Dirty talk for professionals: learning sex slang for everyone

By Jens Haberlein
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Dirty talk for professionals: learning sex slang for everyone
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Dirty talk is not only something for so-called professionals

Every man dreams about it. Always have the right sex slang ready for any situation and on demand. With the art of words and your own voice make every woman horny to your heart’s content. Until really every woman begs for sex, pulling out all the stops. This doesn’t have to be a dream, because sex slang can be learned.

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Dirty talk us sex slang for professionals

First of all, one thing right away. Dirty talk is not about putting as many terms from porn language or youth slang as possible into one sentence. Just as you don’t change the position every ten seconds during sex just because you saw it in the Kama Sutra. No, dirty talk is all about knowing what your partner is into. The longer and more intimate a relationship is, the easier it will be to talk dirty. If you know what your counterpart wants to hear, you have an advantage. Whether he turns it into a true sex slang firework is a matter of taste. Sometimes the dirty words only really work when they are used judiciously and, above all, infrequently.

Dirty talk for professionals: learn sex slang for everyone

True experts of dirty talk know how to turn their sex slang into a story. One that the partner can follow in the mind’s eye. The narrative doesn’t have to start erotically either. An everyday situation is perfectly sufficient at the beginning. In addition, the other person can easily put himself into the described situation and mentally immerse himself in the game.

What is true for good speakers is also authoritative for dirty talk professionals. Speech rate, pauses, and pitch play a large part in the desired outcome. Some speakers change positions during dirty talk so that their partner’s ears are used differently. This tactic is especially recommended for ASMR. Whether the dirty innuendos are more whispered or spoken in a command tone is up to the respective preferences.

Straight to the dirty talk queen

Dirty talk is like everything else in life. Nothing comes from nothing. If you want to become a professional at something, you have to train. It should be noted that practicing dirty talk is especially fun. So practice, practice, practice.

Sex slang for advanced

Logically, you want to educate yourself and learn new variations of dirty talk. This is understandable, but should not be exaggerated. No one likes to listen when you’re constantly throwing around technical terms. This applies to professional life as well as to verbal foreplay during sex. Nevertheless, at this point we will not miss the opportunity to mention some terms from the world of sex slang.

Imaginative naming

What is a Nabuko? This creative abbreviation stands for a “night and coitus utensil case”. So it’s mainly something for girls who like to be taken out in the evening. The toothbrush for the next morning and fresh underwear should of course be at hand.

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So-called waist monogamy is when both partners agree to make out with others as well. However, only above the waistline, so the waist is specifically mentioned here.

A 3F date include a good movie, food and sex. In English it would be called Film, Food and fucking. Another mysterious abbreviation, NSFW, stands for “not Safe for work” and is meant to discourage people from opening such marked movies and mails at work. Speaking of abbreviations: MBA stands for “married but available” and is often found on portals that have to do with flings.

Vor- und Nachteile einer Dreierbeziehung

A Bifi is not a salami, but a cheap fucker haggling in a whorehouse.

Now it becomes biblical

Vatican Roulette is probably the only method of contraception that even the Catholic Church agrees with. What is meant is simply sex on the infertile days.
Moses is the name given to someone who also licks women when they are on their period. The reference to the red sea, into which every good captain stabs from time to time, is permitted here.

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