Crass animal sex story: not an everyday visit to the vet

By Faizel Ahman
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Crass animal sex story: not an everyday visit to the vet
Crass animal sex story: not an everyday visit to the vet
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The sex was wild, crazy and animalistic

On principle, I only wear clothes when I go to town for shopping. Otherwise, I never, ever wear clothes. Only one exception I have not considered: when the vet has to come. Therefore, I do not accompany the veterinarian to the stable during the checks. To do that, I would have to wear clothes in the presence of my horse, and I don’t.

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My horse is used to me always, always being naked. As his little fuckmare, it makes me fucking hot to serve him the way he wants. Nothing satisfies me more!

Make me the stallion: animal sex with a real horse?

She is not a normal veterinarian. She was a former lover of mine and, unbeknownst to her, I was still bitter about the day she broke up with me. She had told me that she liked me very much, but sex with me was more than she could bear. Too wild and too crazy, she said. That morning when she woke up with me, moaning as she slowly got out of bed only to fall to the floor whimpering … it was too much for her. But hey, she had been begging for all those many orgasms I had gotten her. Some of them with my strap-on, which she rode like a fucking hot mare.

Crass animal sex story: not an everyday visit to the vet

Yes, it was bitter and that’s why I couldn’t help biting remarks when she took care of my horse. I wasn’t going to let her forget what she had given up.

Half an hour before she came, I stood in front of Rex, my horse, and gently held his face with my hands. I gave him many, loving kisses, stroked his lips with my mouth and caressed his cheeks. As my lips touched his, I spoke softly to my beloved, “I’ll be back, big guy. After the visit, I will come to you and we will play as long as you like.” I gave him another wet kiss and then went into my house. I had to get dressed, although not much …

All I could think about was the fat ponytail

I don’t know why she took a gasping breath every time I opened the door. She knew me in my trashy ultra skimpy jean shorts showing half my ass after all. I had nothing else underneath, so the shaggy fringes between my legs were the only thing that somewhat hid my labia, which showed to the left and right of the inseam of my shorts. My half unbuttoned top showed a little too much of my ample breasts and didn’t quite go all the way down to my waist and if that wasn’t enough, my firm erect nipples were visible under the gauzy fabric.

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“Hi … Kristy … you look good.” “Yeah, that’s because I feel good. Come on in.”

I stopped in the doorway, held the door open for her, and got her to brush against my body as she entered. She had no chance but to feel my nipples as she passed … The nipples she had sucked hungrily so many times ….

I was horny as hell. All I could think about at that moment was my horse’s big, strong tail inside me. This made the shaggy fringes on my pussy get wetter and wetter. My hot urge to let my horse fuck me and thought how he with his hind legs his magnificent piece with hard thrusts in me made me totally crazy.

I am sure that she noticed my horniness. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, then opened them and seemed to concentrate. “Sooooo …” “Yes. Rex is waiting for you in his box.”

She went outside and I stayed in the house. Rex knew her and trusted her. So I sat down and thought hot thoughts, mainly about the horny sperm loads of my stallion that kept spurting into my pussy in a seemingly never-ending stream. I played with my cleft but avoided coming and saved my next orgasm for my horse, he who owns my body.

I looked her straight in the eyes – it crackled

I heard her come back through the back door. I stood up as she entered the living room. Oddly, the top button of her shirt was missing and the fabric was torn around the buttonhole. “Well, Rex is certainly … healthy.” I looked her over. “Yeah, that’s what it looks like. You’re a little disheveled, I see.” “Yes … He’s also spent too much time with his nose in my … um … crotch.” “Is ‘too much time’ defined by the fact that it happened to turn you on?” “Mhhh … forget that … Kristy. Rex is fine. I’ll send you a bill.”

Crass animal sex story: not an everyday visit to the vet

I looked into her eyes as I unbuttoned my little blouse.

“Kristy … please … no … please don’t …”

I opened a few buttons of my blouse and oops … my breasts were completely free. Yeah, I know I can be really mean. Her breathing was deeper and faster now. Her bag slipped from her hand and fell to the floor.

‘Damn,’ I thought, ‘I really need my horse to feel his great cock in my pussy right now.’ I moved toward her. She could have moved anywhere, but she backed up against the wall. My hips pressed against hers.

“Kristy, I … I can’t …”

I know she wished me to hell for what I did to her with it. I didn’t care. She deserved it because she had hurt me.

