Ejaculation without pressure? That helps!

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Ejaculation without pressure? That helps!

Ejaculation without pressure? There are helpful exercises

When men notice that their ejaculation occurs without pressure, anxiety sets in. After all, a powerful ejaculation is considered masculine. In addition, “woman” often measures his potency. If the powerful ejaculation does not occur, this does not have to be the case forever. There are exercises that help to speed up the speed of ejaculation again.

Between 20 and 30 percent of men feel at some point that they have ejaculation without pressure. But with the so-called potency training (PKT) they can fight against it.

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Those who suffer from ejaculation disorders can breathe a sigh of relief as long as it is ejaculation without pressure. Unlike erectile dysfunction, these can be resolved relatively quickly with potency strength training (PKT). It also ensures that the orgasm is more intense. So an ejaculation without orgasm can also be revised. Regardless of the disorder, whether it is ejaculation without pressure or something else, the cause must be clarified by a doctor.

Ejaculation without pressure – what can sufferers do?

If the pressure during ejaculation decreases, various causes can be responsible. This can be, for example, a weakening pelvic floor muscles. In order to achieve a powerful ejaculation, it is necessary to take the exercises seriously.

Increase ejaculation pressure – how does ejaculation pressure occur?

A powerful ejaculation is achieved by tensing and contracting the pelvic floor muscles. The stronger this is performed, the more likely it is that a powerful ejaculation will occur. How fast it is affects, among other things, the degree of excitation. If the penis is hard, there is a good preload, so that the pressure during ejaculation is high. The velocity of the ejaculate increases again. If you haven’t had one for a while, you are more aroused and can experience your orgasm more intensely.

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Not only the pressure, but also the resistance created by the urethra and prostate influences the speed of the ejaculate. In the prostate gland, the ejaculate is partially produced. It surrounds the male urethra. Moreover, through them flows not only urine, but the ejaculate. Both transport them out of the body. Now, older men can suffer more from ejaculation disorders. The reason for this is a growing prostate, which narrows the urethra. Ejaculation occurs without pressure. To increase the pressure during ejaculation, pelvic floor exercises are helpful. A positive side effect is that men also feel the orgasm more intensely again.

Pelvic floor training against ejaculation without pressure

Pelvic floor training for men works against ejaculation without pressure and ejaculation without orgasm. It may sound strange, but it helps. When you hear this term, the first thing that comes to mind is that it’s a women’s thing, but men shouldn’t neglect their pelvic floor either. It plays an important role in ejaculatory pressure and generally in satisfying sexuality.

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The muscles of the pelvic floor are responsible for a long and hard erection. Therefore, regular training is important. We have tips on how men can combat ejaculation without pressure and ejaculation without orgasm.

Tilting the pelvis while standing counteracts ejaculation without pressure

This exercise helps to build the muscles of potency. In addition, men feel the abdominal muscles in the lower area and the buttocks better again.

The man is standing straight with his legs level with his shoulder. Bend the knees a little and stretch the cervical spine. The head is not bent backwards. A slight hollow back is created by the buttocks sloping backwards. The hands rest on the pelvis.

Now bring the muscles in the buttocks into tension and stretch the pelvis upwards. This is the final position for the exercise to eliminate ejaculation without pressure. Now tighten the muscles of potency a little more. Release the tension and bring the pelvis to the starting position. The legs remain in the bent position and the man must repeat the exercise a few times so that it has an effect and the ejaculation is remedied without pressure.

Increase pressure during ejaculation – pelvic lift

In order to make ejaculation without pressure a thing of the past, it is advisable to train the potency muscles by lifting the pelvis. In parallel, men also train the back extensor muscle and gluteal muscles.

The man lies with his back on the floor and angles his legs towards his body. The soles of the feet touch the floor, the hands are close to the body with the palms turned upside down. Tense back extensors and pomus muscles.

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Tilt the pelvis backwards, keep the tension of the back extensor muscles and the muscles in the buttocks and additionally increase. Now the man is back in the final position. The abdomen and thighs are at the same level. Then tighten the muscles of potency even more. Hold the position for a bit and then return to the actual final position. The buttocks are a few centimetres above the lying surface. It must not be put down completely, otherwise the tension will be lost. The basic attitude remains. Here, too, a few repetitions are necessary so that the training is helpful and the ejaculation is forgotten without pressure.

Pressurized ejaculation with the inclined plane exercise

This exercise stimulates not only buttocks and potency muscles, but also the muscles of the pelvic floor and lower back. Ejaculation without pressure is thus eliminated in the long run.

The man sits down on the floor, his legs stretched out. The hands are behind the body and support it, while the fingers point to the buttocks.

The man then lifts it as high as he can. The legs are at the same level as the upper body. Also, in parallel, stretch the cervical spine to lengthen the spine.

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Now the man raises one leg a little and holds this position for a short time. Then he puts it down again and goes back to the starting position. Then do the same exercise with the other leg. This exercise is repeated alternately with one leg and the other a few times, so that the ejaculation stops without pressure.

The pelvic floor is of immense importance for men

The pelvic floor contains muscles and connective tissue. It is the lower part of the entire pelvis. It is important for all organs that are near it. When the pelvis is tense, it takes care of controlling the sphincters of the anus and urinary bladder and eliminating ejaculation without pressure. If you are unable to tense your pelvic floor because you are ill and this area is weakened, you may develop incontinence. This also applies to women.

If the muscles there are slack, the pelvic floor will sag. This leads to stress incontinence. The term refers to the spontaneous occurrence of incontinence due to external influences such as coughing, laughing, sneezing or lifting objects with a heavy weight. Responsible for this is a pressure that weighs on the abdominal muscles. At the same time, the pressure on the entire abdominal area increases, as well as in the pelvis. The urine can no longer be held and leaks out.

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However, stress here does not mean that the psyche suffers, but the pelvic floor is in physical stress. The reason is that he has to undergo these processes. This is a strain on him that he can do little or nothing to counter.

Fix ejaculation without pressure and train the pelvic floor muscles

Studies have shown that the pelvic floor muscles are not only important for women, but also for men. Especially when it comes to a functioning sexuality. If the pelvic floor is healthy and well trained, it relaxes during sexual intercourse. If the man has an orgasm, he quickly tenses and untenses. Only when the pelvic floor muscles are exercised regularly can sex be satisfying. Thus, a powerful ejaculation and a powerful ejaculation are possible again.

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