Fattest woman in the world has lost 400 kilos

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Fattest woman in the world has lost 400 kilos
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Fattest woman in the world barely recognizable

The scales showed a whopping 512kg when 45-year-old Berlin resident Susanne* weighed herself. But now the unthinkable has happened and the woman in her prime has lost a whopping 400 kilograms of weight. Now it is possible for her to take part in life again, which the capital city resident is also very happy about. The former fattest woman in the world has thus found new courage to face life and is now brimming with self-confidence.

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Dickste Frau der Welt hat 400 Kilo abgenommenA radical turn

Susanne sets a good example: with enormous willpower you can do anything if you really want to. Even old friends no longer recognize the once fattest woman in the world and applaud her approvingly.

Although she was even bedridden for years due to her morbid obesity the strong will never left her. For a long time she could not even move herself. The doctors told her clearly that she would not live much longer. The fat was pressing on her organs and she was in danger of suffocating internally. She had to change something! And that’s exactly what Susanne did. The medical team performed nine operations and in order to get rid of the excess weight for good, they inserted a bypass into her stomach.

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She radically changed her life and no longer wanted to be the fattest woman in the world. To do this, she changed her diet and began to exercise regularly. Since then, she has also been paying more attention to her health.

Voyeure: Ewig reizt der heimliche Blick

And she is also happier, because Susanne is in love. The former fattest woman in the world has found her great love. Lars* gushes about his new flame’s strong will and personality. I wonder if he would have chosen her even at 512 kilograms? To this he is meaningfully silent. But we can definitely state: If you want to, you can. Faith, especially in yourself, can move mountains. Even mountains of fat.

* Names changed by the editors

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