She made it almost too easy for me to undo the buttons from her blouse. I pushed her blouse apart so that her magnificent breasts were free. Then I pressed her against the wall and my breasts touched hers. Her hot breath was on my lips. “Kristy … shit …”

That fucking whore…

I tilted my head to the side and touched her ear with my mouth. With lips touching her skin, I whispered, “I’d love to lick your pussy with my tongue right now and all you’d do is scream for more.”

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She grabbed my hips tightly with her hands, but I grabbed them with my hands and pressed her hands against the wall. She gasped, but found enough air to hiss at me, “Oh … you … you fucking … whore.”

I smiled and backed away from her. I knew it had turned her on.

She picked up her bag and stormed out of the house without buttoning her shirt. On the way to her car, it flew in the wind. I knew she would be back. She enjoyed it and I was sure she stopped on the way home to satisfy herself.

As soon as she drove off the yard, it took about two seconds and I was out of my shorts and throwing my shirt in the corner. My pussy was soooooo wet that it ran down my thighs. It was time for my horny stallion to abuse my body.

I rushed outside and saw Rex in front of the barn. He looked at me expectantly. His impressive cock was already fully erect.

I went through the gate, ran to him and pressed my naked body against his chest. My mouth searched his face. I licked him around his lips and played with him with my tongue. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and I sucked gently. I whimpered softly in pleasure as his tongue filled my warm, wet mouth.

With intense oral sex he teased my clitoris and labia

“Ooooohhh … my big strong stallion … are you ready to cover your horny mare?” He stamped his foot.

“Oooooohhhh yesaa, come on, I want to feel your big beautiful cock inside me so fucking bad!”

He lowered his head and I spread my legs. Having been horny as fuck for a couple of hours now, I came immediately when his tongue slid over my aroused clit.

He licked my pussy because he had learned that when he does it, his cock is played with. As his good mare, I always satisfied him after he licked my pussy hot with his tongue.

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He managed to lick me to orgasm. I fell against the fence, shaking from his intense pussy licking. I pulled his face back to me. “Oh God, you are such a good lover. I love you!”

He stomped his foot again while I licked my pussy juice from his lips. There was his tongue in my mouth again. I returned his kiss and we made out like lovers.

“Come on, big guy,” I finally whispered and walked into the barn while he followed me and he nudged my butt with his nose.

Sexgeschichte: Meine Frau und der große Hund

Once we were in the barn, I went straight to our fuck rack. This is a bench that is just the right height and size for having sex with my horse and is a little sloped for that. Rex followed me, eager for his fully erect cock to finally be allowed to fuck. I led him to the rack and because we always do it that way, it was no problem. He stamped his foot to tell me that he needed to cum very badly. I slid under him, with my back on the bench, where his huge cock now lay on my belly. There was little space between his belly and mine.

I was only his fuck mare – nothing more

He gasped as I took his cock with both hands and I felt the huge penis pulsate. My big strong stud was ready to cum and I finally wanted his cock in my pussy.

I got myself into a suitable position under him, holding his cock tightly and pressing my pussy down on his cock. I lifted my legs, held onto his body and lifted my ass off the table. Then I let his cock slide deeper into my pussy. He started using his legs to thrust and from now on he was in control. Now I was only his fuck mare.

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Of course, he doesn’t understand these words, but he knows what they mean because he had heard them many times now. He whinnied and braced his hind legs to thrust my hot, wet pussy without restraint.

My God, I came so hard, so fast! “Give it to me, you fucking hot stud! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD!”

I pressed towards his cock, pushed myself on top of him and let him fuck without making the slightest attempt to slow him down. I sacrificed my body to him; he was my master, my lord, my stud! He pushed roughly into my wet pussy. Then his thrusts became even harder, even deeper and his glans became huge. He was ready and his hot cum shot into me with a lot of pressure. His glans pressed so hard against my cervix that his sperm pushed through with pressure into my uterus. I whooped with pleasure. I came like an animal!

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Finally, his huge cock slid out of me and a huge amount of his cum followed. I let his wet cock lie on my belly and still some cum ran out of him onto my body.

After a while I crawled down from the bench, knelt down and licked his cock and balls clean.

Shit, I love him, this big, strong, potent stallion. For him I live to serve him, to be completely his possession and obsessed with him.

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