, safety is paramount. Food for love games must be well cleaned. In addition, vegetables such as cucumbers etc. must never have sharp edges caused by peeling.

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