Erotic story: The sleeping in the night

By Jens Haberlein
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Caught masturbating

Maya, annoyed, grabbed her pillow, got a light blanket from the closet and went down to the living room. Alfred was once again contentedly snoring away his drunkenness. Fortunately, nothing more could be heard from Benjamin’s room either. One of his school friends stayed over at his place. Almost all Saturday afternoon, into the night, computer game noises boomed through the house. Fourteen-year-old boys should be chasing girls, not virtual bandits. For a while, she had feared her son was gay because he was always hanging out with boys. She would have had no problem with that, but for Alfred a world would have collapsed.

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He was into busty women

A few weeks ago she had burst into Benjamin’s room without knocking and surprised him while =nanating. He sat at his desk with his back turned to her, watching sex videos on the Internet. She briefly saw a woman with very large breasts on the monitor before he glanced away from the film. That her son masturbated, she had to live with that and it was definitely a confirmation that he was healthy in that respect.

Sex story: The sleeping in the night

The fact that he liked women with big breasts still amused her when she thought about it. The first days after that he could hardly look her in the face and only when she told him to respect his privacy from now on, the situation relaxed again. On the other hand, if Maya’s mother had caught her masturbating, she probably still wouldn’t say a word to her today.

First craving for sweets and then hot thoughts

Maya snuggled on the sofa and tried to fall asleep. The aquarium bubbled quietly and just as she dozed off, the timer turned on the lights. She sighed and threw the pillow to the other end of the sofa, which was not in the light cone of the aquarium. She made herself comfortable again. Sven shook Beni by the shoulder, “Hey, you got any more candy bars?” Beni grunted sleepily, “Get lost man,” and then turned to the other side. Sven stepped up to Beni’s desk and when he had rummaged through all the drawers and found nothing left to snack on, he slipped out of the room. He groped his way down the stairs into the eat-in kitchen and greedily pounced on the pudding in the refrigerator.

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When he’d had enough and plodded back to the stairs, his eyes fell on Beni’s mother, asleep on the sofa. He couldn’t make out her face, but he could make out the rest. The blanket had slipped to the floor and he saw in the light of the aquarium that she was wearing only a thin little shirt and panties. Curious, he crept closer. Her breasts stood out clearly visible under the shirt and he even saw the small bumps of her nipples pushing through the fabric. Right in front of his nose, he only had to stretch out his hand, were breasts. I wonder how they felt. When he squeezed his ass cheeks, he imagined that breasts were just as soft and firm at the same time. But that chest in front of him sure felt a lot better than his butt.

The desire did not let him flee

Should he touch them? Just very quickly! But then she would surely wake up and there would be trouble. I wonder if it was really true that the nipples got big and hard when you played with them? Sven couldn’t stand it anymore and he pushed his hand into his underpants and masturbated. Beni’s mother coughed softly and Sven froze. Her face was in semi-darkness and her eyes were closed. Blood rushed in Sven’s ears and a part of him wanted to escape. But his lust was almost unbearable and he continued to masturbate. She moaned softly and Sven tensely released his orgasm into his underpants. Like a wet poodle, he ran back to Beni’s room.

Sex story: The sleeping in the night

Maya heard glass clink and woke up. Someone was fiddling with the refrigerator. She blinked a few times and recognized Sven. Did the boy have to feed at this time of all times? Well, Beni sometimes sneaked into the kitchen late at night. This was probably due to puberty and growth. She saw him spooning out the pudding with gusto and couldn’t help grinning. Didn’t the boy notice that the whipped cream in it was already sour? Also good, then she could just put the bowl in the dishwasher. The light went out again and she closed her eyes. Why was the soft creaking of the lowest three steps not heard?

Between outrage and fascination

Something rustled nearby and she half opened her eyes. Right by her side, Sven stood staring at her. At first, it ran cold down her spine and she wanted to jump up. At the same time she realized that he was looking at her upper body. At the last moment, she forced herself to rest. He didn’t seem to notice that she was awake and watching him. Her heart skipped a beat when he slid his hand into her panties and obviously began to masturbate. Torn between indignation and fascination, she watched the spectacle. A fourteen-year-old boy jerked off at the sight of her breasts, which were also covered by a shirt. Against all reason, the situation excited her.

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She couldn’t ignore the lump in her throat any longer and coughed tensely. Immediately the boy froze into a pillar of salt. She immediately closed her eyes and waited with pricked ears to see what would happen. Then the rustling resumed and she continued to watch him through half-closed eyelids.

“What if he touches me now? Fondling my breasts and laying on top of me and trying to penetrate me?”

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She moaned lustfully at these thoughts, as disgusting as they were. The boy stiffened his body and she saw him cum. Immediately he pulled his hand out of his underpants and ran up the stairs. Dazed and confused, Maya straightened up. What devil had gotten into her head to make her think like that?

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