Freer and Escort: Paysex with happy ending

By Dr. Dorothea Flogger
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Freer and Escort: Paysex with happy ending
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Life itself writes the most beautiful fairy tales

When a suitor and an escort fall in love: Paysex with happy ending

“Where love falls” is a well-known proverb. Even when sex is a business, Cupid’s arrow can hit. Paysex with a happy ending – can it really work? Can a suitor and an escort really become a couple? Our guest author experienced exactly that, and was surprised himself at the beginning. Here he talks about his paysex with a happy ending.

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Freier und Escort: Paysex mit Happy EndMy experiences to Paysex with Happy End

“Freer and escort who never works in real life” – I would have thought that if someone had told me a few months ago about Paysex with Happy End. A relationship with a sex worker? Yes, it works wonderfully. I know that now. And yes, there is Paysex with Happy End. But I’ll start at the beginning: A man in his prime, as the saying goes, that’s me. Single, with a job that’s fun, but also demands a lot from me, especially time. I travel a lot on business, and after my last relationship with an amateur girl a new partnership wasn’t up for discussion.

In order to satisfy my need for eroticism and closeness, I started booking ladies regularly through an escort service a few years ago. Uncomplicated flirting, hot sex and nice conversations, that’s what I liked about it from the beginning. Paysex with a happy ending, that would never have occurred to me. Most of the time I spent a complete evening or even the whole night with the respective escort lady. Most of the time we had a nice dinner together and had a few drinks at the bar. Later we let the night fade away with tingling eroticism.

Freier und Escort: Paysex mit Happy EndPaysex with Happy End – unbelievable, but true

One night everything was different. The escort lady I met that evening was as pretty as her predecessors. But something about her tied me up in a completely different way. When we talked at dinner I felt a deep connection between us. We laughed, joked, but also addressed serious issues. After we arrived in my hotel room, things got even better. We didn’t just have sex, no – we loved each other in an intense, intimate way that I hadn’t experienced in a long time. What an unforgettable first evening! Nevertheless I didn’t know that this would be a Paysex with Happy End.

But in the following days I noticed that this great woman just couldn’t get out of my head. I really wanted to see her again – and she felt the same way about me as I learned later. “Real meetings with hot girls Several dates followed, which were just as beautiful as the first one. Soon we didn’t feel like clients and escorts anymore, but like a couple. Since then we have spent an incredible time together and for us it is clear: This was Paysex with Happy End, and we have a common future.

Paysex with a happy ending – and what about jealousy?

If it doesn’t bother me that my girlfriend sleeps with other men, I am often asked by my circle of friends. No, I can say quite clearly. We have a deep bond to each other and a trust that I have never known before. Sex plays an important role in our relationship, but is not the decisive factor.

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It is our conversations and our travels together that make our being together so special. We love the same music, go to the theatre and museums together and do a lot more. I also know that she loves her job and I would never stand in her way. She also gives me all my sexual liberties in return – but to be honest, I have no need to sleep with other women. I have found the woman of my dreams, and the next step for us is soon to come: We will move together. I am looking forward to the future together with my lady of the heart, who makes me happy like no other woman. Yes – Paysex with Happy End, so that really exists.

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