Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree – part 1

By Stephan Gubenbauer
Estimated reading time: 54 minutes
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Pleasure juice and sweat mix on my skin

My anal ring adapts to the outline of the intruder, which slowly expands my inner walls. The whole velvet hard length is pushed into me with feeling.

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I feel the pain of the prick and a moan escapes my lips. Strong arms embrace me. A mouth presses against my neck and a wet tongue licks over my sweaty skin. A hand reaches around me. Experienced fingers touch my soft flesh. My peach-shaped tip is wet and silky, it starts to glow under the caressing touches. My slit cries as he strokes it.

Jacob spreads the moisture on my rosy glans. More and more of it comes and he smears it all over my shaft. My little friend lies heavy in his hand and gradually comes to life. The blood pulses lustfully through my penis and increasingly straightens it. I feel the strong friction of his fist touching me. The pain between my smooth balls of flesh fades.

Large hands caress and fondle me in the most intimate places. It feels so good that I arch into the hand and cry out loud because I’m also impaling myself on him in the process. This feeling is simply indescribable. He is always so hard for me. Whenever he touches me, he is already ready. His thrusts are intense.

Every touch drives me crazy

I feel every inch of him. Each vein of its delicious thickness and length. He is now completely inside me. I can feel his frizzy pubic hair against my ass and his manly balls slap against me with each stroke into my pleasure center. His thrusts finally find the right spot. I scream out loud. “Ahhhh, right there, yeah, yeahaaa, yeahaaa, please, oh God…” His amused giggle sounds behind me.

Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree - part 1

I feel his lips nibbling on my neck again. “What, Alex?” “Ahhhh…” I cry out again as I intercept his next thrust, which slams right against my pleasure gland. His hand drives me crazy. If he keeps touching me like this, spoiling my penis and kneading my balls while he fucks me, I will come and the pleasure will soon be over.

I can also feel from the pulsing of his pleasure donor that he is about to. He takes his hand away and slows down. Blunt teeth nibble at my neck. From the shoulder blade up to the earlobe that he takes in his mouth and pulls it with his teeth. Suddenly he grabs me and throws me on my back. I slam against the mattress with force and gasp with pleasure. He doesn’t give me a second before he lifts my legs over his shoulders with raw horniness and pushes into me again.

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This rough push gives me the rest. My steel-hard strap splashes against his belly and my butt tightens the moment I’m jolted by the orgasm. That puts him over the edge, too. My inner muscles hold him in a vice. I milk him for everything he has and he injects it directly into my bowels with violent spurts.

He just can not get enough

His screaming and panting is deafening. Sweaty and breathing heavily, he collapses over me. His circumcised cock gets stuck in my thoroughly fucked hole. “Wow, that was awesome,” I moan. “Mmhh.” he purrs against my neck. “Am I not too hard for you?” “No, I like it.” My arms wrap around his neck and my legs around his hips.

I pull him deeper into me, lift my pelvis and start gyrating. “You need it again, hmm?” he smiles. “Oh, yes, please, deep in the ass. Preferably raw.” i whimper. I’m about to need it. “Teen stamina.” he grins. “Come here.” He rolls onto his back and pulls me on top of him.

Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree - part 1

I lift one slender leg over his lap, straighten his hard length and sit on it. It feels good how his thick part is pressed into my well opened, breathing hole, from which still runs plenty of sperm. I throw my head back and moan with my mouth open as I sit all the way on top of him. My well trained strong legs hold me on his lap and push me up and down on his hardness. He lies comfortably under me and just enjoys being ridden by me.

Not only wild fuck

My youthful stamina is superior to his, of course. He’s twenty-five years older than me now, but he still looks really good. Muscular shoulders, large grasping hands, lightly tanned skin and loving brown eyes that I want to dive into.

He always looks at me so tenderly when he fucks me. But he not only fucks me. He makes love to me. Of course, he cannot leave his wife. After all, he also has a son, my best friend Tobias. But that doesn’t bother me. It is our sweet secret.

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By now I’m on a roll. I brace myself with my hands on his broad chest and use the strength in my legs to impale myself on him again and again, and each time he rams into me, I emit sharp cries. “You’re amazing!” he gasps. He can’t believe where I get the stamina to ride him at such a pace. It just feels incredibly good for both of us as we bang into each other and his mushroom head keeps banging hard against my pleasure gland at that angle.

Fucked out of her mind

You can hear the slapping of skin on skin and it’s such an erotic sound. Our moaning gets louder and louder, our sweat mixes. He pulls me down to him in a heartfelt kiss. His tongue pushes into my moaning lips and explores my mouth.

I can’t ride him in that position anymore, but now it’s him lifting his hips and pounding into me. I interrupt the kiss because I need my mouth to breathe and scream. He pushes me down very deep and conquers my mouth again with his tongue.

Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree - part 1

His cock bangs continuously in my slightly reddened entrance. This friction is so intense that it drives me out of my mind. I can feel every vein, can feel the pulsating blood that makes his strap hard as steel. It’s so good.

He stretches me completely. “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!” I scream. “No one by that name.” he teases me. “Try the right one.” “Jacob!” I screech. “Me. Com…..ahhhhhhh!” My eyes roll inward. All I can see are stars, and then I go limp.

Between heavy metal and hard dicks

Gently he pats my cheek. I blink in a daze. My butt is on fire. I feel that it is still open and the fluid is running out of it. This burning sensation is so exciting. I love the delicious pain between my silky cheeks. It reminds me of having just been fucked through and I enjoy it for as long as it lasts. That delicious feeling of penetration that you can still feel, even if it’s not happening at all, is arousing.

I wrench on motorcycles in my spare time, dress like a biker, like to listen to rock music and heavy metal, play sports, work part-time as a salesman in an electronics store while going to school, and have a masculine figure. You can’t tell by looking at me that I like to take it in the ass. But that’s how it is. Warm, real, pulsating, throbbing love meat. There is nothing more awesome.

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Even if he fucks me into unconsciousness, like just now. The smell of semen is all over my skin and on the sheets. “So it happened again.” “Yeah, kiddo, you passed out.” “Awesome.” I try to move a little. My cramped legs are about to show me the limits. “Ohhhh, sorry. I can’t walk yet. I can barely move.” He grins.

“No one said you should go. My wife won’t be back until tomorrow and my son flew out. Storm free.” His hand plays with the wet cum on my belly. He draws circles in the white layer covering my belly button. His tongue runs sensuously over my skin, taking in our mixture.

