Devoted Sister Alice Cures Batten Fever

By Stephan Gubenbauer
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Doctor's appointment? The hottest ideas for roleplay
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Slat fever is now no longer a problem

In severe cases of
Batten Fever
the chief physician is wont to summon the delightful and very experienced Nurse Alice to bring relief to the patient. After a thorough diagnosis, the sensually nasty nurse always knows how to help the suffering patient. With visible pleasure she guides him to self-help and leads him empathetically but determinedly to the sparkling, redemptive climax. A role play of the extra class, which should be missing in no porn collection.

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With full physical commitment for the benefit of the patient

Devoted Sister Alice Cures Batten FeverAware of the patient’s urgent need for help, Sister Alice supports him selflessly and with full physical effort. She presents her athletic, attractive body in a seductive nurse dress. The fabric reaches only just over the buxom butt and gives the view of the long, slender legs freely. Gladly allowing deeper glimpses between her thighs, Nurse Alice shows delicate white skin when it comes to letting the patient with lath fever feel the necessary arousal.

Plump breasts – within reach: the deep neckline shows off the brunette nurse’s large breasts magnificently. Sister Alice likes to wear a push-up bra. She knows she’ll drive any patient with lath fever out of his mind when she leans down to him, caring and within reach of his face. She enjoys it when the visible arousal shoots into the middle of her body at the sight of her plump cleavage and yet she doesn’t let him touch her.

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But as a consolation and on request she likes to unwrap her breasts one by one and presents the buxom mounds seductively in her hands. With visibly increasing pleasure she caresses the white skin and reveals to the patient how she lets her sensitive nipples become firm and plump like ripe berries.

Sister Alice reveals her secrets

Devoted Sister Alice Cures Batten FeverIn Sister Alice’s pretty face and flashing eyes you can see how much the lusty MILF enjoys being allowed to cure another case of latte fever. For cases of lath fever set free all their imagination and horniness. To animate the poor sufferer to rising excitement and lead him to salutary effusion, she tells of the sensual sensations and feelings when she would touch him. In filthy dirty talk she confesses her deepest secrets and reveals her sexual preferences and finesses from tender to hard.

Sensitive hands for sensual moments of happiness: The slender hands of the horny nurse are made for compassionate, intense stroking and massage sessions in all body regions. For the patient it becomes physically noticeable when Sister Alice shows him how and where she loves to massage and tease herself and him. She is no stranger to artifice to help a man achieve the highest pleasures. She likes to demonstrate how she fixes the most sensitive part of the man’s body with one hand and subjects it to a pleasurable treatment with the other. Gloved, the savvy nurse’s slender fingers are the perfect instrument for a soothing prostate massage for latte fever.

The perfect mouth for lustful climaxes

The red kissing mouth of the hot nurse with the sensually curvedlips is made for intense kisses and soulful pampering in the middle of the patient’s body. No man is left cold when Sister Alice forms her full lips into a kiss and demonstrates what she can do with her lips, tongue and mouth.

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When the patient is near the redemptive climax, the nurse offers her tongue for the effusion of the fluid responsible for the batten fever . It has happened that she could not absorb the full amount and some dripped down onto her breasts. But Nurse Alice doesn’t hold that against the patient with latte fever. That’s what it’s for, after all. She loves her job!

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