Did you know? Color of the labia determines sex life!

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Did you know? Color of the labia determines sex life!
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Does the color of the labia really depend on how often a woman has sex?

There are many allegations circulating on the Internet, most of which have not been proven or are based on rumours or statements by third parties that have not been verified. This category also includes the statement that the color of a woman’s labia allows conclusions to be drawn about her sexual behavior.

What is this assertion about?

Men who call themselves “women connoisseurs” claim that they can tell by the colour of a woman’s labia how often she has had sex. The more often she had sex, the darker the color of the labia would be. This assertion is, of course, complete nonsense. You cannot tell from the color of the labia how often or with how many men a woman had sex, nor can you tell from a man’s nose how big his penis is (another nonsensical statement).

Did you know? Color of the labia determines sex life!How can you tell if the statement with the color of the labia is wrong?

There’s a lot of evidence of that. It is well known that porn stars and whores have much more sex than other women. However, the color of their labia is not darker on average. Among them there are many with very bright, delicate pink labia.

If the color of the labia could really say something about the frequency of sex, all dark-skinned women (Africans, Indians, Latinas, etc.) would have to have a lot of sex. Often the opposite is the case. In many developing countries, very conservative moral concepts prevail. Sex before marriage is forbidden to women. If at all, they are only allowed to have sex with their husbands. Having a lover is severely punished and women who sleep with other men are considered whores and despised.

Where does this claim even come from?

Like any rumor, the claim that the color of the labia says something about the sex life of the woman in question has a true core. One of the reasons for this is that shaved pussies are preferred today. There are only a few women (and men) left who let their intimate hair proliferate untrimmed. Porn stars and models probably play an exemplary role here.

Almost all are shaved smooth between the legs. A “jungle” at this point is considered uncivilized, barbaric and unhygienic. However, if the pussy is shaved smooth, you immediately see the color of the labia, because they can no longer hide. You can see that the color of the labia varies from woman to woman. A completely normal phenomenon.

The second possible explanation for the connection between the colour of the labia and sex life could be that it has become normal for more and more women to be naked for one reason or another. This applies not only to the nudist beach, but also to the solarium or sunbathing on the balcony.

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It is almost inevitable that at least the outer labia will get some colour and become darker due to the natural tan. Since women who are satisfied with their body and like to show themselves naked usually have an active sex life, this could also have been the reason for the claim that the color of the labia would give information about the sex life of the woman in question.

What do doctors say about the connection between the color of the labia and sex life?

All experts agree that this is nonsense and that the assertion is not correct. While it is true that the shade of a woman’s labia can change, it has nothing to do with how often she has sex. Certain changes occur during puberty, but have nothing to do with sex. Orgasm can also change the colour and shape of the labia. During climax they are supplied with blood very well. This makes them darker and swells.

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However, these changes are only short-term and disappear by themselves after the orgasm subsides. The colour of the labia can also change during pregnancy. Fat and water are stored there. This makes them larger and somewhat darker. After the end of pregnancy, however, the changes regress within a relatively short time and do not persist.

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