With pleasure he licks the last drop out of me

He takes a lot of time while licking me. The tip of his tongue dips into my belly button. Lambent movements clean my whole upper body. He plays around my nipple and gently teases it with his teeth. Lazily I put a hand on his head and stroke his silky hair. I shiver a little as he sucks in the nipple and teases the other with his fingers. When he is done with my front, he spins me around and starts pulling my butt cheeks apart.

Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree - part 1

Cum drips from my pleasure channel, which is still wide open. He catches it with his tongue and swallows every drop of the liquid that comes out of me with a little squeezing. Finally, he puts his mouth over my wrinkled folds and penetrates me deeply with the tip of his tongue to get every ounce out of me. He pulls me close to him, so close that I feel him at my rear entrance.

His strong arms hold me and his face presses against my shoulder. A few minutes later, I hear his quiet breaths. He fell asleep. It also doesn’t take long until I myself doze off.

Barely awake and already horny for Jacob again

The morning begins. I wake up in the same position I fell asleep in, except that a strong man’s hand is stimulating my morning wood and that last night’s flaccid member has grown into a hard tube that presses hornily into my box. “Oh, my God. So hard, so good.” i gasp. “Good morning.” he purrs behind me. “Oh and what a good morning it is,” I meow. I feel a strong man’s leg swing over my waist and he takes me in the spooning position.

It feels so fantastic. His thrusts are getting faster and I can feel that he is about to come. I turn my head, search his lips and kiss him passionately. “Into my mouth,” I demand. “I want to taste you. Now. I want to suck every drop of semen out of you.”

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“Really?” He slowly pulls out of me and I groan at the loss. But before he can get up and go to the shower, I already have his butt in my mouth. “Little one…” Surprised and excited, he opens his legs for me to better let me get it.

My blonde mop of hair sinks into his lap

A tart taste of male bodily juices of all kinds. It is simply horny. Like wild I drive with open lips and my tongue over his entire length and want to have all of it. He leans back comfortably and lets me do it. His moans show me how much he enjoys being spoiled by me. I can’t resist the rosy peach on the tip of his penis and put my lips over it. My tongue tongues at his weeping slit.

He is panting more violently now. My hand slides down and touches his soft hanging hairy flesh, which he comments on with uncontrolled twitches. “Ahhh, take him in your mouth!” he cries. “Please, oh God!” “No one by that name.” I mewl as I allow his swollen glans to leave my mouth for a brief moment.

Without warning, I let him back between my lips and lower my head as far down as it will go. My platinum blonde mop of hair rises and falls against his bulging butt of flesh.

As a matter of course he also gives me an orgasm

Again and again the mushroom head penetrates all the way down my throat and I concentrate on breathing through my nose while stimulating him with my throat muscles. “Ahhhh, Alex!” he roars out his release as he shoots his cum in thick strings straight into my stomach. “That was great!” he stammers out, gasping for air. “You’ve been practicing, haven’t you?”

Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree - part 1

“Yes,” I answer freely. “I wanted to make you happy.” “I am happy.” He taps his hand on the mattress beside him to indicate that I should lie down with him. I snuggle up close to him and enjoy his fingers tightening around my outline, getting it on until I come.

It’s so sweet that he still cares about my orgasm even though he’s totally exhausted himself. I scream as my seed runs over his fingers. He puts one of them in my mouth and enjoys my tongue. Little by little he pushes one finger after the other into me. I love the taste of my semen on his skin.

His hand leaves a spit print as he slaps it on my butt and sends me to the bathroom. I stand in the shower and he follows me and soaps me up. Gentle touches that speak of love. I become putty in his hands.

With bare fingers he makes me cum

Tenderly he pulls back my foreskin and makes me neatly clean. Two fingers well lubricated with soap penetrate my buttocks and move in circles. I have to put my arms around his shoulders because my legs are turning to jelly. “Fuck me.” I breathe against his chest. Gently but firmly, he takes my hand away, reaching for him. He lifts my chin and captures me for a deep intimate kiss. “Please, don’t be angry with me.” he says softly. “We don’t have enough time, love, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to go so soon either.”

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How could I be mad at him the way he nibbles my lips, pulls back my foreskin horny, lubricates my mushroom head and fingers my butt. Groaning, I cling to him as it comes to me again. I splash in thick spurts against the shower floor, on his hand, his thigh and the shower wall behind us.

“Next time I’ll fuck and suck you again.” he promises me before he releases me with a tender kiss on my mouth. He gives me another slap on the ass along the way. “And how I’m going to fuck you.” he winks at me.

At home I got the sad news

“And how I’m going to fuck you.” it echoes in my head when I get home. Of course, I immediately throw myself on the bed and start rubbing my teenage strap while Marylin Manson sings “Tainted Love” loudly for me. I am twenty years old and permanently horny. Two fingers I poke myself in the anus and moan at the horny feeling. There is a knock at the door. I quickly tear my fingers out of my hole and cover my stiff penis with a pillow. My father stands in the doorway and makes a serious face.

Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree - part 1

“Oh, I, um…are you okay?” stammered I, blushing. “I need to tell you something, kid.” “What’s wrong?” I ask in alarm. “It’s very serious and it’s going to hit you hard.” Now I’m scared. My fear makes my little friend shrink. I can see in his eyes that he is really affected and that it is something that will throw me off track as much as it just did him. “Fatima died.” “Oh.” I breathe.

I feel the pain reaching for me. This woman was like a mother to me. She read to me, fed me cookies, and helped me with schoolwork. I never knew my own mother. She left shortly after I was born.

For my 18th birthday he seduced me

Fatima replaced her for me until she got cancer and even beyond. I have never met a more amazing woman. She was a rock and the glue that held Tobias and his father, who never got along, together. Therefore, I could understand that Jacob, who accompanied her from chemotherapy to chemotherapy and always stood by her side, longed for love. When he seduced me after my eighteenth birthday, I was ready for him.

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“But why? She was doing better, wasn’t she?” Tears now stream down my cheeks. I feel as if I have lost my mother once again. My father takes me in his arms. “It sometimes happens that complications arise. The doctors themselves don’t know why. In fact, she was supposed to come home from the hospital this weekend on home leave.” “I know,” I cry.

“From where?” my father asks, pushing me away slightly. I quietly sob out one last time. I was not aware that I should not have known this intimate news at all. Apparently, not even Tobias had known and Jacob had only told his best friend to surprise his son.

