Drug trend: Teenagers cook bandages and diapers to get high

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Drug trend: Teenagers cook bandages and diapers to get high
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Teenagers cook sanitary towels and even use used items

Young people are always trying out new things to supposedly expand their awareness or penetrate into other dimensions. Occasionally this takes on bizarre proportions. This is what happened in Indonesia. Teenagers cook bandages, diapers and tampons to get high. This may sound strange at first glance, but it actually works.

Drug trend: Teenagers cook bandages and diapers to get highChlorine makes teenagers high

Teenagers cook bandages and other hygiene products that they have previously taken out of the garbage. Male teenagers in particular are reluctant to buy such products. Unlike in Germany, where “containerisation” is prohibited, there is no law against it in Indonesia. Perhaps this is simply due to the fact that this offence did not exist until now. Possibly there will soon be a corresponding law, so that it is no longer so easy for teenagers to take the hygiene products out of the garbage.

Teenagers cook bandages to get high from the chlorine. It is known that solvents such as acetone create a noise-like state. Chlorine also has this property. Teenagers feel as if they are flying. However, chlorine is as harmful to health as acetone and causes serious damage.

Waitress uses hot dog as tampon and serves it

In Indonesia, this trend has been going on for two years now. It is not known whether a law is being worked on to prohibit this practice. It would be conceivable, because in Indonesia there are particularly strict drug regulations. For example, a drug dealer must reckon with the death penalty. Teenagers may cook bandages as compensation for the regulations.

Conclusion: Not every trend is good

Teenagers tend to try new things and some teenagers even cook bandages. That’s good, because diversity makes life more interesting. It looks different if this trend is harmful to health.

Smoking, drugs and alcohol are among the things you shouldn’t necessarily try. Narcotics such as acetone or – as in this case – chlorine should definitely be avoided. The danger of dependence and the resulting physical and mental damage is too great.

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