Calorie consumption during sex: 5 positions to lose weight

By Benno von Sandhayn
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Calorie consumption during sex: 5 positions to lose weight
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Five positions for weight loss with fun

If you want to do something for your figure, you can fight excess pounds with sports. But boosting calorie consumption through sex is so much more fun!

Effective as jogging: Lose weight through sex

With the right positions to lose weight can burn up to 350 calories in 30 minutes. This means that the calories burned during sex are the same as those lost during about 50 minutes of jogging.

Girls in Sexpositionen

Above all, no special motivation is needed to boost calorie consumption with sex. After all, it is the most beautiful minor matter in the world.

5 positions to lose weight at a glance:

Shiva’s dance

This position requires full body effort from both partners and guarantees high calorie consumption through sex. The man stands and holds the woman by her thighs while she wraps her legs around his waist. At the same time, she tilts her pelvis towards him and finds a hold on his shoulders with her hands.

Kalorienverbrauch beim Sex: 5 Stellungen zum Abnehmen

Shiva’s dance pays off, because the woman consumes almost 44 calories in ten minutes in this position. The muscles of the abdomen, back and thighs are trained. For men, it is about 65 calories in ten minutes and a workout for the muscles of the chest, arm and thighs.

The bridge pier

Especially the man exercises almost the entire body during the bridge pier, and that is exactly why this position for weight loss is associated with effort. For him, that means 53 calories burned every 10 minutes in this position – even though he takes the more passive part. The woman gets 32 calories in the same time, working not only the neck muscles, but also those of the abdomen, back and buttocks.

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And so it goes: The man makes a bridge. The partner sits on him and takes over the beat through her movements, carefully raising and lowering her pelvis. The woman experiences a special stimulation here, because she can influence her own pleasure points very well herself through the angle.

Kamas wheel

At Kama’s wheel the man sits and stretches his legs. The woman also puts her legs stretched out around her partner’s pelvis while sitting on his lap. With his arms the man holds his partner so that both bodies form a wheel spoke, which gave this position its name.

Bathing in donuts with the donut fetish

Kalorienverbrauch beim Sex: 5 Stellungen zum Abnehmen

The calorie consumption is ahead for him here with 53 calories in ten minutes. For the woman, it is about 36 calories in 10 minutes. Both parties equally train the muscles of the arms, buttocks and calves.


Couples who like to experiment will get their money’s worth with Maharajah in terms of positions for weight loss. During the act, women specifically train the thigh and buttock muscles as well as their upper arms. The calorie consumption is about 40 calories in ten minutes. For men, it is 59 calories in ten minutes. The muscle training mainly works the abdomen, back and buttocks.

Girls in Sexpositionen

While the woman sits in this sex position with her legs spread in front of her partner, he positions himself between her thighs. As she does so, she rests her calves on his shoulders, allowing her to hold onto the man’s legs.

The flying duck pair

Among the positions for weight loss, the flying duck pair is essentially the same as the classic riding position, except that the calorie consumption during sex is higher here. The woman sits on her partner, but turns her back to him. In doing so, she has her hands free and can additionally stimulate the man.

Kalorienverbrauch beim Sex: 5 Stellungen zum Abnehmen

With more physical effort than the man, the calorie consumption for the woman is just under 44 calories in ten minutes. This exercises the abdominal muscles, the back and the inner thighs. For him, it is the latter muscles in particular that this position uses to lose weight, allowing him to burn just under 25 calories in ten minutes.

Calorie consumption during sex? Kissing also helps!

Helpful are not only the mentioned positions to lose weight, but also kissing. It takes a whole 38 facial muscles for just one kiss. Per minute, that means 20 calories less.

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