Did I have a clear path now?

At that second, I notice that my father is getting suspicious. I can feel it in his suspicious look. If he knew the whole truth, how would he handle it? I leave his question unanswered and get dressed. Now is not the time to talk, it’s time to comfort my best friend who I’m sure is all broken up. Actually, I would also like to comfort someone else, to be there for them and stand by them, but that doesn’t fit now. The natural order of things requires me to be there for Tobias and I will, of course, do everything I can to keep the secret and do what’s expected of me.

Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree - part 1

So I call my buddy, meet up with him and play video games with him for hours while the man I love sits alone in the living room trying to deal with his grief. So alone. My heart bleeds as I respond to Tobias and distract him from his pain. “How was it?” my father asks when I get home. “Disaster.” I reply. “They’re both suffering so much.”

“Does your boyfriend know you’re screwing his father?” Shock makes me back away. My back hits the wall. “Isn’t that right?” My father looks at me coldly. “Then it must make you happy that you have a free ride now.” “How can you think that?” I’m angry and feel hurt, but mostly I’m pissed.

My father knows that I fuck his best friend

“I’m just being honest with you. You think you can screw with me and make out with my best friend behind my back while his wife is dying of cancer.” “I’m having an affair with him. He wanted this and I wanted that. It has nothing to do with you.”

Das Geständnis: Freund mit Vater nackt im Bett erwischt

“And you didn’t think it was any of my business?” “It’s none of your business!” “That’s where you’re wrong, dammit! It is very much my business if my son goes to bed with men twice his age!” “Who I go to bed with is none of your business. This is my decision!”

My voice is belligerent. In reality, I am terrified of what he will do. Will he kick me out? Will he blow the whistle on everything? Poor Jacob. Poor Tobias. They don’t deserve that. Not now. “I love him!” I bring out. “Even better.” The coldness in his voice makes me freeze. Does my father not love me now?

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I feel like he’s disgusted with me, and it’s tearing me apart. If I am no longer his son and if he no longer loves me, what am I to do? I was always most afraid that this would happen one day.

Jacob wept when he took my virginity

“Not only are you a fag, but you’re immature.” “Yes, I’m gay.” I build up in front of him and wait for his next move, but it fails to materialize. “What about now, Dad? If you’re going to talk it out man to man, then start!” “You know this family has enough problems as it is?” he asks me. “I know.” Should I explain to him that Jacob seduced me? That I never planned it and was all confused myself when it happened, but that I don’t want to miss any of it?

Should I tell him how much this man longed for love and how much it comforted him to feel my warm body, to bury himself in me and enjoy my closeness? Or what it was like to give him my virginity. The greatest gift I could give him.

Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree - part 1

To feel him crying into the crook of my neck as he took it? My liveliness, my endurance, my youthful cheerfulness contrasted with the sick dying woman who had only a few years to live and was always struggling with pain or nausea.

The distraction strengthened him

The woman who had her own battle to fight that he couldn’t help her with, as much as he wanted to. This eternal struggle, which completely drained his wife and traumatized his growing son, had also cost him a lot of strength. A lot. That he could recharge his batteries with me had ultimately been good for everyone.

It had made him stronger and more balanced and we had always made sure that she didn’t notice and neither did Tobias. But I don’t want to apologize for it as if I did something bad. It wasn’t evil, it felt way too good to be evil. Suddenly his gaze softens. He understands.

“You really love him, huh?” “Yes, Dad.” “Then maybe it won’t be so bad.” “Do you still love me?” “You’re so stupid, Alex, how can you ask questions like that?” he scolds. He seems genuinely horrified that I took a brief burst of anger so seriously. He senses that I need to hear it, and pulls me into a tight intimate fatherly hug that says more than a thousand words.

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Relief flows warmly through me and now I finally understand. He doesn’t judge me for having sex with a man, he is afraid that his best friend might have taken advantage of me and vice versa, that I might hurt him.

My father lets me go with a heavy heart

He is a man in his mid-forties who has never thought about gay sex. For whom all this is new and who is initially frightened by the thought that his own son is doing something like this. The “faggot” was not meant that way, of course, and I should have known that. Our relationship was always good. He went out of his way to be a friend to me.

But something else is going on. I hear it in his voice and it makes me nervous. I don’t know what he means by “not so bad.” “Are you going to Jacob’s now?” my father asks me. I nod. Tobias has night shift at the disco. He is a bartender. It will be very late before he gets home.

Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree - part 1

Or very early. How you look at it. He might be fooling around with some girl again anyway. They’re all over him. “Will you…” His jaw tenses. “Dad, it’s none of your business,” I explain. “At least watch your back.” he growls. I hug him and press a kiss to his cheek. He reluctantly puts up with it. I hiss off and hurry to get to Jacob.

Tobias works and I nibble his father

I sit on the kitchen counter with half my ass, the only thing that holds me are Jakob’s strong arms that give me stability while he sucks my cock. “Am I in heaven?” His tongue is paradise. I bump my elbow against a glass. It falls clattering to the floor. My pelvis lifts a little so he can plunge his fingers into me and prepare me, and then he lifts me onto his stiff fuck meat.

I slide down it and scream out loud in pain and pleasure. My arms and legs are wrapped around him. He holds me tight and pushes me up and down on his cock with his manhood. I help out with my leg muscles as best I can, but mostly my job is to scream and moan.

I gasp as he pushes me against the wall, crashing down two paintings in the process, and now begins to really pound into me. Our tongues meet each other in wild love dance. At some point we fall over each other on the floor and he fucks me with hard thrusts into the carpet.

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“We didn’t make it to bed again.” “Good for bed,” I laugh. “You’re gorgeous.” he says. His fingers stroke down my neck to my shoulder. As he does, his brown eyes burn into me. I feel like his gaze is consuming me. Just being looked at by him would be enough for an orgasm. My cock is rock hard.

With delicious screams, I acknowledged the horny thrusts

“I have to keep up with you, after all.” I touch his full lips and dive into him with one finger. The way his tongue caresses me is sexy. So sexy, in fact, that it should be outlawed. I want those sad eyes to shine with lust and love. My wet finger finds its way inside him. He pinches a little, making it difficult to move me. I lick my way down his perineum and take in the horny taste of sweaty man.

