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The confession: I blackmail my sister Lisa

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Mein Geständnis - Ich erpresse meine Schwester Lisa

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I don’t know how it could have come to this

Lisa is – admittedly – a really horny sow. She often wears belly-free tops, her belly is flat and muscular, her breasts are exactly the right size and are very firm. She has white skin, long dark blonde hair. Her legs are slim and a true man’s dream. If you look at her butt, you’d like to get there right away. At first glance Lisa may seem a bit bland and childish, but when she gets ready to go out in the evening, she looks like a man-killing vamp. In short, she just looks horny. The problem: she is my sister.

The confession: I blackmail my sister LisaLisa was everyone’s favorite

It annoyed me that she always got everything she wanted from our parents. Lisa was also very popular at school and in sports. Everyone’s favourite. Her school grades were also always in the upper third, she was a model daughter. I, on the other hand, had hardly any friends, was a bit pudgy and an army of pimples drew my face. I don’t know why fate had to play along so well with me. A girlfriend was out of the question. So I often played the whole weekend long on my computer, played the well-known games or chatted with unreachable amateur girls on different sex sites. Besides, the TV was always on or I stared for hours into my mobile phone and followed the beauties of this world on Instagram.

Recently I had discovered the new app celebu. Here I could be especially close to my stars and got almost daily direct messages and photos of my favorites directly on the phone. Sort of like WhatsApp, but without any restrictions or barriers.

» Direkt zu Lisas Sexfilmen

Completely different, Lisa. She went out a lot, was often invited by men and didn’t seem to be very prudish. And the way she walked around, it was no wonder that the guys were running after her in droves. Among her many admirers she could really choose her men. Mostly they were guys with money, fancy clothes, expensive cars. From one she even had a breast enlargement and a horny holiday in the Seychelles paid. You can imagine that she slept with him as well as I did. I was not only jealous of Lisa, but also of these men, who always had the hottest chicas at the start – and in bed – that way.

The confession: I blackmail my sister LisaHow awesome would it be to fuck a girl like Lisa?

For some time now she had a friend who stayed with us all night. My parents liked him very much. He came from a good family, his parents were lawyers and ran a large law firm in our town. They seemed to shower him with money, because he was already driving a BMW 5 series, which the boys at his age could not otherwise afford. He was a little younger than my sister, but she didn’t seem to mind. He had to be good in bed, because almost every evening I heard them having sex. That etched me, because I never had a girlfriend and only had experience with my own hand. My girlfriend moaned for hours when he was fucking her. I imagined what it would be like to fuck such a horny girl as my sister.

While I lay one evening once again in my bed and had to listen to the two unintentionally while fucking, I just saw an amateur porn on Big7 and waved me one of the palm. Five against Willi, my every evening program that had almost become a ritual. When I saw the couples on Big7, who lived out their own lust unbridled and then uploaded the result of those on the amateur platform, I came up with an idea. How would it be, Lisa and her Macker simply times secretly with the Sex to film? Well, I certainly couldn’t upload the movies to Big7, but maybe there was another use for it. And if the sex films had only served as a model for me.

The confession: I blackmail my sister LisaI bugged her entire room with cameras

No sooner said than done. I bought myself a small Spycam, which supplied also in the dark via Infratot good pictures. With an integrated microphone, so you could hear my sister’s moaning. Had I known that the two of them were only doing it together when the light was on, I could have bought a cheaper camera. But good. Anyway, I installed this tiny little spy camera unobtrusively in my sister’s room and aligned it exactly to the bed. Now my hour had struck, I would film my own sister during sex!

Right on the first evening my plan seemed to work out. Lisa and her boyfriend came home lightly drunk in the evening and I heard how they were already smooching in the hallway and were certainly already groping. I switched on the camera with the remote control and looked spellbound at the picture on my computer. Full of anticipation I pressed the recording button. Everything was prepared for the first private porn with my sister. But they went to the bathroom first and I had to wait a little longer.

» Directly to Lisa's profile

When I saw Lisa through the camera, my eyes almost fell out of my head. She was wearing rat-sharp lace lingerie, but her breasts were free and I had a clear view. These horny tits with the already stiff buds were hammergeil. So horny that I got a stiff with my own sister. Her crunchy ass was wrapped in a black lace slip and when her boyfriend came out of the bathroom, he grabbed her immediately and kneaded neatly her back through.

Mein Geständnis - Ich erpresse meine kleine Schwester LisaNothing went according to plan at first

Unfortunately, the two didn’t seem to have any intention of having fun on the bed, because the guy pulled Lisa away from the bed – and thus from the visible picture. I could have burst with rage. I had arranged everything, bought the expensive camera and now I could only listen to this guy fuck my sister! I was so angry that I shut down the computer, turned off the camera and microphone and went to bed. The next morning I wanted to get myself a second and, to be on the safe side, a third camera to cover every corner of Lisa’s room. I just wanted to be on the safe side, something like that wouldn’t happen to me again under guarantee!

