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Why Men Send Dick Pics
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Why do men send dick pics?

With the advent of dating apps, a practice began to spread among heterosexual men: sending dick pics. Sending so-called dick pics was so widespread that some dating apps and tools had to include notification, warning and blocking buttons to put an end to the practice. Nothing is more mysterious than the reason why women get unwanted penis pictures. This is referred to as “sexting.” Or more commonly “sexto”, a contraction of the words “sms” and “sex”. Here more about the topic.

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Men send Dick Pics for these reasons

Warum Männer Dick Pics verschickenMen are not good at gauging a woman’s level of interest in them. Besides, most women are not interested in pictures of penises at all. They are more turned on by a man’s eyes or butt. However, most men believe that it sexually arouses women. For most women, of course, this is not the case. Therefore, one wonders why Dick Pics are actually so popular with some men!

Some men are quick to show strangers photos of their private parts. They often do this through what is known as cyber flash. Many men use the AirDrop function of the iPhone for this purpose. With AirDrop, iPhone users can receive photos from people near them when the feature is enabled and set to receive photos from everyone. But what exactly are they aiming at?

Control at Dick Pics

For men, Dick Pics is primarily about power and control. An act of sexualized hostility. Men take out their anger on women in an erotic way. The shocked reactions of the women who receive these images make up a large part of the emotions of the men who send them. The second most common reason for this practice is sexual arousal. They believe that the sight of their package of sex items will arouse the recipients and this will help in the “hunt” for a sexual partner.

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You think that sending dick pics is an appropriate way to flirt with someone. This is how they let someone know they are interested in them. Of course, the question becomes superfluous when a man is asked to send a Dick Pic. But in most cases, that’s not the case.

Men who send dick pics are narcissistic

Men who reported sending unsolicited dick pics in one study exhibited higher levels of narcissism and expressed more ambivalent and hostile sexism. Interestingly, only 18 percent of respondents said that they do their job for their own pleasure.

However, this narcissistic attitude may explain another motivation uncovered by research. The reactions these men most wanted from their female recipients were positive, not negative. Men expect the recipient to be sexually aroused.

Series “Euphoria” responsible for Dick Pics?

Another question was whether the practice of sending dick pics was as widespread as viewing the series “Euphoria” with an episode of up to thirty members would suggest. The data confirmed this feeling, with 48% of respondents reporting that they had sent a picture of their penis by technical means at least once without their own request.

What does the sight of Dick Pics do to women?

The man who sends someone a photo of his penis wants to make the other person a voyeur. He wants to create the fear of the other, that is a peak of arousal. The man says to himself, “This is what you lack, this is your desire”. Incidentally, this is also why predators prefer young, naïve victims. Is there an evolutionary basis for this? Are some men just programmed to do this? Scientists are almost certain of this. They are “sexual signals” designed to set the stage for reproductive sexual behavior.

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One evolutionary theory suggests that males and females have developed specific cognitive tendencies that can support successful reproduction. From the perspective of this theory, excessive perceived interest in sex, whether on Tinder or in the real world, could be viewed as adaptive in that it reduces the likelihood that men will forgo reproductive opportunities. But even if we believe this behavior is adaptive in an evolutionary sense, that doesn’t mean it’s okay for men or an excuse to send women photos they don’t want to see.

Without legal consequences

Men are said to be more visual than women. Those who click to hold their penis imagine that women are the same and that a photo of their sack will drive them crazy. When people talk about “fat”, they usually mean “unknown” and an undesirable photo.

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But one question begs to be asked: What if men not only felt the need to flaunt their penises and get a one-shot, but also sent photos because they were asked to? Many admit that they have already asked for it.

Straight signal

Another argument is that for men only the penis marks masculinity. If they posted a photo of any other part of their body, they might be mistaken for something other than a good, normal straight guy. This is especially true for the butt, which is labeled as gay. And bad luck for the women who like male butts.


This element of risk-free display, moreover, is of paramount importance. It is only because we are in anonymity that this dickpic is possible at all. No one will file a complaint. So you can have a little sexual interaction with a woman who is not present without even the slightest consequences.

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