Jacob cries out loudly when I am inside him. He loves to be fucked raw as much as I do. The burning pain that turns into pleasure that makes it so much hornier and more intense. I feel the vice around my member begin to loosen and my penis slides in and out of it more easily.

Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree - part 1He acknowledges my hard thrusts with delicious cries for more, more, more. I push all the way out of him and push back in. He makes a loud squeak. The sight is simply incredible. There lies this man who is twice my age and lets a greenhorn like me fuck him hard.

It’s beautiful how his warped hole opens up for me with every thrust, and it feels incredible how he conforms to my outline. This hot tightness that caresses my cock and the tight ring that tightens around me.

“Fuck me!” he roars and starts bucking against me like crazy. “Fuck me!” he screams again. “Oh God little one, take me, yaaa, right there, ohhh Godttt, ohh Aaaaleexxx!” He howls as I cum inside him, shooting my seed deep into his gut, sending us both over the edge.

“What you do hurts in the most impossible places. I’ve never had an animal like that in my bed.” I show him the bite marks and moan as he nibbles on them. His mouth conquers every inch of my body. He loves touching my skin and what he can do with his hands and tongue is truly amazing. Because my stamina is longer than his, he now fucks me deep in my ass with a dildo, making me scream as he stimulates my cock at the same time.

Suck and be sucked

“Oh, god, my ass.” i moan. “So horny, so good, yaaa.” “You like that?” “Yaaa.” i howl. “Ohh yaaa, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” He rams the plastic against my pleasure gland and all I see is stars. It feels great. He positions himself differently now so that his flaccid penis is hanging right over my mouth and he bends over my torso to bring to life the dildo that is still up to the hilt in my butt.

To Gay Cruising

I lift my ass to let him get to me better, shoving my hard rod into his mouth as I suck his off, penetrating him with my fingers. This feeling of both sucking and being sucked is pure heaven. I concentrate on his pleasure while he blows me to the seventh cloud and I lose all control.

It takes a lot of stamina to still suck a cock while your own scepter is so horny spoiled by a warm wet tongue that you think you could die and wouldn’t regret it for a second.

His thick spanking stifles my uncontrolled moans. I blow and lick like a maniac while he does the same to me. I’m already starting to make bets on which one of us will lose control first. “We’ll see how fast I can make you scream, lover.”

He laughs like a leprechaun and swallows me full length so that his chin bumps against my testicles. When he starts humming, I scream. His member slips out of my mouth and I roar like a madman. He giggles and licks my cum from his lips.

Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree - part 1

“Won.” he coos. “What do I get now?” “That was cheating.” “Then think of a punishment.” His eyes flash at me and his mouth, which loves to smile, twists into a frivolous laugh. “I want to fuck you,” I say. “How creative.” he laughs. “Cock or dildo?” “Both.” “Oh.” He straightens up beside me and looks at me. His hand settles on my thigh and gently strokes the smooth skin. He takes a tube of lube from the drawer and spreads the liquid liberally on my right hand.

“You have to stretch me well.” he directs me. “Slowly push one finger at a time inside me until all five are in.” “All five?” Somehow the thought totally turns me on. I watch his starfish open up more and more the more fingers I push into him. His wrinkled folds are stretched to the breaking point as my hand is in his bowels. “Move them slowly.” he moans. “Turn them a little…Yessss!” He gasps out as I pull back, but his hole is still gaping. “Now put the dildo in me…yesssss…so horny.”

Two cocks in ass, I cum without moving

It is horny. It totally turns me on to fuck him with the plastic cock. I would have forgotten everything else around me. “Come!” he begs. He reaches his hand back and pulls me on top of him. “Skewer me. Slowly.” Ever so gently, inch by inch, I press my pleasure piston into the hole where the dildo already is, and I can feel the anal ring give as I push past the plastic. My fist has loosened it well. He is filled as never before.

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I feel the tight glove that grabs me and presses my penis into the plastic cock. The channel is so tight that it stimulates me from all sides and I come without moving. We both cry out loudly. “Oh, my God!” he moans as we fall apart. “I don’t think my asshole will ever close again. Wow, kiddo, just wow. You were mind-blowing.” “Seems to me you enjoyed the punishment too much.” I grin.

“Are you trying to spank me?” My brain turns off completely at the question. When I drop my hand on this horny tight man’s ass and make him scream…mmmhhh. Or when he does that to me….double mmmmh. “Bad kid.” he smiles. “Can a kid do that?” I ask as I take a testicle in my hand and gently tug on it. “I hope not.” he gasps as I do the same to the second with my other hand.

Again and again this irrepressible desire for each other

Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree - part 1“It’s much more fun with a young…ahhh…man.” “How bad am I?” I tease. “Very.” he groans. “Very bad. A very bad… ahhhh…. sexy…. young… ohhh…. Man.” He gasps as I take his testicle into my mouth and suck on it. “Do you want to feel how much I’m not a kid?” i ask. “You are… a… Man…. ahhhh, and what a… Ohhh…. don’t stop… Oh God!”

“Do you want me to prove my manhood to you?” I gently nibble on the testicle and stroke the hard boner. “Fuck me!” he begs. “How well you guessed.” I laugh and lay on top of him. “How does it feel when I put my spanking all the way down your tight hole.” “Not quite so tight anymore.” he gasps.

“Fucked so good… ahhh… so stretched… so ready… all for you…. yaaaa, take me. Ahhh.” “Then now I’ll tell you how it feels to me.” I describe his silky cheeks and when I pull them apart, it reveals a delicious rosy hole that I want to plunge my tongue, fingers and cock into. Fucking him then is paradise. It’s like coming home. I’m always amazed at how ready he is for me, how fast and well I can fuck him and how much he enjoys having me inside him. When we switch sides, I feel this closeness. This incredible trust. I wish it would never stop.

“Thank you. For a moment I forgot how horrible it all is.” We sit naked on the sofa and lean against each other, holding hands. His member rests limply on his thigh. Because we’re leaning toward each other, our soft tubes touch, tip to tip. “Five hours isn’t exactly a moment,” I counter. He kisses me gently. “Back to the daily grind, love. There’s still so much to do.” “Can I help?” “Only if you have a few thousand euros in the bank.”

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“Medical expenses?” He nods sadly. They’d sell the condo and the car and it’s still not enough. “Isn’t there an extension? Installment payments?” “There is a deferral, though. But only if my son lets himself get fucked by a thirty-inch dick.” “What?” I can’t imagine anyone demanding that.