A week later everything was ready. I felt like Mister James Bond personally. A secret agent. A spy. In truth probably only a horny boy, he could not bear that the girls in his class only had eyes for others, but not for him, the small, unattractive Pummelchen. It was a Saturday evening when Lisa and her boyfriend came home. Late came home. However, I was awake for a long time, as usual, playing car races on my console while my peers hung out with their friends in clubs or cocktail bars. My sister was babbling as they rumbled across the hall. My parents were not there and so Lisa and her boyfriend went to the bar again, where there was every kind of alcohol imaginable. After an hour and a half they seemed to have had enough and moved to the room. I turned on the camera and started up the computer.

The confession: I blackmail my sister LisaNo wonder Lisa wanted to have sex with him all the time

I didn’t have to wait long to get down to business. After a few moments Lisa kneeled before him and sucked on his still semi-rigid penis. Now I also knew why she liked fucking him so much and why she didn’t care that he was younger than she was. This guy had a huge cock! When she had blown it to full size, I could see the thing quite well in the second camera. For sure he had far more than 23 cm in his pants, a real horse dick, a stallion tail that disappeared again and again in my sister’s mouth. The bulging glans slipped between her lips again and again in and out. He moaned slightly and Lisa had a hard time swallowing the huge tail. In between she had to choke again and again and briefly interrupt the blowjob she had just given to her boyfriend.

» Directly to Lisa's profile

Suddenly he pulled his big strap out of her mouth and slapped his girlfriend, my sister, in the face. I was so angry! How could he beat Lisa if he loved her?! I would have loved to have run over immediately and smacked the guy, but on the one hand I would have betrayed myself and on the other I saw how my sister seemed to enjoy it! She knelt in front of him, her legs were spread and her hands were on her thighs with the inside facing up. I had already seen something like this in an SM porn. Should my sister be a sex slave? The slave of this boy who was hardly older than me? I was curious, how it should go on in my own private porn, which I just turned there.

Mein Geständnis - Ich erpresse meine SchwesterThe wet pussy of my sister in close-up

He pulled Lisa’s hair through the room, she whimpered and his stiff penis was always in front of her face. From time to time she tried to grab him with her mouth, but she never did. He pressed her onto the bed, with her back to him, she lay belly on the edge, her bottom sticking up. I zoomed a little closer with the camera and could see that Lisa was almost running out of lust. I could see her wet pussy in close-up, the labia shining with moisture that were already swollen. She seemed pretty horny!

He pulled his leather belt out of his pants and tied her hands to her back. She was now totally at his mercy and lay with wide open gaping pussy in front of him like on the presentation plate. She was certainly soaking wet that he would only have had to put his huge dick into her if he wanted to fuck her now. Her hole almost invited him and there would certainly have been little resistance to penetrate her pleasure channel. But apparently he didn’t want to fuck her. Or at least not yet. I was curious what he was going to do with my sister!

From his pocket he took a strap whip and an anal plug. He rubbed the butt plug with lubricant, put it on her rosette and pushed it carefully into her butt. Lisa acknowledged the plug in her asshole with a grunt. He stroked her hand over her gorgeous backside and then hit her right buttock with his flat hand. Lisa screamed loudly. Her boyfriend he shut his mouth and whispered something in her ear that I could not understand. Then he took a step back and pulled her full pipe the whip over the other ass cheek.

Immediately the stripes turned red, swollen bulging. Lisa only gave a whimper of herself, but seemed to enjoy it somehow, because she stretched her butt even further towards her boyfriend. “Then fuck me, use me as you want. Show me who the man is! He didn’t let me ask him twice and he whipped my sister at will. Lisa whimpered. But in this whimpering mixed itself again and again a moaning, if he fingered directly after a blow from behind her pussy. He did that again and again. Lust and pain alternated.

Mein Geständnis - Ich erpresse meine Schwester LisaWas Lisa his willing sex slave?

When Lisa’s butt was turkey red and drawn by stripes, the guy stood behind her. I could see everything in my second camera, because I saw the two now a little more sideways. He pulled her buttocks apart and now had the juicy pussy right in front of him. With a jerk he let his mighty penis disappear in their pleasure grotto. Lisa moaned like I had never heard her before. Again and again he pushed.

Like a wild bull this guy now fucked my little sister Lisa. What happened outdid the hottest porn I had ever seen. His eggs clapped on her ass and he fucked her pretty hard through. With one foot he now pushed her head down while he took her further from behind. For a few minutes he fucked like the devil himself. I don’t know how he could hold out so long. I would have sprayed long ago.