But he shows me several letters from a rich client who is apparently obsessed with Tobias and would pay an unimaginably high sum for his butt. “You’ve got to be kidding me!” I get upset. “It’s not going to happen. I’m not going to let it. It’s wrong.” he reassures me. I lean back against him again and relax.

My best friend to be deflowered by a monster cock?

He plays lazily with me. Again and again he gently pushes the foreskin back and forth. I like that. It feels so good when I start to grow under his fingers until I reach my full seventeen inches. I am not very fat, but long. He loves it because he can touch me so well with one hand, and because he enjoys it when I bump into the top while I’m inside him. My own hand clasps his and pulls on it as well. We caress each other devotedly, simply to touch each other. We are both too exhausted for orgasms.

Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree - part 1

Thirty centimeters. I had never seen anything so big. A thought forms in my mind. It’s completely unthinkable that my best friend, who likes girls and has nothing to do with gay sex, would take such a big thing inside him. That would be rape. But me? If the guy was into young guys, then I could do it.

I could satisfy my wildest fantasies of big fat cocks and save a family in the process. He looks at me in horror. He expected anything, but not that I would want to step in. “He wants my son.” he dispels my thoughts. “And the whole thing is complete insanity. I would never allow one or the other. Never!”

A few months pass. I go in and out of the neighbor’s family. It’s quite normal, after all I have my best friend to comfort. During that time I also take care of the household. While doing so, I rummage a bit and find letters that Jakob tries to hide from prying eyes. The extortion obviously continues. But I promised I wouldn’t get involved, and I know my best friend won’t get involved. Jacob is a good father who would always protect his son, just as he protects me.

To Gay Cruising

One day I was on my way to Jakob’s house when a man attacked me and pressed me against the wall. He calls me Tobias. The smell of alcohol is wafting around him in a sour haze. He tries to kiss me. As he presses himself against me, I feel he has a monster in his pants. “You’re not Tobias.” Disappointed, he lets go of me. I, however, come up to him and start rubbing the fat anaconda through the fabric. “I’m whoever you want me to be.” He gasps as I grip. My hand goes up and down the huge device.

To help I wanted to ride the cider snake at a gallop

“Assuming you pay as well for my ass as you do for my best friend’s.” “Who the hell are you?” “Told you. I’m a friend and I know.” “Are you a virgin?” What a disgusting piece of shit, I think. “Better.” “Not interested.” “You don’t know what you’re missing.” I slide my hand down his jeans and start stroking the monster snake.

In doing so, I pierce him with my blue eyes. “I have muscles you don’t know exist. I can ride you at a wild gallop until it bursts out of you like a volcano and you beg me to torture you some more. Do you know why I don’t do it?” I take my hand away from his cock and he moans in disappointment. “Because it’s wrong.”

Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree - part 1

I turn around and run right into Tobias. “What’s going on here?” he asks. “Nothing,” I say quickly. I’m frustrated. The guy was putty in my hands would have been. A few more minutes and he would have been eating out of my hand. “I heard him say my name when he kissed you.” So that’s how long he had been listening. I wished I could have spared him every word of it. “I think we should talk.” Jacob starts a conversation. Tobias is getting quieter and quieter. “Just so we’re clear, I don’t want to hear stories like that from either of you ever again, is that clear? For assaulting you, Alex, I’m taking him to court for coercion.”

He’s cute, but I know he can’t even afford the lawyer. Still, it’s just cute how he gets all worked up over me. He really wants to protect me. “What’s going on?” asks Tobias, looking first at me and then at his father. I sigh. My friend isn’t stupid. “You guys are fucking.” He laughs briefly and then hides his face in his hands. “Unbelievable. Where did I end up here? First my mom dies, and then my best friend is frantically doing my dad behind my back while his client is trying to get in my pants and confuses my buddy with me.

Dude, I can’t stand this in my head and what about the debt? Are you going to sell my ass now, or what?” “Of course not!” I can see from Jacob’s face how much the thought alone torments him. “I was going to…” “Just shut up, Alex!” He yells at me. “You accepted cookies from my mom and fucked my dad behind her back.”

To Gay Cruising

“That hurts, doesn’t it?” I ask. “I know you want to punch me in the face. It is granted to you. Just do it and get it over with, but please listen to me for a minute. I never meant to hurt you, and I might have been able to work it out with the old bag if you hadn’t suddenly shown up.”

Tobias prefers to solve the family problems alone

“Were you going to haggle over the price for me?” he sneers. “No, I was trying to make myself so irresistible to him that he would want me and leave you alone.” Tobias falls silent. In return, Jacob goes into a rage. He grabs me and pulls me onto his lap. His arms wrap around my upper body. Gently I detach myself from him.

“You just lost your mother, you have nothing to do with the gay scene. You don’t deserve to have some perverted old fart digging at you. It’s totally different with me. I could handle him.” “But he doesn’t want you. He wants me, and it pisses me off that you’re playing Samaritan for us after you went behind my mother’s back!”

Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree - part 1

Tobias is still pissed. He probably won’t punch me in the face, but actually that’s worse. I feel like we’re not friends anymore. He hates me. “Are you stalling?” I ask cynically. Angrily, he snaps at me, “That’s none of your business, man! The problems that concern my family, we solve alone. You don’t belong here, you’re just my father’s outlet.” “Kids, stop it. Both of you!” Jacob is close to tears. “I’ll find a solution.”

“We can’t find a solution.” Tobias knows it well and so do I. He already has two part-time jobs in addition to school and hardly any time to study for his Matura. He can’t work any more, and Jakob already works more than enough, too. I tried to raise funds through a website, my father lent Jakob a large sum of money. But it was not enough.

To Gay Cruising

Jakob has gone to sleep in the meantime and we two boys are still sitting on the couch talking. My friend has calmed down halfway. “No, I’m afraid not.” I admit. Tobias puts a bottle of whiskey on the table. “It makes everything better.” he claims. “Patent solution. Washes away problems.” He takes a drink and drains the glass with a stiff wave of his hand. Then he slides the bottle over to me.

The thought of the thirty centimeters python makes me horny

“Drink.” I feel the whiskey burning down my throat, making me dizzy in the head. Tobias pours glass after glass into himself. “You know, with enough alcohol in your blood, you’re still a traitor.” He moves closer to me. “But I think I’d like to be held by you. Will you please hold me? Tentatively, I wrap my arms around him and pull him onto my bare chest. I can feel the tears dripping onto my skin. “I thought my mother was your mother too. That we were brothers. Figuratively speaking. Did you ever love her?” “I loved her very much.” I run my hand over his hair. “But I love your father, too. Very much.”

Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree - part 1

“You really wanted to fill in for me?” he asks. “Yes.” “Why?” Now, I could come out with wanting to save his family, but that would sound turgid, and besides, it’s not quite the truth. There’s been enough lying in the last two years, and I’m not a hypocrite. The truth is that a thirty inch python writhing in my guts makes me really horny. When his father lay whimpering under me, with my fist and a little later with two thick cocks in my butt, it was such a horny sight that I still get hard when I think about it.

Tobias looks like he can’t understand what I mean. Of course not. That’s exactly why I want to keep him out of it. He doesn’t deserve any of the things he’s been put through lately. Especially not having some nasty old scumbag trying to get into his pants. “Do you?” “It’s a whole different story with me.” “You’ve already had your hand down his pants.” “That’s right,” I giggle. “What a monster.” “I don’t think I can drink that much to let that happen.” I feel something stir as he says this. As if it were a matter of course, his hands go searching, gliding over my naked flesh.

To Gay Cruising

“I’m not touching a guy, am I?” he moans into my neck as his hand pushes into my pants and begins to rub me. “What are you doing?” I breathe. I see the determination in his eyes and straighten up in alarm. “What are you doing?” He trembles. “You know what I have to do. You can help me.” “Oh, Tobias.” I sigh. I wish he would lose his virginity in a different way. Not desperation should be the engine, but love. “Is there anything else I can do to stop you from your harebrained idea?” “No.” “You’re drunk and unhappy. You’re grieving. At least take your time.”

I massaged his shoulders to relax him

“Let’s get this over with. I’m not gay.” He cries and I hold him for a long time and feel him shaking. To me right now, it feels like I’m about to rape my best friend, even though he’s the one touching me. “Tobias, you make it seem like you’re on your way to your own funeral. Don’t do this to yourself.” “Don’t make this harder on me!” he pleads with wide desperate eyes. “I could still fill in for you. You don’t want to.”

Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree - part 1

“I have to.” I don’t want to do it, not like that, but he has asked for my help and if I don’t do it, he finds other ways that are probably worse. My friend has character. He solves the problems of his family himself and does not hide behind anyone. I have a hell of a lot of respect for him. I am aware that there is no way out. He knows that and that is why he is strongly tense. Slowly I begin to loosen his muscles. I knead his shoulders under my hands and work my way down his back, loosening the knots under his skin. He whimpers under the caresses of my tongue. Gently, I run a finger over the warped starfish and tickle it a bit until it opens.

His prehensile canal rebels a little against the intrusion of my fingers, but he is soon persuaded. His moaning gets louder. He gasps breathlessly and bucks against me. I push myself very gently into his untouched cleft, which immediately surrounds me like a tight glove and holds me in a vice. Slowly I slide further in and overcome the resistance of his inner muscles. His face contorts in pain. He groans deeply. I pull his plug to distract him from the torment, and it works.

To Gay Cruising

His moan changes, is no longer driven by pain, but lustful. His hips come towards me and slam against mine. I am in heaven. I haven’t had a hole this tight since I first fucked Jacob. After I dust his deflowered rose with my pollen and he moans like crazy, he stands up abruptly. I prop my head up and watch him anxiously. “Was it good for you?” “I’m not gay.” He’s embarrassed by the groan. “Of course you aren’t. After what I did, you should have been made of stone to resist. I wanted to know if you could handle it.” “I’ll survive it. It’ll all be over soon anyway.”

Tobias insists on not being schul

Does he really think he can handle such a heavy tool right away? “You do realize that after fucking you once, your ass is still as tight as the first time, right?” He stumbles and his expression becomes uncertain. His voice trembles, “What?” “Yeah, a butt is not a pussy,” I enlighten him. “You’re nowhere near ready to ride a monster like that.” He swallows for a moment, then determination returns to his gaze. “Then you’ll just have to fuck me more often.”

He turns pale because at that moment he realizes what he just asked me to do. “Shit, this is all so crazy. You probably think I’m completely nuts or gay now. Damn…I’m so confused. Alex, help me, please.” He needs someone to catch him before he breaks down.

Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree - part 1

I suddenly see him with completely new eyes. His soul, his nature, his heart and his courage fascinate and impress me. He would just do anything for the people he loves and he always gives one hundred percent. This is neither gay nor crazy, but very brave. All the less do I want to put him through that. He deserves so much better than that.

He smiles at me because I don’t look happy. “It was good.” “Oh yeah.” I say sarcastically. “That’s why you’re insisting for the hundredth time that you’re not gay.” “What?” he scoffs. “You want the python for yourself?” I angrily grab a pillow off the sofa and throw it at him.

“You’re really cracked.” He comes over to me, leans over me, and holds onto the back of the sofa. Our noses almost touch. His lips attack mine and he slips a predatory tongue into my mouth. As we kiss breathlessly, he sits bare-bottomed on my lap. “I was hoping you’d get that banging.”

To Gay Cruising

He reaches back and strokes me. “You could stop brooding and give me a good banging, you know.” I realize he’s putting on a show now. He wants to get me to continue participating in this abuse. For the fact that he clearly likes girls and is doing this out of need, he’s incredibly good.

I’ve tried to change his mind long enough, but since he really wants to go through with it, I’ll just go along with it. With fingers and with dildos I lift him up and stretch him for bigger and bigger toys. Our goal is to stretch him so that he can take the monster snake inside him, and that’s why he has an anal plug in the back all the time, which makes him horny all the time and makes him think non-stop about the smut I’m going to do to him as soon as we meet.

I desired Tobias and his insane body

The fact that he fucks and kisses me is not actually part of the deal and yet he does it. I have the feeling that his body does not completely reject the pleasure of homosexual pleasures. But I’m also aware that everything makes you horny at our age, so I don’t give it too much weight. Jacob is very busy during these times. He has to prepare the funeral, take care of grieving relatives, take care of bills, plan the estate, move to a cheaper apartment. But he is not stupid.

Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree - part 1

Again and again he looks at his son and me suspiciously, leaving no doubt that he would rather end up on the street than let this guy hurt his son or me. But this is not his decision. Tobias is grown up and has made his choice and as for me, I enjoy the heavenly feeling. He has an insane body that I’ve never noticed like that because it was considered taboo for me until now. Now I find him adorable. To kneel down. He is slim, broad-shouldered, narrow waist. Jacob in young.