» Directly to Lisa's profile

Then he let go of her, turned her on her back and pushed her legs apart, which were now rising up. While he shoved his cock into her mouth, he fingered her pussy, rubbed it against her clitoris again and again. All of a sudden Lisa splashed off! I had only heard of squirting before, but never seen it. Man, what the cool to see how my sister could squirten! I was totally excited myself in that moment, could not leave my fingers from my little friend. Lisa screamed and moaned her lust now loudly out.

Then I got the idea of blackmailing

While he kept fingering her, she reached her climax with a tremendous orgasm. Her whole body shook. She reared up and her hands cramped. Before she could calm down again, he also seemed to be ready. He took her head in both hands and fucked her mouth until he injected his full load into her. She swallowed almost all his sperm, but it was apparently so much that she couldn’t swallow everything. The warm wank ran out of her mouth at the corners of her mouth and dripped onto her big breasts with the protruding nipples. After the splashing Lisa licked his cock clean and sucked on the thick glans until the last drop in her stomach had disappeared. What a horny sow!

Now I could not hold back any more and jerked into my handkerchief. My own sister became in this moment my very personal jerk-off template. I should still often watch this video, but had just in this moment a perfidious idea: Lisa should give me a blowjob! Otherwise I would upload the sex tape on the Internet or show it to our parents. Only briefly I had doubts. I had already read a lot about incest and the thought turned me on. But now to imagine how Lisa would give her own brother a blowjob, let my cock swell again and I jerked off again. Soon she would have to suck my dick. If she let herself be blackmailed, but there I was in good spirits!

Mein Geständnis - Ich erpresse meine SchwesterMy own sister became my sucking doll

A few days later, when I confronted Lisa with a few photos of her activities with her boyfriend, she fell out of the clouds. She yelled at me, insulted me in the worst way possible. Of course I couldn’t really take that away from her. I certainly wouldn’t have reacted differently. For two or three days she didn’t say a word to me. But then I went all out and made it clear to her again what I wanted from her. Namely a blowjob of my sister. With all the trimmings. I wanted to show her that she shouldn’t think of sucking only her boyfriend’s pipe, but mine as well. She was beside herself again, cursed and cursed, but finally gave in. She had recognized the hopelessness of her situation. Immediately Lisa kneeled down before me. With her big eyes she looked at me, but did not dare to act in any way.

» Directly to Lisa's profile

With one hand I unbuttoned my trousers, with the other I reached into her hair and pulled her head closer to my belt, which was getting hard. When my cock plopted out of my underpants, it was as hard as a stick. Widerspenstig she opened her mouth and I stuck my stiff between her lips. Immediately she pulled her head back and begged me. She would pay me money or do anything for me, but she didn’t want to blow me. “You are now my blowjob bitch, my blowjob bunny,” I laughed at her. Triumphing over my sister, who I now had under control. “Suck my cock like you did with your boyfriend,” I whispered at her briskly – and she began the first fellatio of my life.

Red light: How much does a blowjob cost in a brothel?

It was so awesome. A feeling that I did not know so far. My glans became more and more bulging in her mouth. She sucked and licked with her tongue and her full lips like on an ice cream. I enjoyed it. The reluctance was clearly noticeable to her, but I didn’t really care at that moment. I had never been blown before, I was a virgin anyway.

Mein Geständnis - Ich erpresse meine Schwester LisaNow I wanted more and more, Lisa was at my mercy

Again and again I pushed my butt into her mouth, she smacked and choked when I penetrated too deeply into her throat. I heard the angels singing. It was the whole madness I had missed in my life so far. My sister was a good blower, I already felt the sperm rising from my testicles. But I didn’t want to come yet, the feeling was just too horny. But the way she sucked and sucked, I couldn’t stand it much longer.

Now I wanted to inject everything and her also in the mouth like her friend. However, she pulled my cock out of her mouth and jerked it so quickly that I could no longer. I had such a pressure on the shotgun that the first shots over her head overshot. She jerked me further and pumped me downright empty. The other shocks landed in her hair and on her forehead. With her sleeve she wiped everything away, stood up and left my room without a word.

» Directly to Lisa's profile

Since meanwhile eight weeks I creep every morning or evening into her room and let me blow the tail of my sister Lisa. In the meantime she has got used to the fact that I ejaculate into her mouth, even if she does not (yet) swallow my sperm. Every two to three days she begs me to stop blackmailing her. But it’s just too horny to have a willing sex bitch at home. Now I have considered that I want to drive it even further to the top. Soon I want to fuck my sister. She should deflower me. She doesn’t – I have her videos and even some more now, because she is still fucking her boyfriend. I will also force her to break up with him. But haste with time. Soon I will be her stabber!

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