Like his father, Tobias also works a lot. He has well-defined abs and nipples like bathtub plugs without ever having trained for them. But he is darker than his father. Due to his Arab roots on his mother’s side, mixed with Jacob’s European ones, the dark has prevailed. His hair is pitch black and his skin a little browner than mine. His eyes are black, framed by thick eyelashes. His nose slightly bent Arabic.

To Gay Cruising

He has two plump firm balls of flesh waiting to be bitten into like an orange, twitching with excitement as I plunge into his honeyed depths between them. The melting hot tightness that captures my length in an erotic stranglehold. When I penetrate the wrinkled ripple is a pleasure that I can not have often enough. I love to hear him moan with pleasure.

He is circumcised like his father

It’s beautiful and oh, did I mention the best part? His penis skin is silky soft and hard as steel underneath. It has a passable length, ideal to be blown and it also feels fantastic in my inner sanctum. You can feel every vein of the pulsating hard flesh as it grows into your hand or mouth. Thanks to his mother’s culture, he is circumcised like his father, which makes his plump glans look even juicier.

Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree - part 1

Two beautiful, barely hairy testicles dangle under this sensual erotic latte. You don’t even know what to try first and actually I want the guy for myself. I don’t even want him to ride the python, collect the money, solve his family’s problems, and then skip back to the girls like nothing happened. But it’s not about what I want. If I tell myself that long enough, then I can really enjoy every moment in his hot pleasure channel as if it were the last. Because one day it will be.

Finally, the time has come. Day X is here and Tobias is under high voltage. He’s scared and it seems like he’s starting to realize the full implications. What he’s up to is prostitution, and that’s a whole different ballgame than all the filthy messes we’ve done to each other in the last few weeks put together. I fucked him long and deep, stretching and loosening him properly. That’s all I can do for him. Except, of course, that I have to distract Jakob so that he doesn’t wonder, and I do that in my own way.

To Gay Cruising

I lie on the dining table. We just swept away the plates from dinner. They are now lying in shards on the floor. The wood groans under our weight as Jacob takes me with hard thrusts. With each push forward, the table moves with it. “When did the table crash?” I ask breathlessly. We are lying on the floor. Below us are debris made of wood. Jacob has scratch marks on his back from my fingernails and my back feels sore.

Almost burst my anal ring

Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree - part 1“Sometime before the third and after the second, I think.” Laughing, I wrap my arms around his neck. “You dirty bastard. You just fucked me through the table.” “The embers of desire were too much for that old piece of furniture. Now it’s just firewood. I don’t care.” “Me too. “With a kiss, I capture his lips. “I want you to touch me.” “Oh yes, I’m touching you.” Gently, his tongue licks across my neck. “More.” I beg. “I want more of you. You inside me. Deeply.” Because the thought of the python turns me on, I want his fist and I scream and roar with pleasure and pain as he gives it to me.

It’s such an incredible feeling to be so filled out. Tobias must also be in the same situation right now. I can’t wait to hear him tell it. But right now, I can’t get a coherent thought together. His fist is inside me and shifts painfully and lustfully back and forth. The feeling of my anal ring almost bursting is incredible. I can’t stand it and spend myself so totally that I stay put and don’t even notice that he’s gone.

He kisses me awake like a princess, but it’s not Jacob. It’s Tobias. I notice that he walks wide-legged like a sailor and sets each step carefully. I know the feeling and I defiantly wonder if he will be able to handle it. But I am so curious. “Now tell!” “He gave me something to drink and talked to me. I don’t remember what about. His hand has already begun to caress me. While he tells, I do the same with my hand. Tobias moans with pleasure as my fingers tighten around his shaft.

To Gay Cruising

“Yes, just like that. Up and down.” But not for long. Then he pulled the monster out and asked me to pet him. I was totally stunned. I’ve never seen anything so huge. I couldn’t believe it was real. “I believed him, because I had felt it. For a brief moment. While he describes the texture of the huge monstrous penis and how massive it was, so that he had barely been able to grasp it with both hands, I lead his hand to my now again semi-stiff boner and encourage him to stroke me.

The monstrous glans stretched the corners of my mouth to the extreme

Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree - part 1He understands and touches me the way he touched the giant snake. As he does so, he pulls my foreskin all the way back, which I acknowledge with a lustful hissing sound. He sticks out his tongue to touch my glans. His was so huge I could barely get my mouth over it. I could feel the tugging at the corners of my mouth and I was barely able to suppress the gagging. That alone caused his monstrous huge tip. It leaked pre-juice, which I tasted, but it didn’t taste as good as yours.

For this, the idea of licking this monster and massaging it at the same time with two hands somehow turned me on and I did it too. Every centimeter of it I licked and stroked. In my stomach I had bats of excitement and also a bit of fear, because I knew he wanted to get inside me and I couldn’t imagine with all my love how that would go.” He devotedly kisses the tip of my penis while stroking me. I close my eyes and let it happen with relish. A finger pushes into my butt. I open my eyes and look at him. “He prepared you.” “Yes.” His finger curls and twists inside me.

“But not enough. He didn’t get it all the way inside me. When he was inside me, it was like he was tearing me apart. I have never felt such intense pain followed by such a deep feeling of pleasure. It was like he was sending me to hell first, then lifting me up to heaven. “Show me,” I demand, excited.
When he hears this, he pushes his member all the way into my barely prepared ass without warning. I bite my lips to keep from screaming. For a few thrusts he lets me savor this ripping pain and he feels how much I enjoy it, then he pulls his member out of me and licks me really soft before he penetrates again and fucks me lustfully this time.

To Gay Cruising

I rebel against his rammelnden Fickriemen and hold against it when he bangs in me. Our lustful scuffle lasts ten minutes. He fucks me in all positions and finds my pleasure spot from every angle. Apparently he wants to make me scream and I bite the sofa cushion so as not to wake his father. “I want you to walk around as wide-legged as I am. I want you to feel that stinging burn. I know you want it.” “Ohhhh…. jaa….” I howl as his mushroom head slams against my prostate making me see stars. “Yaaa… fuck me.”

Tobias fucked me really hard

“Now I’m going to fuck you properly.” He announces. “I’m going to cum so deep inside you that you’ll never forget me.” Lustfully, I push him away from me, turn around and hug him, pulling him back into me. “How could I… ahhh…. you ever…. ahhh… forget?” He’s so deep inside me, fucking me harder than he ever has before.

Jacob had always made love to me. He had never fucked me properly without consideration. Now his son provides that and I love it. “Come…. ahhh…. let it out on me… ah…. i dragged your father to bed and…. ahhh… betrayed your mother. Go ahead and fuck the shit out of me, you horny motherfucker.” He’s under me by now and I’m riding him hard. It feels so incredibly good. His hands fall loosely on my ass and leave red marks.

Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree - part 1

I groan with every clap. Then suddenly I feel his strong hands pulling me off him and placing me over his knees. His hand claps on my butt. Over and over again. He paints red colors on my skin and I have to bite my fist to keep from screaming out loud. His still hard penis stabs me in the stomach. At the peak of sweet pain, he suddenly stops, throws me on the carpet and continues to fuck me ruthlessly and brutally. When he’s done, gallons of cum trickle out of my hole. It is sore and reddened. I feel the burning. It feels like he is still inside me. I wish it would never stop.

“Now we’re done. I’m over it.” He stands up and gets dressed. I feel my chest tighten in pain and my heart hurts so bad it almost breaks. The moment I’ve been dreading is here. “I’m glad you got what you wanted. You did, didn’t you?” Actually, I should be happy about that, because he seems to have had more fun with it than either of us would have guessed at the beginning, and his family has gotten rid of their most pressing problems.

“More than that and I have you to thank for that. I also forgive you for screwing my father.” He sees the tears in my eyes. “What’s wrong?” “I hope you find a girl who deserves you. Lucky girl. I envy her already.” I wipe away the stupid selfish tears, feeling idiotic.

To Gay Cruising

I really didn’t want to make a scene. “Where did you get that idea? Tell me, Alex, seriously now, do you still want me?” I quickly lower my gaze. He reaches under my chin and looks me in the eye. “I thought my father and you…” I hear the confusion in his voice. It is so hard for me. Jacob I still want. But now I want him too and I don’t want to miss out on either of them.

I had a huge crush on my heterosexual best friend at one point and I know it’s wrong. Tried to fight it often enough, but it happened and now I don’t know what to do, feel or think because I love his father too.

I confessed, “I’ve loved you all along!”

“You love me?” Of course I do. It’s more than obvious, isn’t it? “Not for me.” he replies. He thinks there’s only Jacob and I’ll stick to the deal and then drop him. How could I! It was a revelation to be with him. “You’re such an ass,” I curse. “I’ve loved you all along.” “And my father?” Oh, Jacob. When I think about Jacob, everything gets so much more complicated. I have to think about what to do. There are these two wonderful men, father and son, and I wish I didn’t have to choose.

Erotic History: The apple does not fall far from the tree - part 1

“I love you more.” That’s true, too. I’ve never been as stupidly crazy about anyone as I am about Tobias. He gets under my skin. Into my innermost being. I think about him all the time, I dream about him. But still: I have a common past with Jakob. With him, I stand on the solid feet of a two-year relationship, marked by love and trust. I thought it would go on forever, and then Tobias just swept in like a whirlwind and left no stone unturned.

“I love you, too,” he reveals to me. “I don’t care who you used to fuck. I’m over it.” “I don’t care how many girls you fuck either, as long as you come to bed with me afterwards.” He dismisses the thought far away. After getting impaled by a huge cock, it’s completely impossible to ever swim back to the other shore. “The whole way home, all I could think about was you. I was so mad at you for awakening that side of me, and I thought you were just running into my dad’s arms after everything and forgetting about me.” “How could I ever forget you?” I say again, this time without moaning. He puts his arm around me and kisses me.

To Gay Cruising

“Guys, what are you doing…ohhh.” Jacob sees me lying in his son’s arms. It hits his heart and makes him pale. But he quickly catches himself. Lately, he’s learned to deal with a lot of pain. “So you two, yeah. I thought so.” I don’t know what to say, and as I’m about to launch into a lame apology, he stops me, “Don’t.” He makes an imperious hand gesture. “Please spare me.” I keep silent because there’s no point in talking. There are no words. “There’s nothing you can do about love.” “I love you, too.” He almost smiles indulgently at me, though his mouth forms a stern line. “I’m not going to share you with my son, Alex, you can kiss that goodbye.”

Jacob withdraws

He is not presenting me with a choice, he is simply addressing facts. My heart has already decided anyway, but it still hurts to lose him. I never wanted to hurt him. “I’m sorry.” “That’s life.” he says bitterly. “It’s normal to fall in love with someone your own age. You know, it’s only natural. You’re both young. I’m much older. Don’t look so sad, both of you. You are young lovers. Enjoy it. Be young. Live it up. I won’t stand in your way, but at least have the respect not to do it in my house. You owe me at least that. You already decided on your own to sell my son’s ass, even though I forbade it. Do you realize how that makes me feel?”

Gay-Cruising: Schwulen-Sex an öffentlichen Plätzen

I nod in concern. My heart hurts. I still love him, but he is right. We have betrayed Jacob together. Not because we screwed around, not even because we fell in love, but because neither of us took our feelings into account. We just made arbitrary decisions behind his back and did whatever we wanted. He had no say at all and that was not fair. Wordlessly, Tobias puts a thick wad of money in front of his father. Jacob’s face is full of disgust and pain. “I didn’t mean to.”

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Tobias kisses him on the cheek. “I have no regrets.” “I have to take care of you, not the other way around. It is my duty to protect you from such things.” “I’m an adult, Father, and it was my choice. If it’s any consolation to you, it wasn’t bad.” Jacob tightens and tries to shake off the image his son has just put in his head. Tobias will always be his baby, anything can happen. Tobias takes my hand and pulls me out of the apartment. Outside he drives me into a dark one-way street and kisses me furiously. Although pain and loss are working in me, I kiss him back.

To Gay Cruising

Our hands fly. His passion is overwhelming. After the fierce and breath taking smooch we go home. There is then a continuation in the elevator, where he really sets me on fire. His kisses are hot and land on my mouth, neck and collarbone. He covers me with burning tongue and hungry lips, explores my body predatorily with his hands that touch me everywhere. Of course he is inexperienced and way too wild, but he still has a lot to learn and I can teach him a lot about patience, dedication and perseverance, which his father taught me. The only thing that matters is that we love each other.

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